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  1. I might be wrong, but in my experience Kuva Ayanga also has self damage. Is that intentional? Could you please remove that as well? I killed myself 3 times today after the updates...
  2. Thanks for the update. Have you guys thought about letting us gain intrinsics in ground assault? It seems kinda unfair, that space squads can get them, while they fully dependent on ground squads. Also: sortie hasnt been updated for a long time. Would you consider reworking the drop table? In my understanding sortie is supposed to be a more challenging experience, mainly for experienced players. These players don't really have a need for endo, even if they do, they do arbitration. My point is that removing anasa and 4000x endo from the droptable might be a very welcomed change.
  3. I was really happy for the shared loot in railjack, only thing it DOESNT work. My buddy who did the sentient ship got shedu parts while i was on my railjack and I didnt get it. I tryied to go back to the place where it dropped for him and it wasnt there (the same goes for my other 2 squadmates). AND I was NOT AFK (nor were my squad... obviously? ): I boarded the goddamn crewships, crafted , killed intruders, shot down fighters AND completed the other objective (I have my 3 squadmates to testify). How is this fair? Fix your AFK detector, its terrible and destroys gameplay. Another thing: I did a railjack mission with laggy host and they got a rush repair drone as a skyrmish reward, and I got NOTHING as a reward. Edit: I got the anomaly shard, only the shedu part is missing soooo.... ?
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