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  1. I saw someone selling an unrolled trashy one for 10k. People ask for whatever price they want. If it's too high, they will just waste their time and nobody will buy. If someone buys, good for them. Someone tried selling a +cc +cd -neg Amprex for 27k. Just laugh at the dumbsses and move on.
  2. Do not post a sale offer if you are just gonna ignore buyers.
  3. THen do it in Recruitment, not TRADING.
  4. There is no scam, just hype and stupidly overpaying for it. This happens with every non-mr-fodder new weapon introduced. You are missing what happens every time, not sure why you do that.
  5. If you have only Fulmin equipped and switch to Synthesis Scanner you will be stuck with scanner in hand unable to switch back to your Fulmin. If you have a secondary equipped as well, then you can switch to that one from scanner, then back to Fulmin. If you have Fulmin and a melee equipped, you can only switch back to Fulmin from scanner, if you do a melee attack beforehand. In short: it's impossible to switch back to Fulmin from Synthesis Scanner, only if you can switch to another weapon beforehand. Blackscreen does not fix.
  6. Post this in Feedback where devs may actually see it...
  7. Did you really have to start this entire thread just so you could copy-paste the most generic pun from YouTube and forums?
  8. Wat... Check gears, u may have left dragon keys on. If you find you did and put this swearing up here for no reason, check the other gears as well.
  9. Sure, every frame can do eidolon hunting, but most of them suck at it, just like Wisp does. The 2 arguments you mention why she'd be good are bad, it is absolutely inefficient and useless in an eidolon hunt. Even Limbo has 1000000% more usefulness in it than Wisp.
  10. You are not "true", just bad. Defensive frames exist for a reason.
  11. Price is totally fine. U dont need 10 million of them going around.
  12. How is a 3 year old find still relevant? A crpton has changed in 3 years in game.
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