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  1. Mr.SpookSpook

    Ugliest Frame

    Check out the Nova deluxe skin... I spent like 230 plat on the pack just so I could burn my teammates' eyes out.
  2. Mr.SpookSpook

    PvP idea (no battle royal)

    Why would they start bothering now after 6 years, when only a handful of people really want to play pvp and they don't have enough manpower to develop their pve mainline fast enough?
  3. Mr.SpookSpook

    It alright to support DE with Real cash

    Which is tiny compared to most other companies.
  4. Mr.SpookSpook

    PvP idea (no battle royal)

    There are hundreds of other games focusing on pvp. Warframe is a PVE-focused game. Why does a small minority keep trying to make this game what is clearly does not want to be instead of playing another game that suits their needs?
  5. Mr.SpookSpook

    Nikana Zaw for Plat?

    K-drives are pretty cheap and there are only 3 variants. I would buy them as well if I saw the combinations I want. Zaws are expensive, there are many you need for mr and stats will be trash most of the time.
  6. Mr.SpookSpook

    My FIRST Toxic Experience in Warframe.

    Filling threads with reports of toxicity and hate. Couldn't be any more obvious.
  7. Mr.SpookSpook

    My FIRST Toxic Experience in Warframe.

    You have 1 bad experience and you immediately come to the forum to make a huge post and ask ppl to talk about their bad experiences, filling the forum with more toxicity. Could you just handle it like a grownup and not spread the hate on the forum more?
  8. Mr.SpookSpook

    ♥ WTS Bulky Kubrows ♥

    Someone has been busy with doggos lol
  9. Mr.SpookSpook

    WTB +impact+puncture+slash-zoom Seer riven

    Should be for kraken. Meme imperfecto
  10. Mr.SpookSpook

    Hema for index and a good secondary

    Both Nidus and Hema are terrible choices for index. Grab Rhino and a good shotgun you can access.
  11. Mr.SpookSpook

    Prisma ... when?

    Prisma AkAtomos Wraith Prime
  12. Mirage can do as good dmg as Chroma, but she dies all the time... Inaros is my go-to.
  13. Mr.SpookSpook

    Blank Polarity for Aura Slot

    Quality advice right there OP, quality advice. Bad quality. Really really bad.
  14. Mr.SpookSpook

    Nikana Zaw for Plat?

    Why would anyone in their right mind want to buy sale zaws for plat?
  15. Mr.SpookSpook

    Glast Gambit

    Yeah, that part almost made me uninstall...