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  1. sometimes people abort missions because they forgot something. People are not that concerned with min-maxing that early in the game
  2. survival/defense/excavation missions that can drop axi era relics, can also give you split chamber. i would suggest ophelia on uranus, since you can get condition overlorload from there, it is often used to farm polymer, and tellurium. The grustrag three drop it relatively often (20%), so make sure you are marked by them from doing invasion missions supporting the corpus. You can tell if you are marked in your profile.
  3. It is their goal to eventually make all quests replayable, but it is a bit of a low priority. They also have been talking about adding past events.
  4. Have you not heard of the dreaded "month of no content"? It was when they were releasing chains of harrow, and there were no updates except hotfixes for over a month. The doomsaying was palpable.
  5. you mean existing sentients like the battalyst? They are affected by a lot of abilities, including armor removing ones.
  6. the spy missions can get you some pretty good mods when you clear all 3 vaults. endless missions with 4 players up to wave20(defense)/20 minutes(survival) for a chance of some good mods. When there are more players in a mission, more enemies spawn= more loot. Excavation missions are the fastest way to get a lot relics get some equipment other than the mk1 stuff as soon as you can. A lot of fighting in the starchart will be pretty close range, so get a shotgun. Hek or Sobek are pretty good, Sobek has a pretty long reload time though.
  7. That looks like a damage bulid, not a defensive bulid. Focusing on range, and a bit of duration, and using blind a lot, will help a bit with preventing enemy fire. Getting hold of the adaptation mod from arbitration will also help a lot. Having some more enemy detection can help you avoid being surrounded.
  8. During Tennocon i am pretty sure they said something like "locked in for this year"
  9. i just finished a capture mission and got the 1/3 of the "jailer" nighwave goal. I have completed all previous nighwave goals for this season(2), and "jailer" is not part of this week. Also. The game crashed while trying to update my profile during the transition from the mission to the orbiter.
  10. Looks like this build would work with almost every frame in the game, except possibly hildryn
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