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  1. Will we see an expansion to the ZAW system? More weapon types, different strikes for much more customization, new craftsman for new parts, quests based around them, faction ZAW and Prime ZAW parts as purchasables or as relic drops, and even Tenno gen ZAW parts?
  2. Will we be getting any further development or updates to the ZAW system? Perhaps Fortuna exclusive parts or Tennogen stylized parts?
  3. A new devstream. New chance for questions. So... Will there, in the future, possibly be... New ZAW vendors for more than bladed types of ZAWs? Tenno-gen ZAW parts designed by the community, if not only for cosmetic changes, then implemented as more choices for weapon building? Specialized ZAW vendors that make a certain type of ZAW? (For ex. A ZAW vendor who sells parts for ZAW Nikana.) The ability to personalize the appearance of a ZAW when gilding to make it truly unique? (I.e Changing textures, Scabbards, Adding ornements and such. Perhaps like the cloth that hangs on the Skiajati being able to be affixed to the weapon.) A colony or Relay made for ZAW vendors with a quest leading to it to tie it and ZAWs into the Lore? A wider, consistently updated aray of ZAW parts in the future? Perhaps and ship segment called the "Modular Aray" that consumes Endo or another resource, but in turn allows you to trade out parts of Gilded ZAWs, resetting the weapon like a Forma would? (Without the addition of anything other than new stats.) Orokin built or Orokin adapted (Prime, in other words) ZAW parts? ZAW parts with unique visual effects? (Ex. A ZAW Nikana strike that has a Dark Purple aura that NPCs remark to be "Evil". Or ZAW parts able to cause showaves on ground attacks or fire waves of elemental damage while sacrificing physical damage.)
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