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  1. You mean like the Gara glass toggle we totally got?
  2. So does that mean that Yareli's Merulina will be getting 90%+ damage reduction and a damage absorption period to make it adequate compared to similar abilities like Warding Halo and Iron Skin? That is what that ability is, after all, and 75% is nowhere near good enough - Yareli takes 2.5 times the damage that Nezha takes, with even more limitations.
  3. She might be top tier in mobility, but she's also bottom tier in control, way below Grendelball.
  4. Nice buffs, and nice to see them so quickly implemented! On a similar note, getting a few number tweaks once in a while would really help the game. For example, Inaros' augment Desiccation's Curse - buff the spawn chance to 100% (since it's still limited by max 3 shadows) and sand shadow duration to "15 x duration" instead of just "15". Easily implemented over a coffee break, while increasing the fun factor of the mod.
  5. Some very welcome buffs, thanks for them! And while I certainly appreciate the Workshop to give us a head's up of upcoming changes, these are the kind of buffs/nerfs that I could just see dropped in a hotfix without any notice. On a similar note, getting a few number tweaks once in a while would really help the game. For example, Inaros' augment Desiccation's Curse - buff the spawn chance to 100% (since it's still limited by max 3 shadows) and sand shadow duration to "15 x duration" instead of just "15". Easily implemented over a coffee break, while increasing the fun factor of the mod.
  6. That is a false equivalence, which is a fallacy, because it ignores the fact that the booster as a product appeals to a good number of other people. More appropriate would then be to compare the boosters to, say, a jar opener. For some, the jar opener might be useless while others would happily pay for one. Speaking of false equivalence, why do you look at boosters as a substitute for a recurring subscriptions? Just because it lasts for a month doesn't make it such a substitute, merely one of many products. Can you present an argument that isn't fallacious? Nah, it is. Also, it is elitist. Nah, it isn't. Also, it ain't. Context matters.
  7. @Hobie-wan Yeah, there was a tile directly below but it was a good number of stairs down and had nothing visible that would do that, so I have no idea if that's the case here.
  8. One could just simply make Sea Snares apply damage vulnerability, like Blazing Chakram does. No need to go the Viral route.
  9. I remember a time when I had to farm Index for credits to keep up with all my crafting, modding, and whatnot. Nowadays, I got all of that stuff done and I'm earning heaps from Sortie, lich/sister hunting, and Steel Path. Cred boosters are certainly not valuable to me anymore, but I still remember a time they were and I know that others are still in the same position. Voila, I'm suddenly starting to express myself from outside my own subjectivity. Crazy, huh? The boosters are there for those who "need"/want them, and that's good enough. Not all boosters need to be good for everyone all the time. Leq merely pointed out that your post is hard to read and might not be coming through as intended, simultaneously wondered if it could have anything to do with English possibly being a non-Native language for you. The astute among us may notice that this is in fact not an insult, let alone an ad hominem. The latter is basically an insult tied to a undermining of the argument. Leq didn't say you're wrong about the boosters because your post is difficult to read, thus it's not an ad hominem. By the same token, that quote of your is not an ad hominem because although it's insulting and uncalled for, it doesn't say "and thus you're wrong about the booster stuff". On the other hand, it lends credence to the spirit of what Leq said - choose your words more carefully and don't toss around terms you don't know the meaning of. It just risks ruining your arguments. Signed: An actual non-native English speaker. (PS: Claiming that I'm wrong about what an ad hominem is because I'm a non-native English speaker would be a prime example of an ad hominem.)
  10. Protest by leaving your doggos in the foundry :^)
  11. See video link below, because I certainly can't explain this nonsense. Alternative imgur link for those allergic to Reddit.
  12. Gonna remember that one next time I hear the patented "merulina is not a kdrive" defense when someone says that Merulina should be K-Drive moddable.
  13. Closest thing we have to balance is the massive number of objectives that can't be sped up no matter how good you are. Like oh, your Xaku can disintegrate lvl 9999 enemies in the blink of an eye and all you have to do is click 4 once per minute? Good for you, this Survival mission is still taking 5min per reward. And now we're starting to see adaptive damage resistance, because this boss fight is gonna take X minutes and not a second faster, dammit! (Edit: Imagine the uproar if the Tridolons got that treatment, limiting the number of hunts to 2 per night.)
  14. Oh, definitely not. Don't get me wrong, it might be the best we got but it ain't good. I could see some challenge mode that limits us to some randomized selection of mods and gear (without taking up an arsenal or loadout slot), perhaps with you being able to rank up mods and find new mods/gear along the way, but "hurr durr dont uss teh brama then" is not what you should balance your game around. Also, I definitely agree that most/all frame/weapon combos should be somewhat viable compared to one another. Like, I'm fine with Zephyr being worse with your average melee than Valkyr, and Snipers being a worse choice for group killing than the launchers, but we should be able to present a frame/weapon combo for one another and have the other party immediately think "yeah, that's gonna have a damn hard time accomplishing anything".
  15. Now, the Ghoulsaw is not the best damage-wise, but one thing it does do is move you forward. Though not more effective than a bullet jump, it is a valid form of transport for a Nyx with Assimilate. Ride forth, my invulnerable psychic sawblade sisters!
  16. And not a single Yareli fix or change was seen that day. Seriously, why doesn't she have 90%+ DR and a damage absorption period? Warding Halo sits at 90% and 90-95% seems to be the standard for DR abilities, and even Molt has a damage absorption period. These things are so prevalent in the game that you'd think this'd be an easily implemented no-brainer, so what gives?
  17. Yeah, it not making sense is just what one would expect, given that it's false. And with the release of stuff like the arcanes and Galvanized mods, that number is dwindling. We're basically just short an "On Kill: Reset shield gate" arcane to completely trivialize it. As it stands, unless we get some radical game changes, this is basically the only way to keep the game challenging: Or, in a related fashion, challenging yourself to make some of the more useless gear usable in the "endgame". Talons Yareli, anyone?
  18. Well, I did say "slightly" for a reason! 🤣 What you replied with here is does not back up the claim that DE's aim is to have balance set around normal mode, only that DE releases content that imbalances normal mode though there are some bits that don't. Not "accounting for it" doesn't de facto mean it doesn't exist - it only lends credence to Besides, it's not like content that imbalances normal mode isn't readily found in normal mode to begin with. For example, some of the most powerful melee mods in the game are found as early as on Deimos. Normal mode also has Octavia, who's strong enough to make SP a cakewalk with minimum mod investment, and although she's one of the most notable outlier, she's not alone in being too strong to be classified as not balanced for normal mode. As such, SP becomes merely the next bit of content to progress through - no more a "hard mode" to the "normal mode" than rank 5 bounties are to rank 4s. And one can't simply look at what content they release either - releasing content set in normal mode does not mean they aim or attempt to balance the game for said content. In fact, said new content all too often confirms another thing I said: Liches gave us K.Bramma and K.Nukor, Sisters gave us T.Plasmor, T.Flux, and K.Zarr, Tempestarii gave us a 95% slow, available to all frames through some Deimos content. So thank you for your attempt to back up that claim, it was enjoyable though unsuccessful.
  19. Not surprised to hear that - my experience is the same. SP is more like New Game+ than an actual hard mode, being a bit more difficult going in but giving you the gear to beat it just as easily. Arguably, Arbitration is more along the lines of a hard mode than SP is, given the drones, the altered revives, and the slightly more difficult objectives.
  20. I would love to see your attempts to back up that claim, because as far as what's apparent, DE keeps releasing more and more stuff (though not all the stuff because DE's not the best at balancing) that makes SP easier and completely trivializes normal mode. See gun arcanes, Galvanized mods, Helminth invigorations, for example. At most, one can argue that DE "aims" for it but misses the mark completely.
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