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  1. Starting the Waverider quest today on https://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  2. I still need so much Endo on https://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  3. I got a Credit Booster on login so it's time to buff my wallet on http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  4. It's all about Endo today on http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  5. AXI G5 or Death today on https://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  6. I've got some new toys to play with today on twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  7. Doing some science today on http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  8. Have coffee, will travel, http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  9. Trying to figure out how this happens on https://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  10. Stocks are in stock on https://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  11. Forma and Railjack today on Twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
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