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  1. On a semi-related note, the Shadow's abilities ignore Sevagoth's Secondary Energy tints entirely. EDIT: Having tested for a little bit, it seems there's a bit of lag for the Shadow picking up what color is being used. For instance, my Sevagoth's slot A has a Red Primary Energy tint while slot B has Black Primary Energy; I was playing with B active for a mission or two, swapped to another frame, went to the Simulacrum and pulled out Sevagoth (which then defaults to slot A) and the Shadow was still using Black energy even though my Sevagoth had Red. I returned to my Orbiter and swapped betw
  2. Honestly, agreed. I actually regret investing in it and if this is permanent, with no refund, I might just avoid getting in the gunner's seat in the future.
  3. Regarding the Rank 10 Gunnery Intrinsic: I fail to understand why I've just spent 512 Intrinsics points to test out a penalty. I use Zoom when firing with pinpoint weapons like Photor, so the lock-on alone feels disruptive enough to my muscle memory since I'm stuck aiming at one target (possibly not even one I wanted if they're close together) regardless of how much I move my mouse. That was always annoying on its own, but the way the Intrinsic functions now is essentially a cost increase for using Zoom, which is just a straight penalty. However, I have an alternative suggestion ─ ha
  4. Regarding the Engineering Intrinsics: The biggest issue I have is that I'm now second-guessing each use of the Forges. While I can replenish stockpiles for the entire team, I have no way of knowing how much of a given ammo type everyone has or needs. Each player can only track their own needs, but uses the forges for everyone. There is no point to being a core Engineer for the party, because you simply have no idea what everyone else actually needs ─ and with everyone's ammo pools being individualized, those needs may be different for each player, so the best thing to do is just go b
  5. If I'm just focusing on the new missions themselves for Railjack, I believe this is a step down from the regular Skirmishes we had before. Instead of the new missions focusing on integrating the unique gameplay of the Railjack into the actual completion of the core objective, these new missions are essentially Two-Parters, with one part dogfighting in the Railjack as a prerequisite to a completely unrelated mission-type on foot. As a result it makes the missions feel slower than before. For instance: If you want to do an Orphix mission, you now have a several minute sequence o
  6. I didn't just say "no", I literally explained myself in the following statement. "Bigger is better" is not a universal truism, you can't just say it and expect that to be the end of the discussion. You didn't provide enough context to back your own position; saying "they should just use what they had to fix the problem" is as broad and pointless a statement as "Oh you're feeling sick? Well just stop that." It uses the goal in place of an explanation of the process. Since DE has already shown their position, the onus was on you to explain why its existing size was an asset rather than a de
  7. ... No? You're arguing to leave it as it was and also to fix it, you can't have it both ways unless you can establish why the inconvenience was necessary and how the solution lies elsewhere. At any rate, the difference in size isn't terribly significant. From what they've shown, only one room got removed to streamline the size. And many players will point out to you that the interior of the ship was too long compared to the exterior size of the ships we were supposedly riding in, so if you're going to argue aesthetics, you're already on the back foot.
  8. To be fair, they haven't said they're releasing Mk. 4 components, just that they're releasing new weapons. Considering the unification of RJ damage types, I wouldn't be surprised if that means weapons with cross-elemental damage like Radiation and Magnetic.
  9. So looking at it all: TACTICAL CHANGES Old Rank 5 effect is now part of Rank 2 effect New Rank 5 effect to summon Necramechs in missions Rank 6 now affects Tactical Mod energy costs on the Warframe Rank 8 also reduces Necramech summon cooldown PILOTING CHANGES New Rank 3 effect for +25% DR when boosting Old Rank 5 effect now dropped to Rank 4 New Rank 5 effect to increase vacuum and mark secret vaults New Rank 6 effect to dodge Ramsleds and cause them to malfunction New Rank 7 effect for increased Necramech speed Old Rank 10 effect is now part of Rank 9 effect, DR
  10. Too bad there's nowhere to check in-game how many components you've repaired in total. We can only have up to 15 at a time so that means the people eligible for Tier 3 can't see their progress past the halfway point.
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