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  1. Tempest Tribunal is a clan of six years founded in August 2013 by Mr.Lube. Our primary goal of this clan is to provide aid to players new or old. For our recently awoken, we extend our guidance to the Tenno ways. To our wise, we offer a warm home. Your enjoyment is a top priority. Have fun with the game. Have fun with your fellow Tenno. [ Recruitment ] Open [ Mastery Requirement ] None [ Clan Type ] Shadow Clan [ Research Progress] 100% Completion [ Twitter ] https://twitter.com/TempestTribunal Under no circumstance will bigotry be tolerated in the halls of Tempest Tribunal. Every member is to be treated equally and fairly regardless of their in-game level, sex, sexual orientation, race, gender, faith, or place of origin. This means that no type, voice, or content expressing malignity to any of these is accepted. All members will remain mature and maintain a cool head, even in times of debate or disagreement. Even though you may not see eye to eye, there is no excuse for lashing out against another player. We will not accept any form of agenda pushing either. Preserve respect for every single member. It is completely unacceptable for any form of spamming in communication mediums such as Discord, Steam, Clan Chat, etc. Content containing NSFW material is prohibited unless a dedicated space is allocated. These rules extend to the domain of our Allied Clans. Any violations of these terms will result in heavy moderation and/or your offenses being reviewed by either an Executor or Counselor for repercussions. >> DISCLAIMER << (The first, and most important step in this process is determining whether our Clan is right for you. We require all members to be comfortable using Discord, preferably voice. We are also seeking members who enjoy squad based gameplay - no lone wolves. Yes, we are trying to build a Clan but more importantly we are building a community, and a community must communicate. 1. Already in a clan? Say your goodbyes and leave it behind. 2. Leave a reply to this thread stating your desire to join. Add a few lines about yourself as well. We'd love to get to know you. 3. Wait for us to confirm your acceptance into Tempest Tribunal. 4. Accept the invite in your inbox. (a Discord invite will be provided) 5. Acknowledge the Tempest Tribunal Code of Conduct in the #hall_of_unity discord channel. (Mandatory)
  2. I think the option to sell for credits should be enough, so long as it's a decent amount.
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