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  1. Gingers of Origin is recruiting for Q1 2020! Full Dojo with a RailJack!! Things to know: -MR does not matter. -daily players only! -east coast US timezone. -english speaking. I created the clan/dojo from the ground up, and I'm looking forward to finding friends to share it with. If you like creating art i have two giant empty rooms for you! contact Salty Ginger on the forums or on Xbox live (GT-Salty Ginger) Hope to meet you soon, Tenno!
  2. I'm completely fine with most of the year being put towards quality assurance. Also, cant wait to play railjack once the hotfix hits consoles!
  3. As a games community gets larger more and more toxic player will join. BUT, Warframes community is still the BEST out there.
  4. HELLO ALL! THE CLAN GINGERS OF ORIGIN IS RECRUITING! contact Salty Ginger on the forums or on Xbox live (GT-Salty Ginger) MR does not matter. daily players only! east coast US timezone. english speaking.
  5. So are we agreeing the situation calls for a state of mind including but not limited to confusion that we can henceforth redact in case the confusion is non viable?
  6. Ramen reminds me too much of worms to eat it.
  7. Hope everyone has a great day.
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