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  1. Hail Tenno! Today we’ve got a double shot of Warframe rework goodness. You may want to make a snack; we’re gonna be here awhile. The subjects of today’s Workshop are two of our oldest frames, and as such, many of our players are very invested in their continued viability. We have listened at length to your feedback, and hope to have struck a balance between adding new features and facelifting old favorites. That being said, everything presented here is subject to further change before release. You've all waited long enough - let’s begin! First up... The greatest tacticians make use of all tools at their disposal, to achieve something greater than the sum of its parts. This is the fantasy we aimed to deliver with VAUBAN, our engineer-themed Warframe. Over six years have passed since his release back in 2013, and although his crowd-controlling abilities were valuable to mitigate damage in high level missions, the state of our ever-changing game rendered his tools less useful over time. Improvements that came with his Prime variant in 2016 gave Vauban more tools to choose from, but after observing how our players chose to utilize his powers, it became apparent that his abilities were still too one-dimensional. When revisiting Vauban, we aimed to retain his status as a crowd control powerhouse, while increasing his mobility and lethality to keep up with 2019 Warframe’s lightning-quick pace. TESLA DRONES (replacing Tesla Grenades) Instead of sticking to surfaces, these new Tesla Drones will roll around, following the player. Once an enemy comes within range, these Drones will latch on and emit a shock that stuns the target and nearby enemies. Each Drone has a limited number of shock charges before it must be replaced. Hold cast to summon multiple Tesla Drones at once! MINELAYER All four of his mines have been replaced with new options: -”Sticky Ripline” pulls a number of nearby enemies to wherever it sticks, rendering them immobile. -”Nail Grenade” fires high velocity nails in all directions, inflicting puncture damage to any unlucky enough to be nearby. -”Boost Pad” lays down a walk pad, granting a boost of speed in a chosen direction (indicated by arrows). -”Damage Amp” will latch onto a nearby ally, enhancing their damage output for a period of time. ORBITAL STRIKE (Bastille moved to #4) A deployable beacon marks a location on the map. After a short countdown, the area is struck by a massive orbital laser explosion (and yes, it does work indoors). BASTILLE (combined with Vortex) Vauban’s two marquee powers have been combined into a new and devastating ultimate ability! When deployed, a Bastille will capture nearby enemies, stripping enemies of their armor over time. Players standing within a Bastille’s radius will gain a temporary armor increase, building up over time based on how much armor is currently being stripped from enemies. When a Bastille’s duration expires, it collapses into a brief Vortex at the center of the cast for easy group kills. Want the Vortex to appear sooner, or last longer? Holding the cast key will collapse all active Bastilles early! Overall, many of Vauban’s powers have been streamlined or replaced, making his tools less redundant, and much more versatile for keeping up with the pace of an average Warframe mission. Next.... While Vauban is at his strongest while controlling the battlefield, today’s other frame thrives on widespread panic and chaos. EMBER, our fire-based caster Warframe, has seen her usage stats cool off over the years - so it’s time to turn up the heat! Although their kits are very different, our goals for this rework were similar: increase the options available to Ember players in moment-to-moment combat, offering more synergies for flexible gameplay, instead of encouraging one-dimensional specialization. New Passive: All enemies within a certain range that are on fire will grant Ember added ability strength (up to a cap). FIREBALL Works fundamentally the same as it does now - tap for quick fire, hold to charge for greater impact. Enemies already inflicted by any heat status effect will now take additional damage. The damage output and charge speed also scale off of one of Ember’s newest abilities... IMMOLATION (replacing Accelerant) Time for a history lesson! Prior to Update 11.5, Ember’s second ability used to be “Overheat”, offering an aura of heat damage which also protected her from enemy fire. Almost SIX years later, it’s time for this ring of fire to come full circle. When cast, Ember Immolates herself with protective fire armor. Her current level of self-Immolation is indicated by a unique UI indicator; the higher the heat, the more damage resistance, and the more effective Ember’s other abilities become. Empty -> Full The Immolation meter will build slowly at first - killing enemies and casting Ember’s Fireball (or her new ultimate ability) causes the meter to build faster. But be warned! If the meter reaches 100%, Ember will “overheat”, unleashing a wave of flame expending ALL energy. To prevent this from happening, use Fire Blast to expel a portion of your heat meter, or toggle Immolation off to reset meter build. FIRE BLAST Like Fireball, this ability remained the same function-wise, with a few usability buffs: Casting time has been greatly reduced, and the ability now strips armor from nearby enemies, scaling in effectiveness based on current Immolation levels. INFERNO (replacing World On Fire) Upon casting Inferno, all enemies currently within sight are struck by a fiery comet, lighting each target ablaze in a personal ring of fire. If an enemy ignited by Inferno comes in contact with another unit, the fire will spread, igniting them as well with a fresh ability duration. Damage of the heat AoE scales with current Immolation meter level. With these changes, players will take a more active role in “bringing the heat” to all that stand in their way, with added protection that encapsulates Ember’s volatile nature. To reiterate, we will be listening closely to feedback, and will remain open to changes both before and after release. Thanks for reading, everyone!
  2. Hail Tenno! With a new Prime Access comes another set of Riven balance tweaks! These changes should be live across all platforms shortly - full details below: PRIMARIES SECONDARIES Once again, there are even fewer changes this round than our last wave of changes in July. Melee 3.0 changes are still in the pipeline, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer before those changes commence. Thanks for reading!
  3. Right you are, Tenno - the rotation duration should have been reduced from 4 squads to 2 in Defection Arbitration. Expect this to change in a future update!
  4. Hail Tenno! It’s been awhile since we updated you on the state of Arbitrations back in April. Listening to feedback from those changes, one recurring theme was that the mode doesn’t feel rewarding enough (unless you’re playing a certain mission type, that is...) - so we dug into the numbers to see why that may be, and what could be done to improve the game mode overall. Each of the seven available mission types in Arbitrations has its own difficulty modifier. These were meant to add extra challenge, while leveling the playing field in terms of rewards. However, statistics show that we missed the mark: one mission type, Excavation, was a clear outlier in terms of reward output for time spent. We wanted to make all mission types feel somewhat equal in terms of rewards - this means bringing other mission types up to the standard set by Excavation, so you can play when you want, without feeling like it’s an inefficient use of time. We also wanted to address the feedback that the current extended reward rotations dragged missions out. Therefore, we are currently moving ahead with the following: All missions will return to regular rotation length EXCEPT for Excavation. Timers on excavators will be reduced to compensate, so all modes should be receiving rewards at a similar rate. (Note: Disruption was already using single rotations because of an oversight, and will continue to do so with tweaks to reward structure as detailed below) The rotation cadence will be changed from “ABCCCCC...” to “AABBCCCCC...” So that the same level of time investment is encouraged. Endo rewards will be reduced to roughly 75% of what they once were (since you’ll be receiving rewards twice as often). Rare non-endo reward drop rates are unchanged - you’ll just get twice as many chances! Arbiter Drones will now have a small chance to drop Vitus Essence on kill. With some fine-tuning, we’re confident this will bring other game modes up to the level of reward that players might expect from their Excavation runs. Getting Essence directly from drones also gives an incentive to take them down, making gameplay itself feel more frequently rewarding. Speaking of rewards... With more frequent reward cycles we’ve decided to include a few new goodies, adding variety to all the Endo and sculptures you’ll be earning: Five new Aura mods that follow a more Nightmare or Corrupted style! (Final numbers will be posted in Update notes.) Aerodynamic: + Aim Glide / - Damage Taken while Airborne Swift Momentum: + Faster Charge Attack / + Combo Counter Sheperd: + Companion HP / + Companion Armor Combat Discipline: -HP on kill for self / +HP on kill for Allies Melee Guidance: - Melee Combo on Self / + Melee Combo on allies You can expect five new Warframe Arcanes as well! On Rifle Kill: Melee damage increased by x for y seconds On Melee Kill: Rifle damage increased by x for y seconds On Pistol Headshot: x% ammo efficiency for y seconds On Six Melee Kills: Heal companion by x On Heavy Weapon Summon: Gain x armor for y seconds Drop tables will also include the occasional bundle of 5x Cyan Stars or 3x Vitus Essence. Kuva has been added to the Arbiter Offerings, for purchase with Vitus Essence. These rotation changes also mean that Vitus Essence output from Arbitrations will be more than double what it is now (twice as many wave rewards, plus Vitus from drones and other sources). The Vitus prices in our store were based on the current rate of acquisition, so I’m here to offer fair warning for our plans: When these Arbitration reward changes go live, the price of goods in the Arbiters’ reward manifest will increase by about 50%. When the update is released, we will also run a script to increase players’ existing Vitus stockpiles by an equivalent amount. If you had 2 Vitus before the update, you’ll have 3 after! We’re doing this so players who miss this announcement do not have their existing collections devalued as the store prices change. Since Vitus mission output is increasing by more than Vitus prices are, rewards from the store should be 20-30% faster to earn overall. As always, these plans are subject to change both before and after release, based on player feedback and usage statistics. Thanks for reading! EDIT: We hear you loud and clear Tenno - Cyan Star bundle has been removed. EDIT 2: Updated names of new Aura mods.
  5. Hail Tenno! Our next wave of regular Riven disposition changes has arrived to all platforms, along with Wukong Prime access. A full breakdown of changes can be found below: Primaries: Secondaries: When comparing these adjustments with our last set of changes from April, you’ll notice fewer weapons were affected, and changes are generally less drastic. With our internal power rankings in place, and multiple sets of Disposition changes behind us, this trend should continue in the future! Work is still in progress on the upcoming Melee 3.0 rework, so melee weapon disposition changes will have to wait until those are complete. We appreciate your patience in this matter. Thanks everyone - see you next time!
  6. Hail Tenno. Your path has led here. Prove yourself. Arbitrations have existed in Warframe for just over 6 months - these endgame mission variations put new twists on our tried-and-true mission formula, offering players a level of challenge they cannot find anywhere else in the game. Now that we have had time to observe how these missions fare in players’ hands, we have prepared some tweaks meant to address common complaints with the mode. The most polarizing of these issues is Arbitrations’ lack of revives. Adding real consequences to death was somewhat of a new sensation in Warframe, and while we would like to retain some of that tension, the fact of the matter is that being dead is not fun. Permadeath also caused issues with host migration, since a dead host may be inclined to leave early, potentially throwing squadmates into disarray. Therefore, we will be implementing a new system where dead players can be revived - but your squadmates will have to earn it. When these changes go live next week on PC (and consoles in the near future), the rules of Arbitration death will be a little different: players are still killed with no bleedout timer, but a revive tower will be placed at the player’s spot of death. If any squadmate is awaiting revive, the Arbitration drones will begin dropping unique pickups known as a “Resurgence Burden”. These pickups function similar to Index points (otherwise known as “Financial Stress”), debuffing the players who carry them. In order to revive a player, 5 of these Resurgence Burdens must be taken to their tower simultaneously. These 5 pickups can be delivered by one or multiple squadmates, but cannot be “dropped off” at the tower - it’s all or nothing! ArbitrationResuscitation.mp4 We hope that this system bridges the gap between players who crave hardcore consequences, and those who were put off by the prospect of permadeath. Since this shifts the mission balance in favor of players, we plan to compensate by making enemies scale at the rate they do in other mission (instead of the reduced rate of scaling that Arbitrations have now). Finally, we wanted to give players who have already mastered Arbitrations a reason to come back. Therefore, we will be adding a new reward mentioned long ago - Archgun Rivens will be available for purchase using Vitus Essence! Expect a few new cosmetic rewards as well. Thanks everyone for reading - we hope you look forward to revamped Arbitrations. You are on the verge of a new truth. May this help your journey.
  7. Hail Tenno! As mentioned in our previous Riven Workshop, the Equinox Prime Access which just released brings with it the first in a series of regular Riven disposition tweaks. These changes should be live across all platforms shortly - a full breakdown of changes can be found below: Primaries Secondaries This is our first time determining disposition changes with the help of an internal ranking, to help guide dispositions closer to where we feel they should be, and to offer a solid baseline that is less subject to fluctuating player usage stats. I know some of you guys love hearing how we reach these numbers, so I wanted to share a few pieces of insight on how this internal ranking affected the dispositions: Although still relatively popular among players for their ninja stylings, most bows have fallen behind the power curve for primaries (unless they’re automatic, or explode with a 6 meter radius). Throwing star weapons could use help for similar reasons, when compared to other secondaries. Therefore, buffs across the board! Kitguns were a new introduction since our last wave of disposition changes. Even after accounting for increased popularity due to newness, their usage stats dwarfed most other weapons by a massive degree. Most Kitguns received disposition decreases, but not all were hit as hard as they could have been, because we factored in our personal interpretation of Kitgun strength instead of relying solely on usage stats. Soma is an interesting case study - the Soma Prime is a constant staple across all levels of play, ever since we gave the weapon as part of Twitch Prime in 2017. With an MR restriction of 7, it’s intended to be one of the first Primes a new player will acquire. This overall prevalence initially resulted in a low disposition, but our internal rankings will help bring it to a more respectable baseline in the future. Thanks for reading Tenno, and look forward to another set of changes with our next Prime Access release! EDIT: For those asking, Melee riven changes are still awaiting the completion of our Melee 3.0 reworks. EDIT 2: Removed erroneous Despair listing.
  8. Hail Tenno! It’s been awhile since we revisited Riven dispositions along with the Fortuna update: Some questions were left unanswered since the holiday break, so I’m back to fill you in on our current plans! First things first: as stated previously, we will be revisiting Riven balance periodically. Riven Disposition changes will be implemented every 3 months, along with Prime Access. This allows for tweaks that are relatively “in sync” across platforms. These changes will follow the same protocols as before: -No changing dispositions by more than one “pip” at a time -Only changes of a high enough magnitude are implemented (if numbers are “close enough” to desired power level, we will leave them be) -Inbox message from Cephalon Samodeus warning players who own Rivens that changes have occurred -Melee Rivens are still excluded for the time being; expect changes once Melee 3.0 is complete! We are also making one slight change based on feedback from our last Workshop: past Disposition changes have been primarily based on weapon usage stats, where more popular weapons received lower Dispositions, and vice versa. These numbers were adjusted by hand where we deemed appropriate, but players have suggested we should take it one step further - going forward, we have compiled our own internal ranking of weapon power levels, which will be referenced in addition to usage stats to reach our final numbers. As further tweaks bring us closer to “ideal” Disposition numbers, changes should become less drastic, reinforced by our internal rankings providing a solid baseline. Next up, Archgun Rivens! These will be made available for purchase through the Arbitrations offering store for Vitus Essence in a future update. These Rivens will not be available in the base pool of Sortie rewards, existing as an entirely separate and optional pursuit. The time has come to show those Orb Mothers the true potential of Tenno firepower (for those so inclined!) Finally, a quick note on Companion Weapons Rivens, since these Rivens were taken out of their general circulation pools with the Fortuna update. We have plans to make these available through other means - expect further detailing of plans in a future Dev Workshop. Thanks for reading Tenno!
  9. Hail Tenno! With the excitement surrounding Fortuna, it’s been awhile since we’ve talked about Riven mods - Cephalon Samodeus’ creations can turn the game’s balance on its head, transforming almost any weapon into a uniquely vicious powerhouse. Since not all weapons are created equal, “Riven Disposition” was introduced as a sort of counterbalance, ensuring that weaker weapons get stronger Rivens and vice versa. Some effort has gone into maintaining Dispositions as new weapons and Primes are introduced, but because of Warframe’s ever-evolving status as a living game, some Dispositions are not an accurate reflection of their weapon’s popularity and power. As you explore the Orb Vallis, you may notice your Rivened weapons performing differently than usual - this is because we have tweaked Dispositions across the board, to better uphold the delicate balance of power that Rivens represent. Releasing these changes without warning is our way of discouraging market exploitation, which may have occurred if some players knew change was coming, while players who didn’t visit the Forums would be unaware. We understand Riven Disposition is a touchy subject, since many players have accumulated vast and valuable Riven collections. To help keep market fluctuation under control, we followed a few simple rules: No Disposition has changed by more than one “pip” in the Arsenal. (For those knowledgeable about how Rivens work in code, no Disposition will change by more than +/-0.2) Dispositions are based roughly on the weapon’s usage among mid-to-endgame Warframe players, with handmade tweaks where appropriate. If usage stats show that a number should be changed only slightly, we didn’t change it at all - about 40% of all gun Dispositions have gone untouched. As of posting this Workshop, all players who own Rivens have received an in-game message warning them of changes. Buyers beware! Changes will be rolled out to all platforms as quickly as possible, to further prevent market exploitation. Melee Rivens have NOT been changed yet; those tweaks will come along with weapon rebalancing in Melee 3.0. Based on these parameters, here is the complete list of changes we have made: On another relevant note separate from these Disposition changes, we have removed Sentinel weapons from the Riven generation pool. Those that own Sentinel weapon Rivens will still own them in their Inventories. Unveiling a Sentinel weapon Riven was simply lackluster compared to more applicable weapons. We hope that these changes help bring us closer to the original intention of Riven Mods, reinvigorating weapon diversity at a high level. We will continue listening to player thoughts regarding Dispositions, in hopes of better maintaining this system in the future. Thanks for reading Tenno, and see you on Venus! EDIT: Wanted to clear up one comment I'm seeing lots of. Many of you have mentioned the Kohm as well as Detron - These weapons were marked for a reduction, but we opted not to change them, because some players depend on these Rivens to achieve 100% status chance. Because of this, small disposition changes had the chance to make a much larger impact on these weapons, so we have left them as is. EDIT 2: Thanks to everyone who left their constructive feedback. In response to your suggestions, I wanted to share two plans we have going forward: 1. We are looking into ways for players to intentionally acquire Rivens for their robotic companions' weapons. They will remain outside the Riven generation pool, as previously stated. 2. We will be revisiting Riven dispositions periodically, using the same rules laid out above, to further uphold our stated intentions.
  10. Hail Tenno! On our last devstream, we gave players a sneak peek at the fiery Nezha Deluxe skin, which will be available in the coming weeks. As the office’s #1 Nezha enthusiast (sorry Megan), I’m very excited to announce that the deluxe skin release will be accompanied by some power kit changes! [DE]Pablo has been working hard on tweaks, with two primary goals in mind: Making Nezha feel smoother and more fluid in gameplay Increasing Nezha’s power overall by giving him added team support value and internal synergies With that said, let’s break down the changes in order! _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Increased max rank health from 225 to 375 Decreased max rank shields from 225 to 150 FIRE WALKER Changed from a channeling ability to duration-based. Why? As a channeled ability, keeping Firewalker active would block all energy regeneration. Making the ability a single cast with a long moddable duration solves that problem, encouraging more frequent use. Cast animation changed to a small hop that doesn’t restrict movement. BLAZING CHAKRAM Cast animation has been sped up, and no longer restricts movement. Enemies hit by the disc are “marked” for a moddable duration, greatly increasing the damage they take from all sources. Marked enemies have a chance to drop energy orbs. Why? Adds great team value to Nezha’s kit - increasing damage taken helps all allies, and energy orb drops enable frequent recasting. Killing enemies while they are marked will now produce healing orbs, instead of the current healing pulse. Why? The current radial heal is invisible and very small, usually only benefitting players in melee range - most players don’t even know it’s there! Health orbs make the result more visible, while introducing other mod synergies. Increased the number of targets the disc will try to hit before recalling, and improved some cases of faulty lock-on targeting. Added a charged throw, causing the Chakram to fly straight forwards and backwards, dealing extra damage to enemies in its path. Why? For a consistent flight path unaffected by lock-on targeting, use the new charged throw. Great for hallways! Teleporting will no longer cancel Fire Walker. WARDING HALO HUD now shows a custom counter, indicating how much damage absorption is left, instead of a simple numeric percentage Warding Halo now only blocks 90% of damage taken. Will still block status effects and other procs. Why? When considering Nezha’s revamped kit, he is excellent at mitigating enemy damage - Firewalker and Divine Spears offer great area/crowd control, Blazing Chakram offers healing and self-sustain, and his outstanding movement can make the player a hard target to hit. In this context, Warding Halo’s 100% damage resistance was completely overshadowing his other options - why heal or CC when I never take any damage? With 90% damage resistance, Nezha is still very capable of tanking, but encouraged to rely on his other tools to avoid getting overwhelmed. Taking minimal health damage allows for synergy with Blazing Chakram’s health orbs, not to mention new modding avenues like Equilibrium, Health Conversion and various Arcanes. The change also allows us to improve survivability in other ways, such as the increased health pool, and major Warding Halo quality-of-life buffs listed below. Damage absorption invulnerability phase now begins as soon as you cast the ability. Cast animation also sped up. Increased incoming damage multiplier during invulnerability. Damage absorption multiplier also now scales with power strength. When the health of the Warding Halo runs out, it will do an AoE heat status effect and give you a short period of invulnerability. Why? This gives the player precious time to react, helping survivability while controlling the enemies immediately around you. Your next Warding Halo can be recast during this window to ensure you’re always protected! (Brief aside: as a Nezha main, I was originally skeptical of the 90% damage resistance change, and I suspect many readers will be skeptical too. However, playing the rework myself quickly changed my mind. The various buffs really outweigh the negatives, making Nezha much more capable in a supporting crowd-controller role. If you doubt just how potent 90% damage resistance can be, try out Gara’s Splinter Storm at 130% or more power strength!) DIVINE SPEARS Sped up the casting/slamming animations, while removing the mandatory slam at the end of the Spears’ duration. (slam can still be triggered manually) Hitting a speared enemy with Blazing Chakram produces a second Chakram, which fires at a nearby enemy. On top of all that, Nezha’s sounds have been remastered, adding new auditory cues for important moments, like Blazing Chakrams returning to the player, or Warding Halos running out of health! Keep in mind that everything listed above is subject to change prior to release - with that said, we are interested in hearing your thoughts on what we have so far. We are aiming to have this rework released next week, along with the Deluxe skin bundle. Thanks for reading, and we hope you look forward to Nezha Deluxe!
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