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  1. They are bloody useless aren't they? And ether daggers and machete got retired for "redundancy" when there's a host of longswords that can't even compare to Cronus~
  2. Warframe is a pretty fast-paced game, so I think in order to be relevant, dodge roll should be quicker, and travel further than it does now. I'm thinking of a dodge roll along the lines of "God of War" if any of you know what dodging looks like in that franchise.
  3. Well, Bow uses sniper ammo as well, but it has it's own mutation mod. Maybe they should add a "launcher mutation" mod for these weapons? Rare drop from specters in dark sector?
  4. It looks ridiculous. Especially when I, showing the game to someone else who doesn't understand coptoring, and it looks like a bunch of d bags swinging in the air. That's the high level gameplay. Plus, it renders parkour even more useless than it already is since you can just soar thru the air like an eagle. I'd like parkour to be relevant...
  5. You can debate whether it was a good or bad choice all you want, but I can say for sure that the decision wasn't "hasty". They deliberated over it for a looooooong time.
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