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  1. Last time when i played, i was done with the Emissary Nightwave.So questions are the following? 1.What is Meta? 2.Are Condition Overload builds now stronger than Crit and Hybrid(Crit and Status)? 3.What weapons do u use on Warframes with weak clear abilities? That's it for the questions,but before u start answering those questions, please note: *To save you some time, please do not mention any non-clear weapons, bcs. i dont need any information about them. *When i said "Condition Overload builds" i meant only weapons that are capable of running a Condition Overload build(High Status, Melee). *When i asked "What is Meta?", i meant everything after Emissary Nightwave.Because i know about everything that was META, i just don't know what is META right now.
  2. I mean i marked it as helpful,so it was.But, it was shocking at same time which is the reason behind that meme.
  3. Didnt wanted to change my password at first,so i was trying to remember it,but i failed.Then i went to change my password,but i was too late. Now everytime i try to login i get a message like "too many failed login attempts,please try later again later". When is that later?
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