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  1. Especially since many players (myself included) can only attempt to farm it by speeding through the mission ignoring all objectives and abandoning the attempt if we don't find a rare cache. Saw a guy in trade ask for 10k plat JUST for people to join him for the smashing of a red crate. One which only has a chance at the ephemera. Given the response to similar strategies in the past like Acolyte mod farming, naturally I'm sure the first thought in response to this will be to incentivize completing the mission or randomizing the shot at the Ephemera even further, but to make my point AND the point of the quoted post clear: we have zero means to reliably farm for it, and the missions themselves can take 20-30 min to complete each attempt (which would mean only 1-2 chances per Anomaly spawn), which will burn players out if we're pushed to finish the mission just to see the fruits of our efforts wither.
  2. This thread means to address a long, long-standing topic introduced in Update 9.8 over 6 years ago -- one which has only gotten worse since Rising Tide and the changes to Itzal. So, let's start with reading the description of these abilities: The common factor in these descriptions is that they mention pulling enemies to the user. Anyone who has used them can tell you, under most circumstances, this is a lie. For a bit of history, when Mag was originally introduced, Pull functioned similarly to Scorpion or Ancient Infested grapple techniques, only much faster in animation and over much longer distances, and could even be used to rip the shields away from Shield Lancer enemies or drag fallen allies to the caster (although this last part was often contentious, since players would regularly abuse it to troll one another). Much like the description says, it would knockdown enemies, then cause them to slide towards Mag, depositing them at her feet. In Update 8.3, Pull was upgraded further: while it lost the ability to grab allies (to which there was actually much rejoicing, until Valkyr came along), it also was altered to affect all enemies in a cone and ignore Line of Sight restrictions -- rather like Itzal's Cosmic Crush, albeit over a smaller area. This began something of a Golden Age for Mag players, who could use Pull as an efficient form of quick CC, even allowing them to repeatedly slam enemies into walls and other environmental obstacles. It also paired well with weapons such as Scythes, since a charged attack could cleave through the group of prone enemies dropped at her feet. Then 9.8 dropped, with one major change that we still feel the repercussions of today: Mag's Pull was changed from dragging enemies toward her, to ragdolling them and flinging them in her general direction. At first, this was a pretty acceptable change. It was marketed to players as a counter to enemies being caught on shallow railings, allowing Mag to continue pulling them towards her in spite of that. Of course, the bigger advantage at the time was that the ragdoll effect dealt Physics Impact damage, a deprecated damage type which could ignore enemy defenses like armor; it didn't usually matter where enemies actually landed because they tended to be dead before they hit the ground. Pull turned into a grand scale damage tool of its own. A great comedy was standing on one side of the room during a Grineer Mobile Defense and just sending dozens of corpses flying in all directions with the push of a button. Before it was nerfed to take Line of Sight restrictions back into account, it was arguably the most overpowered skill in the game, or at least a competitor with minimum duration Miasma and maximum range Sound Quake. It even began to make players question the value of Crush, since Pull was cheaper, stronger due to its ability to ignore defenses (back when Rainbow Builds were rampant and every faction had both Armor and Shielding), and covered a larger area. The problems began to set in when Damage 2.0 dropped, and removed the Physics Impact damage type. Suddenly Pulling enemies didn't kill them anymore -- in fact, the damage became negligible even with the rework to enemy defenses -- and players realized all at once that Pull didn't even really bring them to Mag anymore. See, the way the Ragdoll Pull works is a two step process (alright, it's more complicated than that from a programmer perspective, but we're using Layspeak): Power Range selects the enemies to ragdoll, then Power Strength determines the velocity they assume while traveling towards Mag. The problem is, outside of a sweet spot of range, those two factors don't always line up -- tank your Power Strength and enemies will hardly move at all regardless of Range, just collapsing on the spot. Alternately, you might have enough Range that you Grab enemies up to 50 meters away and enough Strength to Fling enemies 50 meters toward you, but that means the enemies only 5 or 20 or 45 meters away will end up being flung several meters behind you. Which I have exactly zero doubt was intended, since 9.8 dropped shortly before the PS4 Launch trailer ("The Profit"), which ends on an infamous scene of Mag casually flinging Alad V out of a window. The devs have always loved to remind players that everything you see in trailers is something you'll be able to do in the game, and under the original "slide" physics of Pull, Alad would have just been pulled towards her rather than thrown behind. Now, under Rip Line and Arch Line we add a new dimension to this, where Power Strength doesn't determine the velocity, but the enemy distance does. Largely useful for Valkyr as a means to close the gap with the same animation time (though the ragdoll isn't perfectly reliable, often causing them to skip off the ground anyway), but in Archwing, space has no friction, so enemies grabbed and flung by Arch Line will also be thrown past you, and then just keep going at speed, hurtling off into the great unknown. The slingshot is amusing the first couple times, but even with the novelty intact, that doesn't eliminate that it is a completely impractical ability -- especially if they end up needing to be killed for the mission objective anyway, or if you're trying to catch an enemy in Railjack who maneuvers just too fast to hit without Itzal's help. The most important thing I'm asking for here, is for there to be some way to reliably drop enemies right in front of the user with these abilities, and then just stop them there. We know the means to do so exist, because we have Larva, Vortex and (most tellingly) Cosmic Crush that work on the same principle. I legitimately do not care about the novelty of flinging Alad V out of a window (which you couldn't do anyway, and it wouldn't be the first time an ability was in a trailer that ended up deprecated, just look at Vauban Prime). I just want a practical skillset, and the ability to actually hit targets with my supposed grouping skills -- and a practical addition like that could probably have saved so many reworks to Mag already.
  3. After extensive testing, I've found that the Engine & Secondary Color channels for the Railjack affect only Clan Research Railjack turrets. Salvaged weapons have their own colors, to make their houses easier for public players to identify in-mission (Vidar are Red/Orange, Zetki are White/Purple, Lavan are Turquoise). The ship leaves no vapor trails while flying, boosting or drifting. The lights on the outside of the ship are always light blue regardless of ship skin, as is the vortex effect of the Slingshot. Avionic abilities have inherent energy colors just like Salvaged weapons. If you have a set of Salvaged weapons equipped -- which you very well will after long enough -- the Engine & Secondary Color channels have no effect on the appearance of the ship, period. From a UI perspective I find it especially curious, since 1) the name of the color channel is misleading (affecting not the Engines, but select weapons), and 2) the Secondary channel functions the same way as the additional Emissive channel on most other equipment, so having its own name is weird when it could just be another box on the Engines channel. From an Art/Animation perspective it seems like a missed opportunity to not have it affect at least the outer lights and Slingshot of the ship, if not changing the Salvaged weapons to be more colorblind-friendly and color-independent so that players can actually change the effects of theirs.
  4. To my knowledge, most people who learned about the Tenebrous Ephemera dropping from the red rare caches either saw the video on Reddit, or heard about it from clan mates. Most of mine have described it as "Like the Spore Ephemera, but without the tumors coming out of your feet," which in itself is something I'd heard people complain wasn't already a thing. I guess OP's intent was to say "Hey, here's what you're farming for, just so you don't feel like you wasted the effort if you try it on and think it's garbage." But, if people want to farm for a free cosmetic, then they have that option. (I should note however, that ZeroX4's manner of speaking in the OP is condescending and opinionated, so it reads like a lecture not to bother farming the Ephemera because they think it's "garbage".)
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