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  1. Eh. Limbo only became so after Stasis was added, and that has more to do with the Rift Plane having flexible dimensional properties in Limbo's hands than him actively warping Time within native reality. To that effect, Stasis makes him as much a Time frame as Baelfire makes Hildryn an Electric elemental; the actual 'time' part is incidental compared to its CC purpose within the kit. Temporal Anchor is, meanwhile, a massive part of both Protea's lore and gameplay, and can't really have its effect be substituted or explained away with another phenomenon.
  2. Been playing around with Protea. The kit is solid, though I have a few nagging concerns about the design still: Thematically, Temporal Anchor is... out of place. I get that it's a huge part of her story and an immutable facet of her kit now, but we have a Time-based power on a frame with no other Time-based skills; since "Time Elemental" has been pretty high on a lot of checklists for fan designs since basically the beginning of the game, it's somewhat disheartening to see such a power flipped onto a completely unrelated kit that will inevitably be pointed to as an example of "fulfillment", like how Oberon was "kinda Earth-y" in Scott's view for nearly two years before Atlas dropped. Because of Temporal Anchor resetting her energy, health and ammo anyway, Dispensary is extraneous within the kit. It fuels her up until she can activate the Anchor, but after that it doesn't do much for her -- it's just there for raw team support, and her shield satellites already do that... Blaze Artillery's AoE on each target has a fixed range and she has no grouping tools to exploit that. At a certain point you gotta wonder if maybe she and Vauban should have considered swapping a few abilities between them, like giving her the Tether Grenade and Vauban the Dispensary...
  3. I might consider that, if you can tell me how that actually adds anything to Trinity's gameplay. Because at the moment, she doesn't have much in that regard. She mindlessly plays whack-a-mole with health and energy. On the one-hand I could foresee a charitable argument that these suggestions are quality-of-life. However, I'm also well aware that your suggestions are asking to have your cake and eat it too, distilling her gameplay even further into fewer buttons and less specialized builds. Tap Link at the start of a mission to be virtually unkillable, occasionally tap EV to keep it up, and Blessing to be overkill. With the ability to center EV on herself and not have to recast Link (paired with Blessing already based on Affinity Range), she wouldn't need Duration or significant Range, in addition to Blessing not needing any more Strength than a regular Intensify gives and erasing the Efficiency needs of the entire party. She would be, in effect, almost entirely stat independent, at minimal effort. I can, do, and will continue to argue that your suggestions take away more from her gameplay than they add. ... And no, EV wasn't "only" nerfed because of Absorb, but also because of Sound Quake, World on Fire, and a number of Exalted weapons like Peacemaker, which could be kept up indefinitely as a result of EV, resulting in several mission types turning into loot-caves while everyone stood on top of a box and continously AoE'd the entire map down. The point of most toggled abilities is that they shouldn't be easy to keep up indefinitely, or will penalize you to a degree for attempting to (such as reduced mobility or defense), so that you aren't obligated to have them active at all times or at least have a reason to consider turning them back off. Sure there are exceptions, but those are frequently from frames who can generate their own energy through a specific gameplay loop. Perhaps these metas are dead now, but that's largely as a result of changes like removing their ability to benefit from an infinite energy generator.
  4. So on the one hand, I concur that a lot of abilities can benefit from receiving the enemy level damage scaling formula. On the other: If you have multiple damage-oriented abilities within one kit that receive an enhanced damage scaling, then one ability will be the default choice in all situations and potentially erase another. Consider frames like Ember, who for many years distilled their entire playstyle to spamming 4. Part of the intent with the reworks in the OP is to separate the purposes of abilities; a skill like Fireball would retain a purpose at high levels with a scaling effect, while a skill like Inferno already has one without it thanks to its massive AoE and the stacking of her passive, and would continue to erase Fireball with it. This already holds true for Grendel himself, who has damage scaling on the expulsion effect of his 1 that diminishes the value of his 3. The solution I've posed for many of the above reworks, then, is focusing on the purposes of one core "damage" ability per frame, and the others as either enhancements to it or sources of alternate effects. Simply repeating the same enemy damage scaling formula will not necessarily enhance a frame's playstyle, as in many cases it is a 1-button effect. Certain frames benefit more from synergistic damage enhancements that are tailored to the mechanics inherent to their playstyle, such as Melee Comboing for Atlas. In the example of Vauban, the area affected by Photon Strike is small enough that it encourages synergy with his grouping skills like Vortex and Tether Grenades, allowing its damage to be used as a sort of finisher, or a reward for using his other mechanics.
  5. The Exilus Slot was made to be an exclusive space for the extraneous mods that players couldn't otherwise fit in their builds, primarily things like mobility, knockdown recovery and so on. There are a handful of exceptions with the Drift mods, but those usually provide so little of a benefit you're just as well off skipping them. Rubble Heap provides a direct benefit to Atlas' damage output and can substitute certain mods in a regular combat build.
  6. Blood Forge, I disagree with making it an Exilus Mod since it doesn't really do anything current Exilus Mods do - it doesn't aid mobility/visibility or count as a "niche" defensive benefit, and it even has a direct combat benefit since it bypasses the reload animation on a lot of weapons. Having it create ammo could maybe be argued, however. I could definitely see Defy getting an augment to vacuum enemies in at a certain range, though I expect that would be where it stops since that would be a pretty powerful benefit for a melee-oriented frame on its own.
  7. I thought about something like that, but then I also had to consider that Tentacle Swarm and Tempest Barrage both have significant overlap in their purposes, and between the two of them, Tentacle Swarm is more effective as a durational CC while Tempest Barrage is quite literally a cannon being continuously fired in one area and can affect enemies inside Undertow. The point of the change isn't "just updating the damage of the kit", it's to mechanically refresh his toolkit to be more engaging. I might revisit Hydroid in the OP of course, as none of the suggestions listed are necessarily static.
  8. Howdy again, folks. Did you miss me? 2020 is shaping up to be the fabled "Year of Quality", and in a recent podcast on Quiette Shy's channel, Pablo mentioned one of the recent goals is bumping up older frames to a level that would match today's standard for frame releases. In the interests of aiding a game I love and wish to see continue its growth, I'm beginning this thread as a clean slate for rework suggestions. (That and the old thread was archived, and somehow within nearly 3 years, half that thread became outdated anyway.) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The goals with each rework in this thread are as follows: Reach "the happy medium": Updates where players get maximum satisfaction out of using a frame, while limiting the amount of work required from the Design or Art & Animation teams to update them. Increase the cohesion of skills within existing toolkits. This also means limiting the mechanical redundancy within each frame's toolkit, so that each ability has a distinct purpose and an opportunity to stand out rather than "competing" for use on a limited energy pool. Likewise, this means attempting to avoid forcing "synergy" by means of making another a requirement for the majority of its potential. Keyword "attempting." Maintain the visual fidelity of the Warframes, in keeping with the Leverian lore and DE's promise that "anything you can see in a trailer, you can do in game," so long as maintaining an aesthetic isn't actively detrimental to the player. Changes within each list are listed from "most extreme and impactful" to "most conservative, or quality of life" — in other words, the juiciest bits will float to the top. ASH CHROMA FROST HYDROID LOKI MAG NEKROS TRINITY VOLT ZEPHYR Other Frames Note that the list is neither comprehensive nor final. Suggestions and civil discussion are welcome.
  9. It also teleports you behind where the enemy was before it actually opens them to a Finisher, allowing them to step out of the Finisher range and canceling out the entire benefit of the augment against moving targets. The amount of times I've had to recast... As for a more specific rework idea...
  10. "Why do Hildryn's Balefire do so much damage?" Because look at their Critical Chance/Multiplier, Status Chance, and Charge/Fire Rate. Raw damage is their only good stat. Yes, they have about 15 times the damage of Peacemaker in the image shown, or double that on a charged shot. Peacemaker can also get out 20 shots in the time it takes to shoot one uncharged Balefire, double that vs a charged shot, and most of those will Crit for 6x damage each. Not to mention Mesa's ultimate's innate damage increase effect. They're made to be slow so you can moderate how much of your shielding you invest in shots, so that's offset by high per-shot damage and slight AoE.
  11. I agree that the energy drain ramp up is a problem, but I don't think it should be a constant either — you'd just be encouraged to vacuum up every enemy on the map, which is little different from the problem with original flavor Undertow. For a happy medium, I think it should have a geometric scale — each additional enemy still increases the cost over time, but it compounds less and less as you eat more. So for some sample values I've pulled out of the aether, let's say each additional enemy only compounds the cost by ~83% of the previous instead of 100% — holding two enemies is only 183% of the drain of holding one enemy (down from 200%), three is 252% (down from 300%), four is 309% (down from 400%), five is 357% (down from 500%), and so on until about 500% at 10 enemies (up from 5), with a soft cap around ~600% of the original cost for an unlimited number of enemies (since eventually consuming one more enemy will be a fraction of a percent higher cost). And that's just a random value (one I picked to net a half result at 10 enemies, but hey). You could have it be 95% for an 8x multiplier at 10 enemies and soft cap at 20x the base cost. (Okay, maybe still a little high.) You could have it be 90% for a 6.5x multiplier at 10 enemies and soft cap at 10x the base cost. (The ideal is probably between here and the sample.) You could have it be 80% for a 4.5x multiplier at 10 enemies and soft cap at 5x the base cost. (Although I'd say this one is probably too low.) Point being, implement soft caps, so eventually you eat enough enemies that the cost of each additional enemy plateaus; that way the "sweet spot" cost on his 4 is at a high volume of enemies where the cost of eating one more is negligible, rather than at 1 invincible one. I understand that his 1 is a better version for the purposes of AoE, but his 3 is intended to be a means to eject a single enemy at a time when he already has all buffs up from his 2, so that you can modulate the cost if it's too high without having to eject everyone with his 1. Granting that I did just suggest a pattern that would eventually massively diminish the cost of additional enemies, but the growth would (and should) still be there. Part of the problem is that there's really no penalty for just ejecting every enemy with his 1 and swallowing a lower number back to control the cost; there should be more risk-reward to that aspect. Perhaps if manually ejecting also consumed a large amount of his remaining energy so that you couldn't consume them all back immediately (a fair offset to the cost reduction I suggested above), or he just couldn't re-eat enemies that were recently covered in his own bile; then it would be important to modulate with his 3 instead. Then, if anything replaces his 3, it should still be something that plays into reducing the number of enemies he's holding by one at a time. And should probably be something he can actually use when he's channeling his 4.
  12. It came about because Vex Armor originally gave Chroma such a high damage bonus that he was the go-to for one-shotting Eidolons. By displacing that personal damage into a buff for the team, he maintains a high potency (albeit sidegraded) without entirely carrying the team's damage output. That being said, I actually disagree with your assessment -- Elemental Ward has been a team buff from the beginning, after all -- and think they should take his support abilities just a smidge further. Presently the description of Effigy claims it "strengthens nearby allies", despite literally only providing a CC turret that increases credit drops in a small range of itself. I think a good way to fulfill this description and maintain synergy with the kit would be to have the Effigy act as a second beacon for Elemental Ward and Vex Armor while it's active, effectively expanding the ranges of each and allowing Chroma's buff to be in two places at once. But! That's a topic for another thread.
  13. I'm not sure about the OP's suggestion, since there's... a lot for a first ability. Like, you take everything together -- damage, ragdoll, summoning a pet, inflicting viral procs, healing allies -- and that's a lot for a 25 energy ability to do even before the augment. Personally I would instead suggest that Soul Punch just gain an effect like Garuda's Dread Mirror, where it can instantly kill targets below a certain health threshold. Such an effect would work well with snagging killing blows for his ultimate.
  14. I was more focusing on the fact that Oberon provides a combination of group HoT and armor buffs, both effects which Toxin Chroma would be able to provide in such circumstances (now that Vex Armor affects nearby allies as well).
  15. I'm not gonna get into the war over which element provides the best Ward. At the end of the day, they're each made for different situations and builds. I'm just going to point out that Toxin Ward's holstering buff has literally zero effect anymore now that holstering is instant for all weapons, and since it already lost its survival benefits when stamina was removed and blocking was disconnected from it, it should really have something to nudge it back towards being a survival tool with some damage benefits like the other elements, rather than a pure damage effect. I'd like to nominate giving a small leech heal based on the Toxin damage it inflicts. Not something where it can instantly full-heal you at high levels, but just a case of a constant HoT that could play well into Vex's armor buff. Of course, this could potentially step on Oberon's toes, so I'd be happy to hear alternative suggestions.
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