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  1. More excited for grendel, but i am glad they are giving themselves more time to get him just right 🙂
  2. Has DE ever said anything about making a line of warframe inspired figures like star wars black series or marvel legends? (Btw i know about the statues in the store im talking actual figures) Just wondering because i am a fan of those, and would collect the vay hek out of them. I'm fairly new to warframe(just past my one year mark.) so I'm not sure if this has been talked about before. Thanks, Tenno!
  3. Only real horror in warframe is host migrations
  4. Hmm can we make it so it gives a buff to nidus?
  5. Spacemom went to the corner store to pick up a pack of kuva....that was over a year ago...she'll be back....i hope.
  6. Plus those drones weren't the best AI to start with. They get stuck on hills/rocks for me a few times before
  7. I would just like everyone to know... Nidus is best boi. Thankyou, Tenno.
  8. This is awkward, but...I won like weeks ago...everyone go home.
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