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  1. I don't think you can do it without Stasis though -- when I tested on stream with a debugger I only ever got it counting the toxin.
  2. Since that violates the TOS that would be a ban.
  3. I uploaded the snapshots of the effect of Reach mods on melee here: https://imgur.com/gallery/wTm3Ijk
  4. Only through faith and prayer.
  5. @Xzorn I watched your video and I'm sorry but I don't see how your experiment proves anything -- what's to say you they wouldn't have become unstuck when you arrived at the same point but just couldn't see them? Further, let me show you where Enemy Radar is used in the code: It's only ever used in the map code and there's no connection from this to anywhere else.
  6. 40 questions took 5 hours -- next year remind me to bring snacks! Thank you for your questions and thank you for watching!
  7. Ask Me [Almost] Anything [Again] is live on http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  8. @GunRaptor9000 most of your wall of text is inadmissible; please review the rules in the original post and cut it down to size.
  9. "What are your thoughts on this feature I want to see implemented?" and "will there ever be a change to this thing I don't like?" are not valid questions. Cm'aaaaan!
  10. Since it's been over a year since the last one I'm going to do another AMA this Sunday on my stream at my usual time (9AM EDT, 1-4 PM UTC). You can figure out a lot of things yourself with the Simulacrum and the wiki is full of helpful information discovered by curious players. Sometimes when I’m curious about something there's no answer for I figure it out and update the wiki. My goal with this AMA is to investigate questions that are tricky to figure out without the developer tools. Feel free to post your questions here but there are a few rules; in classic courtroom-drama form: The question must be relevant (ie: about Warframe). The witness cannot testify to what occurred in the mind of another (ie: don’t ask me “why” something was done) The question cannot call for speculation or a conclusion (ie: don’t ask me “when” or “will we”). The witness can only state facts and only offer certain limited opinions (ie: don’t ask me if I think something is overpowered). No leading the witness (ie: questions assume facts not in evidence will be ignored). Questions that break the rules will be stricken from the record. Also: I don't write the story, I don't have secret access to unreleased lore and if I did it wouldn't be appropriate to share on my stream. Here is a question to start you off: Can you apply a status effects like Toxin or Gas with the killing blow? And if so, is the Mecha set effect triggered before or after the status is applied (ie: If I kill the marked enemy with Toxin can it proc and then spread the DoTs from the killing blow?)
  11. Forma party today on http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  12. Horsing around with the Ropalolyst today on http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  13. Anything you make the driver do after we hand off the frame-buffer is out of my control -- I don't know what it'll do.
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