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  1. The concept sounds nice, but increasing damage for hitscan enemies does sound a little concerning at much higher levels.
  2. As it stands, part of why I believe there will never be a true endgame for Warframe is because of the power disparity between casual/hardcore players. Although I've played more than enough to have access to the higher end of the meta available, I prefer not to use it because there are some weapons I fell in love with earlier on and just don't want to give them up because I like them. I would consider myself a casual with regard to the balance of Warframe because of this. The problem of making higher leveled endgame content is that it often results in simply making a "dps check" where the meta is only enforced more prevalently while leaving build creativity out in the cold. In my honest opinion, the creation of and addition of rivens to the game only exacerbated the problem of balance between various players and is part of the reason why an endgame will never exist until DE goes back to the drawing board to redesign everything.
  3. My take on this: R. Charge is ok. Iron Skin needs an augment just to be viable at higher levels. Instead of just adding damage done during invul. period, it should mult+add (affected by str) for scalability. Roar is ok. Stomp is ok. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Aside from that, I really wish Rhino Prime had slightly more energy so Stomp could be cast with Blind Rage without needing to add more capacity.
  4. The biggest change I would want is for friendly projectiles to be able to pass through Snow Globe. Frost Prime could also use some more stat buffs to fit the trend with newer Primes. A little extra energy would be nice as well as sprint speed to make him feel less sluggish on the ground.
  5. It was a fun experiment. I just soloed the Grendel Neuroptics after quite a few failed attempts. I feel like the enemies could be toned down a few levels to make the combat less tedious, or at least scaled down based on the number of players. The winning strategy was Wukong with Sancti Magistar (for the sweet heavy-attack heals) and a Tigris for the Twin. Knock everyone down with power slams and keep them down while Twin takes them out, and heavy attack if either of us needs health.
  6. Vauban's abilities feel better than they used to but he still feels too squishy. In my opinion, Minelayer is still underwhelming as a whole. A change I thought of: What if Tesla Nervos/Flechette Mines scrapped altogether (They just never felt too useful in actual gameplay.), and give the engineer man some Reth Roller mobile turret knockoffs as his ability 1 (Limited to 1, and then 2 turrets at max rank)? In place of the Flechette Mines, and to fix his durability issue, how about some Armor Pads? A pad that increases armor and shield capacity for a timed duration when activated, and refreshable for a limited number of charges, as well as stripping shield/armor from enemies that step in the radius. Proposed tweaks to other abilities: Aside from that, the Speed Pad/Overcharger Mines should be timed buff pads to make them a lot more useful overall. Overcharger just costs too much for so little of a buff, and for only one ally at a time. Orbital Strike needs more range and a faster charge up. I'd also prefer if Bastille granted an immediate armor buff instead of the ramp-up, even if it provided less armor to compensate.
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