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  1. That in no way is an existing mechanic. I hope you know that.
  2. You still have him being drained of energy by taking damage. This means he isn't utterly invulnerable, which is what is needed to tank at high levels.
  3. Actually, it costs way more than Hysteria: Frankly, DE doesn't seem too enthused about abilities taking health, either; Soul Survivor used to take health and shields from Nekros until they removed that because it was bad. Also, Mirage, as long as she keeps up her 1 and 3 with high power strength (not hard), and stays in the shade, she will have 95% damage reduction (which applies to shields AND health, unlike armor) as well as make the enemies not shoot at her most of the time anyway because of the clones.
  4. I imagine you've all noticed by now that the Ancient Disruptors and any Infested near them deal damage to your energy pool when they hit you. This is fine, and definitely intended. What isn't fine, and hopefully isn't intended, is that they still drain that energy when you block with melee or are invulnerable e.g. in Hysteria. It would be nice to at least have confirmation one way or another about whether this is intended.
  5. It was mildly fun, but then I was just like "meh" and used The 4 Alone with Saryn. I still had a pretty decent weapon for backup, as well as Carrier, even on the lower conclave rating one. This isn't to say the requirements should get lower; the self-nerfing gets really stupid really fast.
  6. The Lotus doesn't have armor on most of her chest.... that might be a problem.
  7. Really? Making a skill drain energy AND have a maximum duration sucks. Mirage's is a little different because you rarely meet the maximum, but it's still bad. Not affected by duration mods? The only ability that ignores duration while actually having a set duration that I know of is Stomp.
  8. Basically, there would be no real reason to use this Frost other than wanting to play Frost (specifically Frost) while also having hard CC with decent range. A CC Rhino does everything he does better; even Valkyr's not super far behind this Frost on CC since she has that knockdown while in Hysteria.
  9. Eh, you are correct in that Blessing won't keep your team alive if enough stuff's hitting them, but Vampire should still allow her teammates to make the enemies die horribly lol. Unless the group got split, pretty much anything but Zephyr, Hydroid, Nekros, or maybe Ember/Saryn (because of range) would make the Grineer regret their decisions in life if fueled by a Trinity. Viver was so crazy in large part because of Trinity lol. Terrify does both, if memory serves. It also has a target limit, which is a large part of why it's terrible. The point is that making enemies inaccurate is not a v
  10. Ember, Frost, and Saryn should all take less damage from their respective base and combined elements! Seriously, the Toxic Ancients are completely immune to toxic damage; if you want proof, just use the Ichors or Acrid on one without additional elements and you'll see. Excal should totally have the ability to reflect 50-75% of the damage he blocks with melee as a passive. This should stack with Reflection, potentially making the enemies take more damage than they deal. Limbo... how about regaining 10% of the ammo in both secondary and primary every time he uses a gear item? Or perhaps
  11. This would be an interesting 'frame, but DE made the whole Rift mechanic specifically for Limbo so I don't think it's gonna go away.
  12. lol you obviously haven't fought a Napalm with Limbo... I wish the Rift was like Absorb :V
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