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  1. Also I found this while testing them in test room with AI turn off but this hound keep down time to time and sometime I also got damage form some source. So i keep eye on him until found the this. Actually with this skill combo with Synergized Prospectus, it's sometimes do suicide by drain spark orb in and blast himself and me in same time.
  2. Too bad, DE forget to adjust poping rate of Kuva lich to match with mummur rate. You still possible to clear out almost whole node to make them spawn. I once finish 2 code before get first lich spawn after this update. Too bad i never see DE reply to this problem.
  3. Watch whole stream, on tennocon relay, wait like hour before it start, got count down with tons ppl. I'm not got any warp to showcase scene just stuck in relay until tennocon end same to many ppl in same relay. No armor or sword skin. I wait to watch this until 4-5am my time. I will so mad if not get it.
  4. Only thing i hope for lavos adjustment right now is, When he got Energy orb, it's will reduce ability recast timer.
  5. I must say Void Strom now is not much worth to do else of farm for Sevagoth and his gun. Compare to time useage Railjack mission always take longer time to finish one than normal relic mission.Only one that fastest Railjack mission to finish is Exterminate, but you can just choose to do in normal Exterminate one, so we no need to bother about Ship fight part. And if we talk about requirement to do Void Storm. it's require a lot effort to finish it , even need more in high lv Railjack content. I got suggestion to make this balace with the time and effort of player. Please allow each player to equip 1-3 or 1-2 relic on one Void Storm run. To make it fair play, player need to collect 10 void fissure for each relics while they are in the mission. After finish player can choose the item form opened relics base on how much Void relics they equip and open during mission. So this will make Void Strom give more reward than normal relic mission. it will fair for time and effort for people work on for run this. This method sure encourage player to engage Void Storm.
  6. Ok, i got very excite to touch this new frame Sevagoth. Here is my op. after i test in in various mission. 1.Sevagoth is really have trouble in Steelpath content. I know that he got various of survival ability. But in fact even with that all, it still can't help him surive well enough. His armor is too thin for enconter with Steelpath, i try to use Adaptation, Arcane guardian also Umbra vit. and intens., but he still encounter with death back to back. His armor is very poor so after shield gate run out 1 or 2 shot he will die. Adaptation can't build up with this high damage hit, also Arcane guardian is not even have chance to trigger. No need to mention about his recovery hp skill, you can't win enemy damage with tiny healing. 2. His passive to rerive him as shadow is very hard to control. It's hit box is very small make it hard to target enemy and after miss attack it's will take a while to recover or may you will fall to some hole cause this move is very far jump., Result Fail to rerive due to hard to target enemy and not enough enmey around before time up. 3. Reap is very good skill imo, but it's pathing is very bad, It's keep stuck on the way. a bit high floor, object you name it. It's requre some pass through object (not wall), c'mon it's shadow! 4..Gloom is one that i really feel it's not go well. First thing first like many can fell it's not Energy friendly. even with Eff. build it's still drain energy too much. In Stillpath content that enemy harder to kill make energy orb is harder to find. This skill which need to survive but skill drain too much energy to keep it on all time. Please note that this skil is only give partial cc not full cc ability and partial healing. it's not increase damage to enemy nor buff player damage. and it's also require very high STR to get full potential. With all this requirement and skill ability. I dont' think it's need to put so high energy to maintain one of requre skill to survive. 5.Exalted Shadow - only thing that i found trouble with this skill is, after use it ,switch to main body and Death well is not full. You need to fill it until full to use them again. This make this skill sometime is not ready when it need. (for example you may just use it to survive hardtime. After you switch back then Acolyte pop on you and your gauge is not ready.) Why not make Exalted Shadow work same way to Baruuk? As long as you got gauge you can use shadow form. Since this form is already got limited usage with Gauge, Shadows HP why still need put limit on how to switch to this form. For me I feel that Sevagoth is like supporter frame, so i'm not mention much about it damage. since all other skill of shadow form is debuff and support roll. so can't name him as attacker or so, Even his shadow form is quite brute, but since it was limited to use then i think it's more suitable for keep him survive than aim on damage. So as support role, I hope to see him can survive more and can bring out full support than just now.
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