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  1. Valkyr went to vault not long ago. There are other frames that have been inaccessible for much longer.
  2. Since you posted in trading, how much would you pay for my participation?
  3. Thanks, exactly what I asked for on Reddit.
  4. Yeah, got one? Send me a friend req in game with a note if you do please. Thanks.
  5. Is there some cheese tactic with that akbronco? Otherwise 1k makes no sense for a neg that makes the riven trash.
  6. I could go into a low to mid lvl mission with an aoe Frost and wipe everything with a single cast before you can shoot once. You would still cry a river.
  7. I'll take Argula. Won't be online for a few days.
  8. U no smert tri red agun di instrektens
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