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  1. Greetings Tenno! Our first Prime Access of 2021 has danced its way onto all platforms, meaning more Riven adjustments along with it. This time, we’ve reached an exciting milestone - not a single Primary, Secondary or Arch-gun has received any sort of disposition reduction! Two quick footnotes on what this means for the present and future of Riven dispositions: Melee Rivens still have a way to go since their changes started later, but we hope to reach a similarly healthy spot sometime this year. This does NOT mean that we will never reduce another gun ever again (in the sa
  2. Greetings Tenno! Warframe currently offers 22 different classes of melee weapon for players to choose from, but Glaives hold a special place in the game’s history. First introduced in Digital Extremes’ 2008 title Dark Sector, Hayden Tenno’s unique and vicious playstyle captures the hearts and imaginations of many. A lot has changed in the twelve years since that game was released: Warframe has gone through many major reworks, including complete melee overhauls, and the addition of a “Glaive + Gun” combo system. With several overlapping systems at play, Glaive gameplay was no longer c
  3. Greetings Tenno! Yesterday, we released the Nights of Naberus update across all console platforms. Unfortunately, this update accidentally featured some Riven disposition changes that were scheduled to be released with Nezha Prime Access. We sincerely apologize for the unexpected tricks and treats! These changes have since been removed from all consoles, but in the interest of transparency, we wanted to share the exact changes you can expect when this update returns to all platforms. All of the trends explained in our last Riven workshop still hold true - there are fewer gun reductio
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