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  1. This is prob something that has been beaten to death a million times over, Converted liches are just extremely dissapointing, they don't use any of the abilities that they had as your enemy and hit like wet noodles. I watched mine struggle to damage level 30 enemies for the entire duration of their appearance.
  2. Likely gonna be the game awards announcement.
  3. That’s exactly what happens, your least favorite Kuva Lich shows up and calls you a poopoo head for failing to build it. Then you get eaten by the sentient mosquitos.
  4. Is this the place for me to brag about getting both ephemera in my first two exploiter runs?
  5. For a system that is meant to meld with the base game it currently seems like another island. Liches are far too common and locked away in their own corner of the game. A lich should be able to spawn into regular missions that are not within their territory, additionally there should be a chance that thralls will spawn in regular grineer missions if somebody has an active lich. The additional rewards for territory are a good step in the right direction, perhaps you should also be able to challenge your lich after a certain amount of nodes have been cleared.
  6. Arguably the liches show up far too often after a certain point. I've had groups of 4 where all 4 liches spawn in during a single mission.
  7. Because joker would have a midlife crisis if he woke up in a world without batman
  8. They simply pop into a mission at random and assist you for a bit before popping out. It's like a helpful stalker, i have a bug though where the lich i decapitated is my friend despite the fact that i took his weapon after making sure he was deader than dead.
  9. If you are going to make the lich into a finance return wait until they add the corpus equivalent of kuva liches and reap the grofit.
  10. You should put it in the feedback section if you want somebody to actually see it.
  11. The sentients are in a way kind of the good guys from their original intent. They realized that the orokin had created them to be disposable tools and knew that eventually the orokin would reach Tau and bleed it dry. The old war was their attempt to destroy what they saw as evil corruption and save their home. The problem lies in the fact that they grew into a hyper familial race that considers anything even remotely associated with the orokin as worthy of genocide.
  12. I have a good feeling from the general idea behind the lich that the spiked grineer will only be found in the Kuva Fortress. As that's where most high ranking grineer end up and the update seems to have an emphasis on it as a location with Requiem relics. I'd imagine you go and run some kuva missions whenever you want a new lich.
  13. Was unaware that captured bases actually change the layout. It just gets sickening doing the same 4 things in the same 4 areas over and over, it would make more sense if they made it possible for those other zones to activate from a standard fortuna bounty rather than an agent.
  14. Pretty sure most Fall updates are traditionally November for a release.
  15. compared to the plains the Vallis bounties are extremely lacking in variety. Returning to the same 4-7 locations over and over again when over half the massive map is unused for bounty objectives. It almost seems rushed in comparison to how many different spots things can occur in with the plains. A great example is that there are only two possible spy vaults and i have had cases before where you hack the enrichment labs and then immediately after get told to hack the enrichment labs.
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