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  1. Greetings Tenno! Gara Prime Access has arrived to shatter our expectations, and with it come another set of Riven disposition changes. Similar to last time, we have refrained from any gun reductions, and only a couple melee weapons are still in need of downward adjustments. Most of you know the process by now, so let’s dive right in - thanks for reading! PRIMARY SECONDARY MELEE ARCHGUNS
  2. Greetings Tenno! Our first Prime Access of 2021 has danced its way onto all platforms, meaning more Riven adjustments along with it. This time, we’ve reached an exciting milestone - not a single Primary, Secondary or Arch-gun has received any sort of disposition reduction! Two quick footnotes on what this means for the present and future of Riven dispositions: Melee Rivens still have a way to go since their changes started later, but we hope to reach a similarly healthy spot sometime this year. This does NOT mean that we will never reduce another gun ever again (in the same way that a disposition going untouched doesn’t mean it will never increase in the future). Warframe boasts not only a wealth of old content, but also a history of major mechanical revisions that can drastically affect which weapons are popular. This set of changes has a perfect example: since our Glaive rework late last year, Glaive Prime in particular has seen a huge influx of usage, resulting in the first ever disposition change for that weapon. Without further ado, here are the changes - thanks for reading! PRIMARY SECONDARY MELEE ARCHGUN
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