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  1. So NO balance of scarlet credits?? No new arcanes to the shop????
  2. How many times have you said things will be addressed??? How many times have you only barely made things better?? Dear Rebecca, we all love DE, but these are some damn shallow words. 'Bad to mixed first impressions'... this wording really shocks me: you really don't seem to grasp the fact that the content you have been putting out is factually hurting (y)our game.
  3. Guys, this is yet again another S#&$ show
  4. yo, we need copious amounts of credits (and endo) to get anywhere in this game. EDIT: there are a TON of mods that need credits, oftet 300k up to 900k(!), weapon blueprints cost 15k to 25k, build cost between 15k to 25k. Fieldron/detonite/mutagen need 15k for a one time use bp, and 15k to build. i know invasions exist, but one can only do so many before those get tiresome. (And that's why the missions need extra credit drops.) ALL the base missions are only worth doing because they are mandatory for arbitrations later in game. Now, Memphis, Phobos, is a mission fairly early in game, so 2000 credits i find a little low, but fair. Now consider a node like, uuuh, Adaro, Sedna. There, I don't think 2000 credits is reasonable. You've already unlocked the Index at that point, and be around mr 8. This is where the real grind starts, to get to at least mr 15 to be able to use all rivens and kuva weapons. Credits need to be scaled up towards the end of the star chart.
  5. All im actually trying to say is 1. 2000 credit rewards for ```endgame``` Sedna are really bullS#&$ and 2. This is a video game, not a day job. People have jobs to go to, or genarally have things to do in their lives, and then coming home to do the same missions over and over and over isnt remotely fun or rewarding.
  6. And PS. do you know how long you have to run with weapons that are really S#&$ to get to the good guns? To be able to participate in everything in the game you have to be mr. 16, rivens, kuva weapons etc. Do you know how painfully slow the road to get there is? Most my friends are burned out at mr 8 because the grind is so out of wack. I only made it, back in the day, because im more patient than most people.
  7. Dude, you like torturing yourself? There is a limit to what is satisfying, and you literally have to grind the index for quite some hours to get all the credits needed. Like with everything, having to do anything for so long gets boring real quick.
  8. This is still very low. Ive been playing with my friend, who started a new account, and he constantly has credit issues. The gameplay loop: buy gun for mastery -> unlock the new gun for mastery. This is cool but, do you have any idea through how much credits you burn playing this game? Weapon bp`s, build cost, fieldron/detonite/mutagen bp`s, build cost, and upgrading (prime/riven/rare) mods is pretty expensive too. Occasional Baro isnt particularly cheap either, (but thats understandable - rare vendor) Maybe i forgot something that eats up your credits, but we constantly have to grind for creds next to playing the actual game.
  9. The host is usually the pilot, and thus captain, of the ship. I know this can zouse host to kidnap the crew, but sometimes the crew just instantly selects another mission too, kidnaping the host in his own ship..
  10. Honestly i love this way of getting the loot, it makes me want to play because i have a goal to work towards. Please do the same with lich ephemeras and oh maybe all other ephemeras! Give Sanctuary a point system as well! Go to wave 8 once for 1 point, and make blazing step 20 point for example. Do Profit-taker and Exploiter 10 times for the ice ans shock ephemera! Make Seeding step also buyable from the arbitration guy, like the bloody one!
  11. That this even is a topic of discussion is beyond me. So many words are spoken, yeah were fixing this and that, but still no action. For crying out loud.
  12. Please realize that doing things over and over and over and over IS NOT fun. Please DE. Stop with the RNG and reconsider the economy.
  13. Yes. DE please please please for the sake of everyone, you have to change for the better for this to stay sustainible. I know that at the end of the day the countless employees have to earn their bread, i get that DE is a company that needs to make money, but this is getting out of hand. If you, DE, keep this up, the game you, as well as us, all love so dearly, might start falling off. Warframes performance in terms of numbers is allready falling off, so please take the communities standpoints into concideration. Really, its for the best interest of us all.
  14. Then dont depend the new gameplay loop on 100% new rescources.... Just put in some new, but use mostly the old ones weve been sitting on for years. That is the only way to make stockpiles go away! New rescourses, a reset, every time IS way too copious.
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