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  1. Same for me. DE did a nice job to scrap the game again. A thousand fixes and the most important ones are missing. It's a shame. I wonder how such things can happen. This Issue will be solved in a few months, so don't worry...play solo. That's the way they think because not all players got the same problem. Such a huge player base. They don't need to worry about some mfs like us.
  2. Still missing Vazarin polarity. Maybe i polarized the fixed vazarin slot with another polarity before the update came out and now game thinks no need for vazarin anymore. Lol nevertheless annoying But don't fix my formated octavia now. She don't likes your vazarin polarity. I'd like to have one umbra polarity instead CheckCheck
  3. They cannot fix it, because they don't know what causes the problem. Meanwhile we get a lot of S#&$ content, like skins to win the next fashion frame contest. Or buying some forma to level all nechramecs, weapons, etc.This will take a while.... 1 year later you get a hotfix solving Fortuna crashing problems, but they won't tell about that issues in the Bugfix report, because they'll feel ashamed of it. Remember the xbox live logout bug ! Some day the problem was gone. Misteriously....
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