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  1. No you are completely right, Excalibur Prime is just a collectors item - I think I haven't used him in years. All you can also get is: A T-Shirt (I never got mine, because the website didnt work, so doubt they still have those beside mine). Council chat (Where we decide the whole fate and future of Warframe and what Flush will be next, so not very relevant either). Name attached to a planet (Yeah, I never read any of those to be honest).
  2. Founder's pack was a reward incentive to player's investing into the game when it wasn't clear if it is going to last. So what's your risk you gonna take ? Are you implying the game will be gone soon ?
  3. The directive is not far off how DCMA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) works. So basically it's an unified norm to put EU countries on a same level after a copyright war that the US started over two decades ago. It's bad on one level only, both heavily restrict constitutional rights for what really, so that some companies can profit more for doing nothing. But that's basic copyright / patent / IP / DRM dilemma 101, people never changed their voting habit, still vote the same people that started it - so we gonna all end up being vassal's again, till the next revolution. That one is going to be about the right of own your own thought, not own your own land.
  4. Yeah, the most important fact is that it is not in effect yet and we don't know how it will be implemented in the end on a national level. There a still months ahead to see the first implementations and it wouldn't be the first time, that the whole directive gets replaced by a new one before it gets implemented everywhere.
  5. Hi, There seems to be some confusion what the Directive on Copyright in a Single Market really is. First, as the name says, it is not a regulation but a directive. This is a major difference, because directives are binding guidelines for governments to make national laws that reflect the goals of the directive in the following 2 years (lot of times it takes countries longer, sometimes on purpose). Second, because a directive means that every country has to implement their own laws, those laws are by nature different in details. Because CiaSM is worded very broad in a lot of places, I wouldn't be surprised to have very different national implementations of this directive in the future on national level (subsidiarity). Third, as mentioned above Article 13 is not a directive, it is part of the Directive on Copyright in a Single Market. This is important, because Article 11 and Article 17 are important in context with Article 13, to understand the whole concept behind the directive. To understand all European laws, it's important not only to read the English version but also the German and French version; they are all on the same legal level, but ofc wording is not the same due to language differences. I link it below for those interested. Hope that clears things up, MaxiTB Some links: Legal acts: https://europa.eu/european-union/eu-law/legal-acts_en Directive: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Directive_(European_Union) Subsidiarity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subsidiarity#General_principle_of_European_Union_law Directive itself: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=CELEX%3A52016PC0593 Incorrect Warframe page: https://www.warframe.com/article13
  6. Oh boy, the misgivings of excessive data mining 🙂
  7. If you referring to the Term BETA as defined in the IBM paper, no it isn't. It's released, because you can buy it.
  8. Still can't bring myself to even try the new melee 2.999 - odd, how fast a game can make you to not logon with just overdoing it.
  9. Yeah, I think the most important issue is daily/weekly fatigue. Stop time boxing fun, it's no fun.
  10. Oh no, I just noticed that ... Now I dun even know what to do, still the tile from my thread, but now I'm on the second page, half of it is addressed to me, waaah - chaos lol
  11. Woah hi, Looks like a touched a nerve here - when I wrote this yesterday, I didn't honestly expect more than one two replies on this thread. I have a habit of replying to responses on my thread, so please give me some time to read through it all, so I can address everything in a consolidated form! Till then.
  12. Hi, Long ago, I quit World of Warcraft for many reasons, one was clearly Dailies and Weeklies. Now let me clarify why: To me those feel like a regular commitment without payment. In other words: I'm not used to work for free and I like to be in control how I spend my free time. And that's the major issue here right there, all those time limited "events" in a short period of time are a pain and burn my out very, very fast. In fact I logged on today and after just a single mission, I clicked on the Nightwave banner and was like "What's the point of that assembly line moving so slow and forcing me to repeat things over and over instead of just having fun." And then I logged off in disgust and opened Visual Studio to code a noise seeded predictive network because it seemed more fun (spoiler: that's a low bar). So what is bad in my eyes in Nightwave: 001) First the daily cycle is way too short. Let me clarify, it's way too short for anyone who has a job, because free time is limited and valuable. 010) The challenges are way to repetitive - especially because they barely stack and/or I don't want to spend minutes to min/max my time/value ratio (again, that's literally what people pay me for). 011) The amount of challenges is extremely over the top if you f.e. have a limited time frame at hand. Add the repetitive nature and it becomes a slog fast if you can't space it out. 100) Even worse, the events completely reset after a week - people have commitments, time is not available equally every week, heck every month. 101) The friend requirements are the worst. Buddies literally told me they don't want to play Warframe again because I asked them already last week. It's driving people away, is that on purpose ? 110) I hate overall progress bars that can't be done in two weeks of play on a time I chose. Again, it's very off-putting to play catch-up just because you spend the weekend out of town. 111) And worse: While the old missed event were out of sight, the new system is a frust that stares into your face all the time - even if you play regular missions - there is no escape. Now don't get me wrong, the old event system was bad as well because it was random & time limited. The new system is again bad, because it has a very long progression roadmap & is again time limited - heck, maybe it's even worse, who knows when those rewards show up again. Overall, considering all the reasons mentioned above, I like it less than the old system even tho I'm no fan of chance (because it's more fun to build a RNG on a circuit board than being enslaved to it). Maybe it's just me (and that's fine if you don't get bothered by it) but overall I think there is a lot room of improvement over it in the current implementation in every direction you look. So instead of just giving feedback, I offer fixes for each issue: 001) Get rid of the limit at all, replace it with a system were per tier (1000,3000,5000) only a limited amount of challenges are available and the list grows after a week with additional new challenges without getting rid of the old ones. Makes it also easier, if you spend a few weeks in Africa on holidays. 010) First fix would already help out in multiple ways, but even then those numbers could easily go down 50%. 011) First fix plus better pace it by offering less challenges to fill the requirement (percentage status on total time left, not a bar with no indication if you are ahead, behind or what) - add at least 3x the amount for overachievers. 100) First fix - woah, did I fix most of it with one line already? 101) No mandatory friend requirements. Never. Bad. This is extremely toxic and drives people away in the long run. Time is limited and nobody likes to have the annoying friend that always calls so he can finish a video game. Or go heavy drinking without reason. I would go the other way and for example make solo or public games a requirement, even then I don't think it's in any way a good way to restrict player's choice even more - we already have tho painful Rivens. 110) First fix. And the scaling fix, I think that was number 2. 111) No constant reminder in missions - heck, better hid it somewhere in the codex. A one time reminder that it's there is enough really. Well, that's pretty much from my side, enough of the talking, I just realized where I have an issue in the feedback loop and that's why the values oscilated out of control. I take it back, coding is now definitely more fun to me. Anyways, hope it was some kind of value, but in these days, who's still reading the forums anyways. PS: For those wondering, the numbers are in binary cause why not make everything tedious, it's after all the new way to play Warframe ;-). PPS: Hell yeah inactive UI. Wanted that feature for years now, finally there's a fast way to see what's finished and you can quick-jump there in no-time. Now those icons should just add up instead of fading-over, and it's perfect 🙂
  13. To be honest, there should be some automatic drops of resources from active players without "punishing" them. That would reward clans with high numbers of active players a little bit. So like every 50 days a small amount of resources is dropped to the dojo the player is part of.
  14. So all the regular rewards, like the plat discount stay the same (up to 75%) ? Only the "evergreen" rewards are scaled ? The discount my only concern when it comes to login rewards beside mastery fodder weapons and op Prime mods 🙂
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