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  1. Absolutely agreed that Focus schools as they are now are too similar, "Here's the same set of powers for everyone with X bonus for each school. By the way, here's a penalty for actually investing in X bonus, so you're largely going to use the same set of powers." The fact that there's a penalty on each power investment means most people don't dip that deep into the pools themselves, which defeats the point of it being an end-game style continuous growth tree. (Though I would also say that's in part because of how frustrating it is to actually advance; the Convergence orbs give me a migraine and you can't distill them off frames when not in use. Discussion for another topic though.) And the fact that each of the powers really don't match up in terms of effectiveness (ie relative "Here's a small damage boost to a particular damage type or a bump in your armor" vs absolute "Here's some energy regen, invisibility on Finishers or instant revives") means you have one or two trees of more value than the others. But really the biggest sin, I feel, is that Focus emphasizes the Operator's personal effectiveness as a combat unit, despite that the Operator is under no circumstances ever going to match up to a Warframe, usually only coming out when you need to blast a Sentient, dash through a laser door or get an invulnerable revive. As it is now, Focus is only worth investing in for the powers that benefit your Warframe directly in the Operator's absence. In my opinion, the Operator should be relegated more to a supportive role in general while more of the Focus trees should emphasize the interplay of the Operator and Warframe, like giving one a benefit relative to the other's actions.
  2. Oh, I wouldn't dream of forcing someone to suffer those debuffs for the whole Transcendence cooldown. Those cooldowns were like 3-5 minutes iirc; running around that whole time while nullified or nearly blinded by a scrambled HUD would make the game literally unplayable for most of the mission. No, just for a few seconds. Like, 15-20 seems fair? At worst with the effects suspended during bleedout (so you can't just cheese out of it)? Less than that seems like there's no point even having a penalty (3 second invulnerability windows feel like you blink and miss 'em), more than that seems like an unfair risk of death shortly after activation. I think that's a good sweet spot. The idea is just to make it so you really, REALLY want to think about whether you're gonna hit that button, plan where you wanna be when you hit that button, and encourage you to get the most out of it when you do, rather than just use it on cooldown for free kills or buffs. Save it for a critical moment, then when all seems hopeless, Limit Break.
  3. Some of them could stand to be reworked (three of them were different flavors of essentially the same CC), but I agree. Give us a bunch of overpowered "Oh sh-" cooldowns. Personal concept: Have the Operator push themself out of your Warframe, but allow you to continue controlling your Warframe while your Operator hovers behind you like a guardian angel, bleeding out void energy in all directions while pulsing a beneficial aura. Madurai gets the high-damage beam with a low chance to insta-kill non-boss targets on each tick that aims it with your reticule but Focus upgrades increase its affected area, spread random status effects on each tick, and increase the chance to insta-kill per tick. Vazarin briefly pulses healing across affinity range (like Blessing getting spammed), while Focus upgrades increase the number of pulses, restore allies' ammo, and allow it to instantly revive downed allies/resurrect dead companions. Naramon pulses waves that reset enemy awareness and make them completely oblivious to Tenno while highlighting them for the player, with Focus upgrades to add bonus effects to Finisher kills on affected enemies such as flashbangs, personal speed boosts, or free Scans and bonus drops. Zenurik temporarily removes the costs, upkeep and cooldowns for the abilities of nearby Warframes, with Focus upgrades to increase Strength/Range/Duration of affected abilities. "Why not refund energy?" Because we already use Energizing Dash. Combine the two and you'll be recovering energy while spamming abilities. Unairu gives you temporary damage/status/Eximus invulnerability and an aura that taunts alerted enemies to target you, with Focus upgrades to add damage/status reflection, magnetize enemies and projectiles to you, or place barriers on nearby allies. Each has their own strengths and rewards different playstyles, with very little overlap. ... but then, add an annoying penalty to using the cooldown so that you can't base your entire strategy around "use on cooldown". Lock the user out of using the Operator for a while until your Operator recovers, or suffer some other personal debuff from over-exerting yourself as if you "front-loaded" all of your potential for a few seconds. Something like - Madurai significantly reduces your damage output from all sources Vazarin hampers your mobility and prevents using Gear "Wait but Vazarin doesn't make you faster!" Yes, but it partially negates the need to move in the first place. A big part of mobility affects your ability to pick up allies, collect healing items, protect objectives and avoid incoming damage. Naramon scrambles your HUD and prevents using Gear Zenurik Nullifies your abilities across all sources (including Archwing and Necramech) Unairu increases your damage vulnerability Why? Partly for the drama, but mostly because I remember the days when you only wanted Naramon and Vazarin for the passive abilities after activating the cooldown, because they were otherwise very flashy and largely useless without investment. There should be a level of potency to such abilities to warrant their own use, and giving them a heavy penalty after use would act as a built-in counterbalance to warrant making them absolute tide-turners at any and all levels.
  4. Right. Which is why I said we should use the 33 slots you have before Max Rank as a benchmark. If you have subsumed 34 frames, then that is at minimum 1 frame whose XP could only have been received after Rank 10. Guaranteed. Could you have used fewer of your subsume slots before then? Sure. Maybe you only subsumed 10 frames before you got to Rank 10 and up to 23 of your subsumes now will go uncounted. You might not get XP for every frame you ever subsumed, but if we only count after 33, the people who have overcapped by now would at least get something.
  5. We have a flower garden marking each frame we've subsumed, each one also puts an item in our inventory marking we've unlocked that subsume, we only get 33 Subsume slots before max level and the current max Helminth level is literally "Unlimited Subsume Slots". Bearing in mind that Yareli will be Frame #47 so there is a minimum well of untapped XP. I'll grant that there's nothing to say whether it tracked how much XP of the first 10 levels was devoted to the 33 subsume slots it gave us, but at the very least if you have more than that it shouldn't be hard to code a "if subsume.count() > 33: helminth.xp += subsume_xp * (subsume.count() - 33)" style script. Yes, the syntax I've put there is simplified I'm sure, but everything logically necessary for something like it to work is already there.
  6. Not necessarily. You get Helminth XP every time you feed it too, so veterans can just put cheap dummy infusions on their frames and get some free ranks far more quickly than players who choose to just wait a day between each subsume. Plus this is coming out with a new frame and it explicitly says you'll get XP for each frame you affect with an Invigoration, which is a system veterans can take advantage of more easily than new players.
  7. Years in the making for Valkyr (on paper), though I'm curious what this means for frames like Inaros and Nidus. Is the armor buff determined by the amount of shields consumed, making it unusable for them? Or does it just consume flat values of each, so they just get a freebie? Also just basic logistics, like "Is this all shields, a percentage, or just a flat amount?" and "Is it a shield cost only, or energy/cooldown too?" Put this on Trinity, Limbo or Garuda to return to the old Loot Cave formats. (Though admittedly Dispensary has put us well past that concern.) As with above, curious what this means for Hildryn and Lavos since we know explicitly the energy return is based on the energy consumption. Might make Lavos an even better Trinity than Trinity, might be completely pointless. Who knows!
  8. So, I have a concern here. On the one hand, the concept of buffing random Warframes to encourage a diverse playstyle is, alright, an interesting way to reward collectors. However, it's also what's already been done with Arbitrations. My main concern is that giving such massive buffs to Warframes could lead to two main issues down the line: The effect this will have on Power Creep. Historically, a 200% Power Strength buff today means frame nerfs and new ability-resisting enemies tomorrow. This could then unintentionally penalize players without a wide collection of frames, or those who haven't unlocked the segment yet. Buffs with that much potency may slip right past "gentle encouragement" into actively dictating what frames players use, which they have little control over by design ("every 10th Invigoration lets you pick one of next week's" means you pick the frame literally once a month, and even then the effect is random). "I'd consider playing my main for this Tactical Alert, but there's a Helminth buff for XYZ frame right now that would make my build for it god-tier." Combine this with the first point and we may reach a point where such strong buffs will be expected when balancing the challenges being heaped on players in the future ("Sorry y'all, can't bring Trinity cuz her Invig didn't pop this week").
  9. On a semi-related note, the Shadow's abilities ignore Sevagoth's Secondary Energy tints entirely. EDIT: Having tested for a little bit, it seems there's a bit of lag for the Shadow picking up what color is being used. For instance, my Sevagoth's slot A has a Red Primary Energy tint while slot B has Black Primary Energy; I was playing with B active for a mission or two, swapped to another frame, went to the Simulacrum and pulled out Sevagoth (which then defaults to slot A) and the Shadow was still using Black energy even though my Sevagoth had Red. I returned to my Orbiter and swapped between slots a few times, the Shadow changed to Red energy but then refused to swap to Black when my Sevagoth did.
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