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  1. if you can choose only one frame for all endgame content, it would be better to have a frame that can do everything pretty well, rather that a frame that is the best at doing one or two things. so i would say oberon.
  2. unless they have changed/added tings since i did it: using kavat genetic codes you get from scanning gives you a 50/50 chance between Adarza and Smeeta. using kavat genetic codes with two smeeta imprits guarantees a smeeta. smeeta imprits can only be traded from players
  3. it would be easier if archwing meele was worth a damn in empyrean. Then we would at least have the option of using astral autopsy
  4. easiest way is reading the wiki. In-game way is grinding for relics and see what you get
  5. i have seen streams of missiles go straight through the decoy area without being diverted at all.
  6. enemy crewships ignore Benevolent Decoy
  7. but what feedback should they listen to? the feedback that says that a thing is too op and should be nerfed? or the feedback that says that that same thing is too weak and should be buffed? or that it should just be changed for thematic reasons?
  8. It suggests that empyrean is coming very soon. Original plan was to let us have the drydock about a week before they release empyrean. edit: so we would have it ready to go when they release it
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