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  1. (PSN)haphazardlynamed's post in What does an added element do when it's not present on the Lich/Sister weapon? was marked as the answer   
    It gets added on.
    which is probably why there's no Slash projenitor option.... DE knew if we could, we'd be converting all our non-slash weapons to Slash...
  2. (PSN)haphazardlynamed's post in Rievn question was marked as the answer   
    Isn't disposition just a linear multiplier against a riven's stats?
    So, to calculate what a given stat on your Riven would change into:
    StatNow = baseline * dispoNow
    StatNow/dispoNow = baseline = StatLater/dispoLater
    or.... StatLater = StatNow * (dispoLater/dispoNow)
  3. (PSN)haphazardlynamed's post in RailJack Crew Competency Points capping? was marked as the answer   
    I think this must be a UI Glitch, If I exit the Training menu and view the stats from the RJ assign crew menu, the stat numbers go as the wiki describes.
    So, its the Training numbers that are off...
  4. (PSN)haphazardlynamed's post in Mutalist Cernos Arsenal Damage bugged? was marked as the answer   
    So basically its an old UI Glitch
    and it has never been fixed in all this time
    Great Job DE
  5. (PSN)haphazardlynamed's post in Kuva Lich Gameplay was marked as the answer   
    The main motivation to create and Hunt a Lich
    is to Vanquish them and obtain their Kuva Weapon. These new weapons provide Mastery Points for the completionists, and some of them are quite powerful as well. Secondarily a Lich has the chance to spawn an Ephemera Cosmetic - cosmetics can be an endgame goal for many players.
    converted Liches (not killed) can sometimes be useful as they will occasionally show up in your missions when you need help, they can also be Traded to other players (collectors) as a source of Platinum.
    the First Lich can be a bit of a grind, as you will not posses an inventory of Requiem Mods.
    Your initial source for Requiem Relics should be Kuva Siphons, once you have all 8 symbols; a steady trickle of additional Relics will come from Thralls in the course of your normal Murmur Farming. At this point I gain Requiem Relics faster than I actually need the Mods, and instead just open them for Riven Slivers or Kuva...
    As for Murmur Farming:
    a Lich Node will spawn up to 10 Thralls which can be killed for Murmur. I advise Not Rushing these missions, but instead drag them out as long as possible to get all 10 of those Thralls if possible. This maximizes your returns; as Clearing Nodes causes your Lich to get Angry, and clearing All Nodes makes them Level Up and spread to other planets, which increases difficulty of future Nodes. So it is to your advantage to maximize Murmur per Node cleared.
    When your Lich is Angry, they have a chance of spawning in-mission. Most peoples' first reaction is to fight them; knock them down and do a Mercy Stab so they leave. But I advice against this, as performing a Stab on your Lich causes them to Level Up.
    As an alternate strategy, Camp near the Lich but stay in cover (or use a stealth frame). Any Grineer that get close to the Lich will be Converted into Thralls (up to 10 conversions); which increases your Murmur returns. Farm up the Converted Thralls and just complete the mission, leaving the Lich unharmed.
    Now you have a method of Farming Murmur, as the Lich will stay Angry, have a high chance of appearing in your missions, thus Converting Thralls beyond the initial 10 Thrall limit per node. So keep your Lich angry but low-level, yet generating a higher than normal amount of Murmur per mission.
    Only Stab your Lich when you have gained knowledge of all 3 symbols, or when you are on the Last Node (as they will level up on completion anyway).
    Using this method I typically know the full sequence within 2.5 planets worth of Nodes. and the Lich dead before I clear my 3rd planet.
    Other players might suggest the Opposite Strategy, of Rush Nodes and Stab the Lich Early and Often, so they level up fast and appear more often and just brute force it. Buy I prefer my method as it keeps the Lich Low Level and the missions easy. Rush strategy should be reserved for high level players.
  6. (PSN)haphazardlynamed's post in How to? Orvius Puppeteer Attack after Deimos Arcana was marked as the answer   
    Never mind
    I just had to adjust my Macros
    looks like the Glaive Update changed the Timings for Throw vs Charged Throw
    a Charged Throw now takes about 750ms instead of 350ms
    Orvius only Puppets on Non-Charged throws.
    (which honestly kinda sucks, I miss being able to Puppet + Charged Throw for the super damage bonus....)
  7. (PSN)haphazardlynamed's post in Hey does anyone know what people like and will trade for plat in warframe. was marked as the answer   
    Prime Parts
    Riven Mods
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