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  1. Fighting temptation today on twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  2. Trying to finish the Steel Path today on Twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  3. Getting my hoop on today on http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  4. Predasite Party today on twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  5. Doing another min-spec performance test on http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  6. Breaking in my battlecorn today on https://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  7. Heading to the vaults to today on https://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  8. Part 2 starting shortly
  9. Bonus min-spec performance testing stream today on https://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  10. I'm full of beans and ready to play http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  11. If your internet is unreliable you can disable bulk download in the launcher settings. The default is faster but doesn't handle bad connections as well.
  12. Walking the Steel Path today on http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  13. Some people have to work with bandwidth quotas so by spacing it out over multiple months we can try to help people keep under their limit.
  14. No because Eclipse doesn't sample from the lightmaps.
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