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  1. You strike me as a very conceited individual.
  2. Did you not read???
  3. This as well as more duration.
  4. YES I love those games I beat infamous 2 multiple times.
  5. Before I start I wanna say that Volt is my starter frame and I like playing as him. He can be really useful in a lot of situations. I just happen to feel that some abilities could be tweaked to be more fun for the player and less annoying for his squadmates. If you like Volt's abilities the way they are and think that my ideas or 100% unnecessary then I respect your opinion. Although I beg that you at least give me the benefit of the doubt on this one. Semi auto lightning is kinda lame and the chain lightning makes it too similar to the 4th ability which is also a lightning AOE att
  6. I can agree with that... I mean not everyone would want a Limbo 2.0 frame (heck not even I wanna be trolled), and the Frost Ember idea might not be good. However, I still think that Warframes being able to have more specific synergy other than x buff on any frame would be a breath of fresh air. Don't get me wrong you can do awesome things with a few warframes together, but I was thinking more about some dev intentionally designed combinations.
  7. I disagree, I think that bad warframes/weapons should be buffed instead of good ones nerfed. Otherwise you'll end up with modern day overwatch where the heroes became watered down.
  8. Because it would be cool
  9. What if Frost's abilities could "cool off" Ember to lower her heat meter? If anyone has any other cool ideas please reply to this topic.
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