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  1. Greetings Tenno! Inaros Prime Access has blown in from the sandstorm - and with it comes a new set of Riven disposition changes! We’ve recently altered our procedure in response to player feedback, so let’s go over the numbers in a little more detail: We understand that reducing disposition on existing weapons is never popular - that’s why all new weapons since The Deadlock Protocol have been introduced with the minimum disposition of 0.5. This allows us to see how weapons perform on their own, before allowing access to more powerful Rivens. To support the thinking behind this approach - the 5 guns that have been reduced (in contrast to the 51 guns that have been increased) were all weapons released in the last year, with a higher starting disposition of 1. Starting at a lower disposition should mean we eventually reach a point where disposition reductions are very rare. The biggest changes are happening within Melee Riven dispositions, as this is only our second time altering these numbers. If you’re new to the Riven routine, or want a refresher on the procedure changes, here’s a quick recap of our system for determining numbers: With each new Prime Access, all platforms receive adjustments to the “Disposition” (aka power level) of Rivens, based on the weapons they apply to. New numbers are determined by looking at a combination of player usage stats, as well as an internal weapon power ranking we maintain. Every unique weapon has its’ own disposition, even within the same weapon family (like Braton vs. Braton Prime); these rankings are still considered in relation to one another, so players aren’t necessarily motivated to use a weaker weapon variant for a much more powerful Riven. Dispositions range from 0.5 to a little over 1.5. We will never reduce any disposition by more than 0.2 at once, but we are willing to increase some dispositions by larger values. The smallest change we will make is 0.05 - anything less and we’ll leave the disposition as-is. I think that about covers it, so let’s begin! PRIMARY: SECONDARY: MELEE: Thanks everyone!
  2. Greetings Tenno! With the upcoming release of The Deadlock Protocol, we wanted to outline some further changes we are making to the Riven disposition process in response to player feedback. When we introduced separate dispositions for each weapon variant back in November 2019, we planned to give new weapons a disposition of 1 (the “average”), or matching the lowest member of the weapon family if it already had a disposition lower than 1. Unfortunately, this meant that powerful new weapons (like the Kuva Lich collection) might have Rivens that start too strong, forcing reductions in accordance with our balance methodology. In order to prevent this situation, we will be changing this policy: going forward, all new weapons will be released with the minimum Riven disposition of 0.5. For The Deadlock Protocol, this includes the dispositions on newly added primary kitguns, in addition to regular weapons (secondary kitgun dispositions will remain as-is.) This more conservative approach will give us a fair chance to see how powerful and popular a weapon is on its own, before giving them access to potentially game-changing Rivens with higher dispositions. We may have an idea of how popular certain weapons will be, but under this new system, waiting a few months for players to integrate the weapon into their arsenals will give us a much clearer picture, without ever having to start high and backtrack. This change leads us directly to another common piece of player feedback: weapons with very low dispositions are sometimes not worth equipping unless you get a very good roll, and if a weapon is way off of where it should be disposition-wise, it can take several waves of changes for it to reach an appropriate power level. That’s why we’re also revising another aspect of our process: In the past, we’ve only changed Riven dispositions by up to 0.2 at a time. Since new weapons are starting from the very bottom, Prime Access balance passes will increase dispositions on newer weapons by larger values, when warranted. Disposition decreases will still be limited to small incremental changes, but with these new procedures, decreases should be far less common. Thanks to everyone for understanding, as we make changes to help make the Riven balancing procedure a more positive experience - literally!
  3. Greetings Tenno! Today's Riven disposition changes will be done a little differently - due to unforseen circumstances, we were unable to synchronously release Riven changes across all platforms with Titania Prime Access, like we usually would. Instead, we are trying our best to match the console release of Scarlet Spear, from a PC update perspective. However, the hotfix we had planned for today was not going to be ready in time to match console release. Scarlet Spear launched on consoles at 11 AM (Eastern time), and PC will be hotfixing at approximately 3:30 PM. Therefore, to prevent savvy Riven traders on PC exploiting market knowledge, we are preventing the trading of Rivens on PC until we can hotfix in the disposition changes. Attempting a Riven trade will produce the following error - know that you still have the mod, the transaction will simply not go through. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but hope that you understand why this preventative measure is necessary, to protect those who might be caught unaware! These changes are also special for another reason - it will be the first time we have changed Melee Riven dispositions since the introduction of the system, so expect to see a lot more changes than you usually would. A few remarks on how we’ve chosen to handle some of the number changes: Now that all weapons are ranked separately, new weapon variants don’t need to start at the same disposition their base version started at. So as a general rule, all new weapons will start at a disposition of 1, UNLESS the base variant is already below 1, in which case it will take the base. For instance, the base Pangolin Sword has a disposition of 1.47, so Pangolin Prime will be starting at 1. However, the Corinth already had a disposition of 0.95, so Corinth Prime will also start at 0.95 As a general rule, weapon dispositions within a certain family are still adjusted partially in relation to one another. Otherwise, most base weapons would skyrocket to 1.5, and we’d have a very strange meta on our hands! In the past, we stated that shotguns relying on Rivens to reach 100% status chance (like the Kohm and Detron) would have their dispositions "locked", as a small decrease could cause a major loss in power. Since status chance on shotguns received systemic changes in the Warframe Revised update, the previously stated restrictions on these Rivens no longer apply. Other than that, still following the same rules we always have; numbers are determined using a combination of player usage statistics and an internal power ranking that we maintain, and we will never change any disposition by more than 0.2 (aka 1 pip) at a time. With all that said, let’s get started! PRIMARY SECONDARY MELEE Thanks everyone!
  4. Greetings Tenno! With today’s Titania Prime Access announcement, you may recall that we are preparing some adjustments to Riven dispositions, including our first pass at Melee Riven disposition. However, the last month has been a tumultuous time for Warframe - we didn’t want to gather usage stats until Warframe Revised had a chance to settle, but we’ve also been very busy with the transition into working from home! When these factors met the reality of consoles’ certification process, we had to make a difficult decision. So unfortunately, Riven disposition changes will NOT be included in the upcoming Prime Access console builds. We will instead ship these changes in the following console update, likely Scarlet Spear. Since we make these changes synchronously across platforms to avoid unfair market manipulation, these changes will also be held back on PC until console players are up to date. We’re sorry about the delay, and hope that you are understanding during these unusual times! Thanks everyone!
  5. Greetings Tenno! We hope you’re having fun Vanquishing Kuva Liches left and right on PC (update coming to consoles in the near future, stay tuned for updates!) As this new system was mostly aimed at experienced players with a wide arsenal, the Kuva weapons earned from Liches are top-of-the-line statwise. However, most were based on older weapons that didn’t see as much use by players at higher Mastery Ranks. As a result, players who equip a Riven on one of these Kuva weapons may notice a slight discrepancy.... Rivens have lowered stats on Kuva weapons, because they have a different disposition. This is a change we have wanted to make regarding Rivens for awhile, and Kuva Lich weapons presented the perfect opportunity to make it a reality. This change was meant to appear in The Old Blood: Update 26.0 patch notes, but was unfortunately missed during the Mainline madness - and for that we’re sorry! It’s a complicated change to convey in-game, so thank you for being understanding while we update UI across the game to reflect the changes. Going forward, weapon dispositions will be tuned per weapon, instead of per weapon family. For instance, this means a Kohm Riven will have a disposition of 1.4 on a regular Kohm, but only a disposition of 1 when applied to a Kuva Kohm. This has exciting implications for the future of Riven disposition changes! In the past, new Prime weapons would cause the usage of a weapon family to increase dramatically, forcing us to reduce dispositions for the entire family. With individual dispositions, we’ll be able to set new dispositions for Primes and other upgraded weapons right at launch, leaving your current Riven build unaffected. We have always balanced dispositions based on the most powerful variation of the weapon in its respective family - now that this is no longer necessary, expect to see us increasing the power level on many lesser variations of weapons in our next set of disposition changes, scheduled for December. These increases will not be huge, as we don’t intend to make any base variants explicitly better than their upgraded counterparts, but it will offer a more appropriate boost that isn’t influenced by a more powerful weapon that you may not own yet. Speaking of our next set of disposition changes, The Old Blood also introduced Melee Phase 2. Now that the weapon power balance has been redistributed, Melee Rivens will soon be affected as part of Prime Access rebalance schedule….. but not quite yet. To give players time to experiment, and to give ourselves a more reliable set of usage stats, we will start Melee Riven changes in the following revisit, scheduled for early next year. Thanks for reading!
  6. Hail Tenno! Today we’ve got a double shot of Warframe rework goodness. You may want to make a snack; we’re gonna be here awhile. The subjects of today’s Workshop are two of our oldest frames, and as such, many of our players are very invested in their continued viability. We have listened at length to your feedback, and hope to have struck a balance between adding new features and facelifting old favorites. That being said, everything presented here is subject to further change before release. You've all waited long enough - let’s begin! First up... The greatest tacticians make use of all tools at their disposal, to achieve something greater than the sum of its parts. This is the fantasy we aimed to deliver with VAUBAN, our engineer-themed Warframe. Over six years have passed since his release back in 2013, and although his crowd-controlling abilities were valuable to mitigate damage in high level missions, the state of our ever-changing game rendered his tools less useful over time. Improvements that came with his Prime variant in 2016 gave Vauban more tools to choose from, but after observing how our players chose to utilize his powers, it became apparent that his abilities were still too one-dimensional. When revisiting Vauban, we aimed to retain his status as a crowd control powerhouse, while increasing his mobility and lethality to keep up with 2019 Warframe’s lightning-quick pace. TESLA DRONES (replacing Tesla Grenades) Instead of sticking to surfaces, these new Tesla Drones will roll around, following the player. Once an enemy comes within range, these Drones will latch on and emit a shock that stuns the target and nearby enemies. Each Drone has a limited number of shock charges before it must be replaced. Hold cast to summon multiple Tesla Drones at once! MINELAYER All four of his mines have been replaced with new options: -”Sticky Ripline” pulls a number of nearby enemies to wherever it sticks, rendering them immobile. -”Nail Grenade” fires high velocity nails in all directions, inflicting puncture damage to any unlucky enough to be nearby. -”Boost Pad” lays down a walk pad, granting a boost of speed in a chosen direction (indicated by arrows). -”Damage Amp” will latch onto a nearby ally, enhancing their damage output for a period of time. ORBITAL STRIKE (Bastille moved to #4) A deployable beacon marks a location on the map. After a short countdown, the area is struck by a massive orbital laser explosion (and yes, it does work indoors). BASTILLE (combined with Vortex) Vauban’s two marquee powers have been combined into a new and devastating ultimate ability! When deployed, a Bastille will capture nearby enemies, stripping enemies of their armor over time. Players standing within a Bastille’s radius will gain a temporary armor increase, building up over time based on how much armor is currently being stripped from enemies. When a Bastille’s duration expires, it collapses into a brief Vortex at the center of the cast for easy group kills. Want the Vortex to appear sooner, or last longer? Holding the cast key will collapse all active Bastilles early! Overall, many of Vauban’s powers have been streamlined or replaced, making his tools less redundant, and much more versatile for keeping up with the pace of an average Warframe mission. Next.... While Vauban is at his strongest while controlling the battlefield, today’s other frame thrives on widespread panic and chaos. EMBER, our fire-based caster Warframe, has seen her usage stats cool off over the years - so it’s time to turn up the heat! Although their kits are very different, our goals for this rework were similar: increase the options available to Ember players in moment-to-moment combat, offering more synergies for flexible gameplay, instead of encouraging one-dimensional specialization. New Passive: All enemies within a certain range that are on fire will grant Ember added ability strength (up to a cap). FIREBALL Works fundamentally the same as it does now - tap for quick fire, hold to charge for greater impact. Enemies already inflicted by any heat status effect will now take additional damage. The damage output and charge speed also scale off of one of Ember’s newest abilities... IMMOLATION (replacing Accelerant) Time for a history lesson! Prior to Update 11.5, Ember’s second ability used to be “Overheat”, offering an aura of heat damage which also protected her from enemy fire. Almost SIX years later, it’s time for this ring of fire to come full circle. When cast, Ember Immolates herself with protective fire armor. Her current level of self-Immolation is indicated by a unique UI indicator; the higher the heat, the more damage resistance, and the more effective Ember’s other abilities become. Empty -> Full The Immolation meter will build slowly at first - killing enemies and casting Ember’s Fireball (or her new ultimate ability) causes the meter to build faster. But be warned! If the meter reaches 100%, Ember will “overheat”, unleashing a wave of flame expending ALL energy. To prevent this from happening, use Fire Blast to expel a portion of your heat meter, or toggle Immolation off to reset meter build. FIRE BLAST Like Fireball, this ability remained the same function-wise, with a few usability buffs: Casting time has been greatly reduced, and the ability now strips armor from nearby enemies, scaling in effectiveness based on current Immolation levels. INFERNO (replacing World On Fire) Upon casting Inferno, all enemies currently within sight are struck by a fiery comet, lighting each target ablaze in a personal ring of fire. If an enemy ignited by Inferno comes in contact with another unit, the fire will spread, igniting them as well with a fresh ability duration. Damage of the heat AoE scales with current Immolation meter level. With these changes, players will take a more active role in “bringing the heat” to all that stand in their way, with added protection that encapsulates Ember’s volatile nature. To reiterate, we will be listening closely to feedback, and will remain open to changes both before and after release. Thanks for reading, everyone!
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