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  1. My longest streak would be 15 days, but I usually skip some days.
  2. Chat is trying to connect but its taking forever.
  3. I seem to have some network issues after the hotfix.
  4. Is the gift meter applies to all of us or is it individually different?
  5. Might we get as well the tracks to be more visible?
  6. Another hotfix!? woah there! Here, have some 💗💗💗!🤗
  7. Cant log in, says "log in failed, check info"
  8. Stop spamming, we already saw your post's.
  9. That looks so bad, toned and tested mine for you to see that its different in my case. toning it some more
  10. Its not even that much, I know you exaggerated but you know you can tone down your particles effects right?
  11. Awwww it doesn't bounce anymore kinda liking that. 😞
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