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  1. Does the team have any plans for a Plague Star-esque event in the Orb Vallis? Any plans to make Zaw and Kitgun rivens visibly different from normal Melee and Pistol rivens? I know that a lot of people currently are not aware that Zaw and Kitgun veiled rivens are actually seperate from their melee and pistol counterparts. Despite the names of the rivens while veiled being identical. I understand that this could be intentional to make people see them as equally valuable, when in fact they are not. Veiled shotgun rivens have a drop chance of 1.36% and are currently the most expensive and therefore valuable veiled rivens in game. Veiled Zaw and Kitgun rivens have a drop chance of 2.00% and yet, because we cannot distinguish them from their non-modular weapon counterparts. We run into an issue where normal veiled melee and pistol rivens see a spike in value, causing us to spend more on them. And people who happen to have a Zaw or Kitgun veiled riven, are getting less for them then they should. Furthermore if us as players being unable to distinguish between veiled zaw and kitgun rivens and their normal counterparts is intentional. I have to question why veiled rivens of any category appear differently? I don't understand the logic behind having some veiled rivens clearly differentiated from others. While some are not.
  2. You guys should make a giant Tuna melee weapon skin. And send that skin out to all players. And for every X number of kills made with it in a given period of time. DE donates one can of Tuna to a humanitarian organization that deals with hunger and famine. You can call it the "Tuna Fortuna" promotion.
  3. Loadouts currently allow us to save and switch between entire sets of equipment. But currently don't save anything to do with the operator. Is it possible we will ever see the ability to save Focus tree configurations to loadouts? For example, I use Zenurik most of the time for energizing dash. But when I run all melee loadouts, I use Naramon. But when I switch between those loadouts, I still have to go and manually switch my primary focus tree. Currently, I think rivens are in a pretty bad place. A large majority of rivens in game aren't worth much even with good stats. While others are worth a small fortune, even with bad stats. I don't know if the devs monitor the riven markets to see what they're going for. But good rolls on some weapons are practically unobtainable for most players. You can grind for weeks to roll a single riven and never get anything good. Or have to spend thousands, up to tens of thousands to buy one. I think there needs to be a better way for people who want to put in the time and effort to roll their own rivens, to get the stats they want. Currently, the number of possible stats, along with the number of slots for those stats on a riven make for far too many permutations for getting the rolls you want to be anything more than just dumb luck. There should be a way to 'save' stats on a riven, and just roll the other 'stat slots'. For example, a riven with +multishot, +status duration +zoom -fire rate. If I want to save the multishot, and reroll the other 3 slots, I can select it to save and reroll the other stat slots at an additional cost. My idea for cost increase was (assuming 9+ rolls already so these would be the max cost): 1 stats saved would be 2x base cost + base. So 3500 x 2 + 3500 = 10500 2 stats saved would be 4x base cost + base. So 3500 x 4 + 3500 = 17500 3 stats saved would be 8x base cost + base. So 3500 x 8 + 3500 = 31500 I think this strikes a good balance between allowing more control over what you get (and would be easy to tweak the cost values by simply changing the multiplier). Without making it overly easy to get all the stats you want on a riven. But I'm sure the biggest concern that people have is that it would crash the prices for good rolls on rivens. But an easy way to deal with that is to add an internal flag to rivens (a simple 0 or 1) to determine if a riven has saved stats, or is completely random. And only allow completely random rolls to be traded. This will still impact the riven market. But at this point, any changes you make to rivens are going to do that. However, I don't think this would really cause that much of an issue. And I think it puts rivens in a better place. People who spend all their time trading rivens are still going to be able to. As that market will still be there. But for those of us who like to earn what we've got. It actually gives us a chance to do that with rivens. Would the team ever consider implementing a system like this?
  4. DE... WTB keybinds for frame fighter. Or at least a legend of what the default keybinds are. I literally facerolled my entire keyboard and couldn't get my frame to do anything but move around. 😐
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