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  1. I did not like this event one bit. The new tileset is cool, of course.


    I agree, new tiles and enemies are cool, and even all the extra stuff thats been added lately.

    But the idea of the event it's not action or ninja, making it very un-fun.

    Just scared that DE next best idea could be to make these mission a regular mission type.

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  2. nobody cares about prova vandal????

    it was also one of the prizes of the former event, together with the detron.


    Anyway, ppl are saying those contested nodes in europa and sedna are were you lure harvester, siding with the grineer, any confirmations of this?

  3. Why do people keep asking or wanting the 400 points, they stated the rules, theres no more to it, if there was an extra reward for 400, and nobody knew it, they would get beaten by all the community.


    The fact is that vermillion was made for the solo players, maybe they should had made that toxin usable on solo only.


    Also if you have vermillion why not help others? That may not have got the 100 yet.

    So much greed.

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  4. Smart DE

    Very smart

    Now I get it


    After much suffering and grief to find those plants, i see the "hidden agenda"

    got my lapis from a clan member, then another clan member gave me another one, for me to share with other struggling members.

    I now made my first one, from my own efforts, and also giving it away inside the clan.


    That was the plan right? For us to help and give to each other, on this jolly season :)

    Still, it made me very angry to keep failing at the beginning, and scanning plants took away the ninja-action-war-power-fun of this game.

  5. "- Fixed issues where damage inflicted by clients would power up Nyx’s Absorb or Nova’s Antimatter Drop."


    So other players shouldnt be able to increase the damage of these by feeding it??? Thought it was better to do it so, since everybody stills nyx targets wile she is in the bubble...

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  6. "Fixed Corpus security lasers to force knockdown as design intended."

    I though that the laser doors was a new thing, the knockdown was really kind of anoying, and making damage is way better, and keeps the flow of the game.

    That bug should had be kept as a feature.

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  7. yesterday i found out this:


    when doing hacking puzles, mouse 1 turns left, mouse 2 turns right.................. why was there no info on this???? I'm mastery 13 and just found this out now.... so sad

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  8. I like this allot.
    Hope it's made in such good standards that theres no longer those best builds, and best weapons, that makes all else irrelevant.

    Yet warframe players have a good eye to quickly find loop holes, but this will be a good chance to start deleting all these godlike set ups.

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