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  1. This bug is still occurring and also happens with other wrist-mounted sidearms like the sonicor. Independent of frame and equipped animation set.

    The animation is loops repeatedly, stretching of the right shoulder - it also seems to interrupt itself so the timing isn't equal to the animation length. It repeats a few times and then resets mid animation. My best guess is that it's either a default zeroth-index animation or a set fallback? Curious as to why it resets how it does.


    Anyways - I'm still surprised at how much stuff DE manages to break with their updates; even things seemingly unrelated to the disclosed changes like the ship-type cosmetic filter / restriction. I guess either someone likes playing around in the active branch or the code is so much of a rats nest that there will always be unintended side-effects? lol

  2. I'm looking for one of two mods for the Gammacor

    First choice

    • +Multishot (>80)
    • +Punch through
    • Some negative

    Second choice

    • +Damage
    • +Punch through
    • Some negative

    Also accepting rivens that are "close" to what im looking for (third positive stats, less than 80% multishot, etc)

    I'll pay above-market price. The exact amount will be negotiated based on whether it's first or second choice, the stats, and the impactfulness of the negative.

  3. 12 hours ago, Pouffysubset said:

    The ON script failed this time. Maybe I wasn't reading it right the first time. Here's my logs anyway.


    Ah, it would appear some of the dependent services have been blocked or deleted. This may be due to an anti-threat system (like anti-virus, malware, crypto, worm, etc). You could try to disable any of those things and then run a windows repair, but... Seriously, DE needs to fix this now. The fact that this took longer than a day to fix in the first place is ridiculous. There must be something else that's big and going on behind the scenes, because if not, by this point it's just bad

    For those looking for the workaround Click Here. I'll keep moving this comment to my latest post.

  4. 1 hour ago, Pouffysubset said:

    I also haven't been able to login since PoE and I've been following this thread ever since. I finally became desperate enough to use the workaround, both the scripts were successful but I still couldn't login. Would be nice if they could fix their game.

    Quite curious. To contribute to my debugging;

    1. delete your ee.log (appdata/locallow/warframe, i think),
    2. run the on script
    3. highlight the output of the ON script and copy+paste it to pastebin.com (link to it in your reply here)
    4. try to log into the game
    5. run the OFF script
    6. censor your email address from the ee.log and post it either on pastebin or here in a spoiler tag.

    error checking in batch can be finicky, so the "success" may be a false positive...

  5. Lol this thread lately


    I call for calm. Give them a wee bit more time before trying to create a fuss.
    ... Though, I understand the frustration. I've sort of been in damage control mode for DE since first reporting this issue. Prior to PoE I had <15 posts since joining the forum in 2013. So, let's just... go do other things.


    Hug your waifu pillows, watch an anime, play some games, learn to program, write a novel.... Depending on how long this takes.

  6. My appologies for a double post, but I felt like this had to be addressed on it's own.

    On 10/19/2017 at 6:18 AM, Beon1 said:

    So, my friend has the same problem, and she got an answer from russian [DE]Vladimir. I'll post the screenshot of his answer here, following up with a translation. It worked for her and she's now playing, hope it helps you as well.


    To solve this problem follow these instructions:
    1. Open your notepad and paste following strings in it.
    sc.exe config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb20/nsi
    sc.exe config mrxsmb20 start= auto
    sc.exe start lanmanworkstation
    sc.exe start netlogon



    To break this down; "sc.exe config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb20/nsi" 
    is overriding the dependencies to rely on SMB 2.0, Computer Browser service, and the Network Store Interface service.

    • Changing the "depend"-ancies doesn't actually change what the service requires to work.
      This sets it to require SMB 2.0 but some people require SMB 1.0
      which means their service will either fail to start, or will start and not actually work.
    • The workstation service states It states that the Computer Browser driver is required.
      The service doesn't need to be running. This makes that a requirement.
    • If someone had disabled NSI they wouldn't have an internet connection at all...
      So... I don't think that's the root of a problem.
    • "sc.exe start netlogon", netlogon doesn't appear to be required at all
      ... whaa? He says to manually start it, and then restart the pc... so... it goes back to not running...
    • Worst of all: it sets SMB 2.0 to auto-start with your computer.
      If you don't have a firewall, someone on your network is infected, and/or you have an unpatched SMB 2.0
      then this solution leaves you vulnerable or at much greater risk than what would normally be needed.


    The real solution in that post is to start the "mrxsmb20", which my batch files already contain (... and doesn't require a reboot)

    edit: Also, his solution leaves your system vulnerable if you don't have a firewall or you have an outdated SMB 2.0 

    Just run the damn workaround batch as admin, on and off, as required. If it doesn't work, neither will these horrible solutions.


  7. 2 minutes ago, (Xbox One)D3L7A Z7R1K3 said:

    As soon as I even start warframe on Xbox One I am greeted by "Unable to connect" and day of the dead has arrived and am missing logins. Ugh!!

    I don't believe your issue is related to this thread.

    ... But if it was, it would be absolutely hilarious. Good luck.

    For those looking for the workaround Click Here. I'll keep moving this comment to my latest post.

  8. 12 minutes ago, RedGlow said:

    I know it's the same issue because the log shows the client trying to resolve login.php as the log in server address, and after I turn on the Workstation service it works just fine, and the first round of logs that I updated, the ipconfig, the name resolve logs and the game logs they asked for in the first place clearly show that this is the issue.

    Lol yep, that's it... Shame. All we can do is wait... But that's curious. Maybe the helpdesk dudes were uninformed and so he kept asking for more information.

  9. 29 minutes ago, RedGlow said:

    So after six days I got an answer to my ticket and all they did was ask for more logs, more detailed logs, that give them what I have installed, what I had uninstalled, what tasks I'm running, services, drivers, autorun, full eventlog, my hosts file, what Windows hotfixes I have installed, my startup list, my update log, everything. Having a background in IT and knowing what the bug is and mentioning it in the ticket, this makes me angry, because this makes it painfully obvious that they don't read the forums, they don't read the tickets, basically they don't give a dog's turd about what's happening. I'd bet my left nut that there are less than three people at this company that even know what this bug is about and how long we've been affected by it and that this is not the first time it has reared it's head. Needless to say I've lost any and all hope to get a decent answer in my support ticket, and I will not be uploading the logs they ask for because I'm not comfortable opening up my whole computer's logs and registry and list of installed programs and running tasks to someone who obviously has no idea what is going on.

    Lol. Their error messages are rather... non-existent. So there have been many bugs like this over the years, but all with completely different reasons. If you're certain you have this issue, then all we can do is wait. Helpdesk would be of no use. But since they kept asking for logs, either they're being silly, or they don't think it's the same problem. Feel free to post your ee.log (after deleting it, trying to log in, and then censoring your email address) here in a spoiler tag. I should be able to confirm whether or not it's the same problem.

    As for the helpdesk, I don't think it's DE. I believe it's a different company. Not much better than bots. I would agree with your assessment of there being a very select few who know whats actually going on seeing as how they've "fixed" this 4 times now. @[DE]Glen seems to have a competent understanding. If I had to guess I'd say he's DE's main back-end guy with probably the most experience with their engine, server, and client. Fairly sure the majority of bug fixing is relegated to him at the moment, as most of the bugs that people have been experiencing are complex in nature or systemic issues with the game post POE. As such, I'm sure he's been prioritizing the bugs with the most impact, as this is almost like a re-launch of warframe with many new players joining.

    Well... Maybe a post every 3 days, a little update here 'n there... Any sort of feedback what so ever, even a "shut up and let me work" message would be much appreciated by this point. I'm glad they've acknowledged this at least once. But when there's no contact for a few days it makes me think that maybe they all drank the twitch-drop koolaid, passed out, and everything's running on autopilot.

  10. 1 hour ago, xXGreenMachine64Xx said:

    So... speaking of the workaround, I lurked around the thread for quite a bit and I know of the security issues but I don't fully understand them, so whats the harm of switching workstation on and immediately turning it off upon successfully entering the game? I'm not well versed in the art of programming, computer codes and functionality.

    Minor, unless there's an active threat on your network.

    It isn't an immediate threat, which is why I was willing to create an alternative to the sloppy batch files some people made, and not just condemn them outright.

    Workstation requires the SMB protocol. SMB 2 has some known flaws, but SMB 1.0 protocol is entirely defunked and microsoft pushed updates to disable it. The issue is, some people's workstations require SMB 1. Even if not, SMB 2 is still flawed. SMB is for LAN networking, and workstation is used as part of the home group and LAN file sharing features of windows. Typically SMB isn't used much outside of enterprise environments. It tends to be disabled by security suites and good OEMs. In the enterprise, it tends to be used only on LAN, and behind strict security (like a white-list firewall, real-time AV and other anti-threat systems, etc).

    A main-stream example of the security threat posed by this is that SMB was exploited by the NSA's EternalBlue, which was specifically designed to target windows machines on an internal network. EternalBlue was part of the WannaCry ransomeware attacks which caused a fair bit of wide-spread damage. Though, the damage was extremely minor compared to what it could have been thanks to many different factors. Not the least of which was Microsoft pushing updates to disable SMB 1.0

    Having workstation enabled and entirely up to date isn't a very big threat in and of itself, but having to enable old versions like SMB 1.0 is. And even though it may not be a direct threat, it's a massive attack surface that (normally) isn't required to be active. It's an unnecessary risk. It's kind of like Adobe Flash Player. Yes, in theory, if its up to date, and you're careful, then maybe it can be fine... But it's still f**king stupid to use it. ESPECIALLY like this.


    Conclusion / TL;DR

    It's fine, in short & controlled bursts. Flipping it on for a second, logging in, and then shutting it off, presents a very minor risk. However, enabling older versions (like SMB 1.0 or an unpatched SMB 2.0) causes a much bigger threat. And both of those threats (enabling for a short time, or enabling old versions) become FAR worse if you don't have a dedicated firewall, or you share your internal network with other people

  11. 3 hours ago, DrRig said:

    All of my faith is lost. ALL OF IT!


    50 minutes ago, DustyB216 said:
    We riot now!


    Well, I'm not so sure about that... They did confirm it was a bug, and Glen said he was working towards getting it patched (though, his wording did make it seem like he had already solved it... Or at least part of it) .


    I think all we can do is wait. Give them more time. Nothing else would be productive.
    ... Of course if nothing comes of it or they try to sweep it under the rug, then feel free to raise hell.
    Personally I've set a grace-period of Monday the 23rd. If it's not fixed or there's no new feed back by then, I'll start making a fuss.

    But for now let's give them some breathing room

  12. 18 minutes ago, Asphopickle said:

    Please don't mistake our frustrations for any lack of love.

    That goes for some of us, anyways

    18 minutes ago, Asphopickle said:

    We just want to share in this exciting new chapter with you and aren't currently able to without, at the very least, putting ourselves at risk. I'm sure this wasn't intentional.

    Well, we hope. I mean... That would be crazy, wouldn't it? :D

  13. 2 hours ago, LostAlbatross said:

    I just ran into something potentially very strange. I was testing a media converter and maxed out my hard drive. When I opened the launcher to see if another patch was released as I've been doing, it stopped me and said I needed 100MB to function. After clearing the space, no updates started. Could this be something to do with the issue at hand or is it just a fundamental behavior of the launcher I wasn't aware of?

    Verifying the cache (again) didn't prompt me about any missing files either.

    Pretty sure this was to ensure it had a minimum amount of space to page things out to the disk, or to hold temporary files that would be required if there was an update.

    For those looking for the workaround Click Here. I'll keep moving this comment to my latest post.

  14. 2 minutes ago, Kel-Thuzad said:

    Since the update I have not been able to log in, waiting for an early solution.

    Yes, they seem to be breaking it more than fixing it... Though your reason for not being able to log in is different from ours. We haven't been able to log in since PoE dropped.

    For those looking for the workaround Click Here. I'll keep moving this comment to my latest post.

  15. 9 hours ago, DustyB216 said:

    So... What does this .bat file actually do?

    My batch files will attempt to enable dependencies in a least-dangerous-first manor. It doesn't start ALL the dependencies as they change based on windows version. This focuses on the SMB 1.0 and 2.0 miniredirectors.


    First it will try to start the workstation service (L33). If it fails, it will enable SMB 2.0 (L40) and try again. If that fails, it will enable SMB 1.0 (L48) and try again. If that doesn't work, it resorts to an error message informing the user it didnt work, and telling them they should run the " OFF " batch file to disable the things the ON file enabled.

    The reason for this is some people only require SMB 2, where as others, unfortunately, require SMB 1 as well.


    For those looking for the workaround Click Here. I'll keep moving this comment to my latest post.

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