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    Hydroid bug

    Everytime I come out of undertow my "suck" isn't working Temp fix: go back into undertow and come back out and items suck starts working again
  2. I agree with someone's earlier post the RNG should be there but there should be a minimum that is above the level of the one below... NO mk III should have less than the MK II version of it.
  3. Like making the railjack archwing avionics have a realistic usable range, this 50m is not realistically usable 5000m yes but 50 no not worth giving up any ship buffs to use these when their range is basically ship don't move and everyone hug the hull to get your buffs.
  4. Not sure if this was intentional either but none of the planets seem to drop missle upgrades? I have been using the MK I because it's finished in the clan training and now MK2 but have to wait 3 more days to get the MK III but not seeing drops for them at all. "tychon? whatever it's called the Middle mouse ability in gun/pilot seat.
  5. Ah ok Guess I haven't had much issue with that my screen is 32" so never noticed this issue 🙂 sorry about that
  6. Just wanted to make notes for you on these 2 but the rest I completely agree are still an issue and added one you missed And a little constructive criticism for DE. Can we focus on broken before balance. The releasing a fix but adding 2 balances that were not needed after the "FIX" happen is becoming a huge issue. trying to balance for something that is only ineffective because something is broke and then fixing both at same time has really bad results. Just like when some devs nerf an ability but then also boost the enemy that power was too strong on but never seem to notice now the ability unusable because instead of the intended 10% change you changed it by 20% . Aside from that great work fixing so much in such a short time I hope you all have a Happy Holiday as I know it's getting close to wrap up for holidays time 🙂
  7. Yeah when I was on earth I used the free roam as a "staging" area but then quickly realized that people fighting over who's going to be pilot and no one that I got wanted to be engy was going to be too much of a problem so I have to do the message in recruiting channel fall asleep wake 4 days later and get someone in your team (not really that long but man it's so bad with so many requests) and just pre-forming my team before I go now, lead me to a full team of 4 with 2 standby's and we have been running together since monday.
  8. I have this bug everytime I open the avionics screen, I have to exit the menu and reopen it to see what I have and then if I go back and look at a weapon or something I go back to avionics and again 2 things equipped all other slots empty, VERY frustrating 😞
  9. Not sure must be you, I have mine and it's artemis bow prime so maybe just a bug like her invis actually going full invis where you can't even see which way you are facing.
  10. They have been invisible to everyone except host since the release took us forever to figure it out because the host was always the engy, then we had 2 engy so host went on guns and asked what are those big spheres and the pilot and other gunner asked what are you talking about. So screenshot sent to them and they said it's not there on our screen
  11. and getting everything in 1 run completely kills incentive to play, the RNG is the only thing keeping people going out into the missions to do things. Especially right now with all the crashing and glitching if I had void hole and the stealth one I'd stop playing it because it's so damn buggy I'm already sick of it, but I want those 2 things so I keep going... and going... and going....
  12. Ivara Prime, #3 stealth is making the character disappear, I sometimes just have weapons and sometimes completely gone with no lights or whatever you want to call the stealth outline
  13. Even with the avionics supposedly giving huge boosts to it, still worthless by the time i fire it 4 times to kill something my archwing could've killed 3 or 4 crewships I know this because we had a guy in archwing taking them down and told him which one we were firing at to see and he took down 3 I'm sure if there was a 4th he would've taken it down or been more than half way
  14. This is exactly what I was asking for? Check box what I'm willing to do and the host pick what he needs and fill in that order not saying I can only que as pilot when I have engy and tactics at same level, I should be able to que for anything I'm WILLING to do instead of a ship dying because no one wants to do the repair that got pulled in yet there are 4 others in que that would happily sit in engineering healing the ship ...
  15. I don't know I feel it was exactly half stable 🙂
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