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  1. Everyone saying it was a loki mechanic and was thus legit your deceiving yourself. Why would DE ever make something that's intended to be hard but allow a one shot mechanic, and player with any sense knows that using something like this is not an intended function - so using IS an exploit, using it so often and so blatantly is just dumb. Anyone who cheated their way through this even deserves everything they got and more - it ought to have been a perma ban
  2. Theres your 20k then there's the guys obviously doing something suspicious with 320k - they should get a ban just for being so blatant and cocky about it
  3. Up to a point yeh its hard to tell if someones exploiting but some scores are just blatant obvious cheating, and those guys ought be unconditionally banned since you don't get a score like that without knowingly abusing a mechanic.
  4. So people are complaining about everything before its even live? usual.. How can people moan that baruk doesn't look good but then complain about the toroid grind for it or grind (not like old mate is even hard to get and we have had loads of time).Like someone already said you want it now and it want it all wrapped up and dropped in your lap with no effort so tomorrow you can complain that you have nothing to do.
  5. Maybe they cant be more specific because they don't know themselves, how many thousands of lines of code are they juggling now best they can do is estimate and hope the next time something unexpected pops up they an deal with it with easily. They are likely just as frustrated, fed up and tired at this point as any player can be and they're doubtless working hard so give the guys a break and show em a bit of faith and patience.
  6. Cant blame em for squeezing all the hype and publicity they can out of it, they do make their living out of it after all. What i'm trying to say is people gettin annoyed thats its not here yet isnt going to speed anything up just go play something else and itll land eventually no point getting wound up about it.
  7. Probably but it would be far worse if DE folded and listened to all the impatient people that want it now. If it doesn't make the the predicted first week then people ought have enough faith in DE by now that they know what they're doing and that there is a good reason for the delay
  8. So what? You missed my point that you can use whatever calendar you want but and ive said it multiple times Fortuna will be ready when its ready nothing that's been said in the past no amount of bitter forums posts will alter that The guys who are having such a tantrum now because Fortuna hasn't landed yet will also be the first people to descend on the forums again complaining about bugs when it the patch is released
  9. Generally accepted in one country does not mean it is the same for all countries, and it makes no difference to Fortuna being released it will still done when its done and not before so you can call it the tenth day of the week if you want but we still wont get the patch any sooner,
  10. Surely releasing broken products is going to have more of an impact on their appearance, there's nothing wrong with a company holding back the produce if they think its not ready. Players just have to learn a little patience thats all
  11. Let em, id rather they try to maintain quality than be rigid and inflexible about dates. I for one would rather have it delayed than broken and rushed and surely im not alone there??
  12. Dont worry if it gets to Friday and its not been dropped yet, only means they'll have a long week they will still be about to fix stuff even if its gets late in week. And yeh anything with 'anonymous sources' should not ever be taken seriously.
  13. They never stated a date, they never do. They said November and more recently first week of November so they're not late. And if it isn't this week so what i'm sure they will have a good reason to delay so just chill and wait it'll be done when its done and not before.
  14. A select few got to try dev build but its hardly same as getting early access, the version they see is probably barely the same as the live version. And content creators all likely use dev stream footage as if they did get to see anything themselves they were likely bound by a non disclosure agreement.
  15. Where did you get that from? They're all waiting for it just like us, at best they might get a minor heads up that the patch is incoming but they wont get any new content before we do.
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