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  1. still waitin for those supposed xaku numbers changes
  2. tbh the "nerfed" subsumed abilities make sense.. full power stuff like roar warcry larva etc would be absolutely ridiculous on some other frames... to think otherwise is silly
  3. also radial javelin does have that useful augment
  4. to be fair... it's a valid complaint considering we can still equip the augment
  5. iirc u also lose battery everytime u get hit w/ kinetic plating up unless u also activate his 4 and then max out the battery
  6. ...how the hell do u give the basmu altfire 107% crit chance?
  7. presumably it treats ur moa's weapon as a stat stick but it may not use every mod a stat stick would
  8. personally i think gunners should be able to use ordinence at least.. but the avionics? hell no
  9. ya i'd gladly trade dmg per tic for an increased tic speed
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