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  1. Agreed. Since DE removed self-damage on the Javlok - her current passive just became near useless. NOT that I enjoyed doing that myself. I both like Accelerant AND Immolate. Would love to have her passive ability strength bonus be adjusted and reflected on a Immolation Burn bar. "Why give it a energy cost to ACTIVATE during the mission and NOT be THE ember passive?" is my question to DE.
  2. Unsure about losing Accelerant for Immolate, I enjoyed ramping up the Heat dmg with it. Would rather combine the new passive with Immolate: Somehow have a visible "Combustion" meter on screen and gain %% whenever any of Ember deals HEATdmg/procs and big %% when enemies die under HEAT procs. At max fill, Ember gains smol DR and grants max +35% Ability strength. Also would if we could have the new WOF as a HELD cast effect that drains half the Immolate meter, while keeping the existing smoldering WOF and it doesnt drain the meter. As I missed the devstream altogether and just watched the VOD - what do.
  3. ADDITIONAL NOTES: Reflecting from early Halo Waypoint(HW) challenges and rewards, I'd like to see something near similar to the offerings. The existing library of Acts is near similar to what I can recall from HW from Kill acts, MIssion acts, and Action acts. But I would like to see a few acts expand or focus their criteria. Using the recent "150 Kills with Radiation" as an example - consider adding to its act with another conditional requirement. "Radiation using Shotgun", "Radiation while wall-latched", "Radiation with any MK1-Bo" "Radiation in Lua MIssions", OR even at a feasible stretch, "Radiation in Operator Mode." It's these little tweaks that'll pull me out of my comfort zone (frame, weapon, mission) and play the game at a different seated position. Since Map Tilesets are randomized, there's one specific type of HW challenges that can't be replicated in Warframe. It's the Complete a Specific Mission within a time limit. Granted the Rewards from the HW challenges were purely cosmetic at times, as these Nightwaves REMAIN a replacement to the previous Alert system in how we eventually earn Series Cred to purchase from the store. Sometimes we don't need a "Series" to expand on the story of the Warframe universe - we just want that Nitain to finish building that thing in the Foundry. Cheers o/
  4. Unable to chat link [Rakta Dark Dagger] as well. Or is this as intended?
  5. Exploiter Orb, during the change of area of engagement. In a group of three, whereby multiple fourths failed to join the squad prior. Two thirds of the squad awaits by the gate/door while the third (nom-host) member pauses and mines a nice spot for a brief second. By the time we wend our way through the cave structure and onto the second area of engagement, we got stood up. No less than 2minutes, all three members are loading into Fortuna - ignoring any (Last Mission) reward screen altogether.
  6. The fanart was fabulous, the DOJO was insane inspirational, the Sortie was exciting AND the background music was sharp and loud. Much excite when the introduce cutting metal during future streams. Mucho pas Problemo, was ducatless.
  7. Question: Could we have a look at the interaction between Energy Projectile emitted by the Arca Plasmor and Player/Frame created constructs? In particular how it behaves against Gara's Mass Vitrify. Or if its functioning as designed, will using the mod Seeking Fury allow the projectile to pass through?
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