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  1. While you're at it smooth off all doorframes and the protruding lip around grineer vent/tubes replace them all with funnels
  2. So given that Sisters utilize Requiem Mods -a decision I don't totally agree with, was hoping they have some different mechanic than just being Lich reskins. Can we get some Corpus Themed Requiem Fissures to farm those parazon mods? Ya know, someplace that's Not the Kuva Fortress? I was working on a Sister and needed to go farm a specific Requiem, and it struck me as how odd that I was going to the Kuva Fortress to do this, and not some Corpus facility.
  3. Pretty sure that's just another broken promise Necramechs are old abandoned content, DE can only afford to dedicate time to the latest update, and that's the New War....
  4. Spoilers for Chains of Harrow quest, don't read if you haven't done it.
  5. Sounds OP install Natural Talent to let you spam them faster helminth infuse Dispensary for energy then install a Macro Script to constantly recast both if Clone 'doing all the work' (afk) was your complaint; this idea will only make it more powerful. -a constantly regenerating Clone army, instead of just the 1.
  6. People *@##$ that: Clone makes him AFK, Defy makes him invulnerable, Cloud Walk makes him too fast and OP healing. Well considering that two of those abilities need Manual Activation, by definition he Can't be AFK if he's taking advantage of them. The haters are inventing Impossible Scenarios. -if you're really AFK you're gonna die, and if you're being Invulnerable you're Not AFK. As a Wukong player, I am extremely Active. Clone lets me Elemental Prime enemies for Condition Overload Cloud Walk lets me cover ground Fast -obviously a speedrunner is Active Defy lets me get up and close and Aggressive without dying. my Wukong playstyle is to be fast and reckless. -anything but afk- Typically the mission stats show: most damage dealt, most kills, AND most damage taken. -I get in there and get my hands dirty
  7. Come across a Tanky enemy, like an Acolyte. not a mob that just falls down instantly Guns: he absorbs your bullets, your Arcane/Galvanized stacks bleed away since you not "On-Kill", making you progressively Weaker in an unwinnable spiral. Melee: just keep swinging, and your Combo Counter keeps stacking up up up!, increasing your damage exponentially. Down he goes. melee has it way easier for the tough spots. People are saying the Divide Rebalance made Guns OP; but that's only when you're clearing mobs en mass with a Bramma AoE. -mobs were gonna be easy kills anyway. Guns are still falling behind in the places that Actually Matter for Difficulty.
  8. the 'cooldown' time where you can't re-summon them from the gear wheel; is Regenerating ammo. They show up with full ammo even if you emptied them earlier and didn't pick anything up.
  9. my problem with the Arsenal Divide changes is that all the gun buffs rely on "On Kill". means a gun that was weak to begin with, has a hard time getting kills, thus doesn't get the buff and stays weak vs a gun that was already strong, gets easy kills fast, and just gets buffed even farther ahead Just unbalances stuff further. Bigger spread between strong and weak weapons instead of bringing weak weapons up.
  10. OK: archguns no longer have a summon cooldown and can now be equipped/unequipped at will just like any other weapon however just like any other weapon, they no longer have regenerating ammo and you must pick up Heavy Ammo so while you can now equip them at will, the magazine will be empty when you do so. unless you had stockpiled ammo ya know what? all that sounds bad just leave them as they are. Regenerating ammo is a nice bonus, and it makes sense to have the regen be on a timer. because its just a bonus. if you don't want to wait for it all you have to do is pick up some heavy ammo drops; defaulting to the same ammo paradigm of other weapons.
  11. So originally, the Tenet Tetra would Not Alt-Fire, if you had a Riven that reduce its magazine to less than 80. Somehow either via Glitch or Feature (is this Intended or not DE?), Now it does fire. with -mag size Rivens allowing it to be much more ammo efficient, since the Alt-Fire will just consume whatever the reduced mag size is (but without affecting the DPS). IF this is an Unintended/Glitch Rather than just Nerf it back to the original form and screw over all the God Rivens I would propose that the Tenet Tetra simply to altered to Always Allow Alt-Fire regardless of current magazine capacity, simply scale down the grenade damage proportionally. -bigger magazine, bigger boom. smaller magazine, smaller boom. -note that this would also be a decent QoL for non-riven users, as they can now fire the grenade from a partial magazine instead of a lengthy reload first.
  12. Yes, DE's logic and 'justification' is just that they are Greedy. I agree, that's the only reason I can see why things are done that way. Clearly this practice bothers you, but let me ask: outside of Judeo-Christian belief systems labeling it a 'sin', is Greed Wrong?
  13. I blame the visual/sound design for beams unpoplarity seeing a glowing line on the screen that makes a faint 'hissing' noise just isn't as dramatic as a slug thrower going 'ka-blam ka-blam ka-blam!' In fact a problem that comes up for me with Beams, is I often forget that its time to reload, because their effects are so underwhelming I don't notice it's stopped firing.
  14. It kinda is... I don't have any good reason to use it anymore. Corrosive Meta is done, so the innate Corrosive on it isn't all that compelling. as far as Beam weapons go, I get better results with a Gaze Secondary, built for Viral, Heat, plus its innate Radiation It his multiple targets at once, and Galvanized Condition Overload works better for it than Synapse, since the Gaze throws in some IPS while synapse is purely elemental. Infinite ammo from Pax Charge is a nice bonus too....
  15. If you're the mr25 who loads up all the 4+4 into the mixer thus Forcing the mission into hard mode for the 3 hapless mr9s you got matchmade with -where now they literally cannot contribute relevant dps. then you have no business calling them leechers, they didn't sign on for that. go use recruiting if you want to play it high level.
  16. I would Avoid Toxin since most of the time you're going to want more than one element Viral+Heat is pretty overpowered for example but since the Tenet Bonus element is applied last, for that particular combo you'll want a Heat bonus with cold and toxin being added as Mods.
  17. I guess DE Overestimated just how much 'fun' RJ for holokeys was going to be. they assumed we would be playing it continuously anyway just because RJ is SO Awesome! Steve's baby after all! thus the Merchandise Rotation was going to be the Bottleneck to keep us from maxing out our Tenet weapons all in the first week. Didn't work out that way tho, turns out RJ and holokey grind is hated, so instead of having millions of holokeys, we only grind Just Enough to buy one weapon each and sit on them waiting for a perfect roll, cause I'll be damned if I'm going to buy multiples and Fusion them.
  18. TBH, whether we appreciate them or not is irrelevant, if the Riven Market doesn't appreciate them. my Gaze secondary is easily on par with Kuva Nukor when using a good Riven, but absolutely no one is interested in buying it from me.
  19. If anything rather than make Primed Sure Footed more available I'd like to see AoE weapons adjusted to make it less Needed. tone down the radius for self stagger? maybe some kind of forgivness mechanic where the stagger is drastically reduced if the projectile hit a wall or Friendly Tenno, and wasn't intentionally into a Grineer's face?
  20. I'm sure that when DE changed Self-Damage into Self-Stagger they completely forgot about Primed Sure Footed at the time and didn't realize it would completely nullify any drawbacks to blowing things up point blank. but given its status as a Long Time Investment Login Reward, they are reluctant to nerf it for fear of pissing off all the players who "earned" it. making it easily available earlier, or instantly via Baro/Simaris/Etc, would likely undermine the main reason they aren't nerfing it. so If we assume my Cynical theory is correct, it is better for you to just Wait to get it; lest we All lose it.
  21. Highly Unpopular idea but I could see merging Despoil and Soul Punch where enemies that you punch drop extra loot making the looting an Active Ability instead of just a passive you leave on all the time
  22. You don't have the quit the Whole game. Just the Lich parts. just don't play any Lich Influenced Nodes. its even easier to ignore nowadays that they've changed the system to keep him isolated to just 1 planet (they used to spread to multiples and stay red)
  23. That's all well and good but really the One and Only One QOL that I want for my Operator? Transferring between Operator and WF, keeps you looking the same direction. make the camera switch as seamless as Equinox doing the flip.
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