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  1. Admittedly that is a pretty tough question. For the most part it's hard because we're not sure what the Operator's "role" is, per se. My understanding is the majority of players just tag out to the Operator when it's strictly necessary to use, like while fighting Eidolons, or very occasionally for specific perks tied to their school. The first thing then is to re-examine on the large scale what the Operator is good for on its own, rather than just putting up walls for frames that the Operator must be used to overcome. I find the best direction we have for that is to examine the most
  2. I agree with this. For instance, Hold-cast 5 for several seconds to charge up and cause a Limit Break-type effect -- something ridiculously powerful to the point of being broken, but fully harnessing the awesome power of the Void. It's on-cooldown when you enter the mission, so it's only usable in longer or higher-level missions. Activation causes your Operator to hover over your Warframe, while causing Void energy to bleed out of the frame until the effect ends: Madurai fires a beam with enough damage to insta-kill most non-boss enemies, like the beams in Void Defense, with a
  3. So on the one hand, I'd be happy with a Focus revamp because I think a lot of people are still dissatisfied with how the last two turned out. I personally hate the Lens system and Convergence gives me a migraine every time it pops, in addition to it generally favoring certain frames over others due to its ties to Affinity gathering. It hasn't really been an issue to affect me too much though, because Energizing Dash (and Shadow Step before it) isn't actually too deep into the Focus pool. As with many players, the only things I actually use the Operator for are energy, revives, and whatever e
  4. Fingers crossed that today's drop won't remain an issue for tomorrow or Thursday. At least today's part was relatively common.
  5. That's something worth considering, I think! I was on the fence after reading this for a while because I was worried the stun would potentially alert enemies before you could finish them, but thinking about it... that's exactly the point of Heartseeker doing coordinated kills with nearby enemies now, isn't it? Might have to remove the armor/health buff from Heartseeker if that goes into effect though. That one, I'm flip-flopping on. I don't think the ice spikes necessarily need to apply Cold, considering all of Frost's abilities apply 6 stacks of Cold to affected targets. The poin
  6. I spent the last two days putting 7 forma in my Bonewidow to make up for this. And now, after it's finished, we get the polarities it should've had at launch. ... I need to lay down.
  7. Aight so, Deimos Arcana provides a handful of changes to think about: Ash's Bladestorm now marks each target 3 times automatically, at a lower cost than before. A nice QoL change but still pretty much leaves the rest of his kit in question, which seems a bit tone-deaf next to Shuriken. Atlas' Bulwark now pulses Slash damage to nearby enemies when it takes health damage. An interesting direction with a lot of promise, probably worth changing his section in the OP over, but still in need of a lot of development. Chroma can now cycle elements freely by tapping his 1, deals some
  8. Now the question is, how are we on the test cluster going to have access to them over the course of one weekend? Like, should we be stocking up on ludicrous amounts of rep now, or will they just be inboxed to us, or what?
  9. Then you flip that around to the opposite problem: Inaros continues drawing all of the threat, but has no innate defense for a significant period. The risk would be high enough that a lot of players wouldn't bother using it. Of course, you could address that by using Devour since it's the only other defensive skill in his kit... which would have you sitting still consuming a target for the remaining 30 sec of the threat priority. Or you could have someone toss Banish on him until the threat wears off... but then same problem, since none of his other abilities do significant damage. U
  10. While I agree, it's worth pointing out that with how fast the game changes, many of those archived threads are outdated or offer suggestions that would be pointless now. Speaking from experience. But the meta regularly shifts with each new Frame or Enemy update, the entire system of Status Effects changed just 7 months ago and is already on the block again, the Helminth system is only a month and a half old -- which itself poses the double threat of analyzing the most replaced abilities to update on their main frames while keeping any Infusable counterparts balanced for mass consumpt
  11. So, "buff weak status and powers, not take away anything" can be interpreted very broadly. My understanding of the statement however is that the next pass is geared towards buffing specific powers rather than reworking kits. For frames like Chroma, Hydroid, or even Ash and Trinity, I would say the frames need some pretty significant reworks; several of their powers simply don't work well with their kits, don't add anything worthwhile to their loops, or just end up overlapping with other powers in their kit. Again, I would guess "frames that need Ember-level reworks" are not the target f
  12. An interesting take, to be sure, though I'm not sure the Sarcophagus is a good choice for an ultimate. You're completely immobile with a limited range of effect -- alright, we have a handful of skills that do that already -- but then you also have the aspect of being encouraged to sort of just... AFK with it active? With something like Peacemaker, you at least are encouraged to take an active role; with Soundquake, you're not invulnerable so it poses some risk without a particular setup to keep running. Undertow is already a problem child for exactly the same reasons as you're suggesting wit
  13. My general thought process around the older frames' designs -- specifically those with multiple damage-oriented skills, generally in the 1 and 4 slots -- is that their Ultimate ability should be considered for dealing with large groups of enemies, but their First should be wildly more efficient for dealing with smaller crowds or single higher-level enemies. For instance: for Ember, I think Fireball should deal %-health damage to targets it hits, and Inferno should not. Inferno already has the bonus of forming damage rings around each enemy struck. Inferno also does 6.25x the damage per ta
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