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  1. To be honest I didn't even realise I had these problems with the Kuva Liches :D Nice job and good thinking, thank you for the update :)
  2. Thanks for the hotfix, arbitration gonna be much better now. Still no fix for the graphics it makes me sad. Is this permanent? Its been 6 hotfix since the mainline (not counting the small ones) and Ordis is still grey (just why?), orbiter is still a lighthouse (every console shines brighter than the sun), prisma surfaces still disgusting and every frame looks dirty and fingerprinted. Aaand Im getting tired of complaining and writing the same issues under every update. The rendering system before the mainline was better imo...
  3. Im still disappointed with the graphics. Prisma surfaces arent what they used to be, my frames and other metallic surfaces still look dirty and fingerprinted, my orbiter is still a lighthouse: everything (foundry, mods, arsenal, incubator, relics, drones) shines brighter than the SUN on cetus and Ordis is still grey. I have never had any hope for the mainline rendering update, but if it takes this long to fix the aforementioned issues than maybe it's time to acknowledge that it isnt working and revert the graphics. Medalion change is just sad and I think that the conduit keys should not be removed, because it slows disruption. Thank you for the toroid fix, it was really hard to collect enough of them Im sure its gonna help many players.
  4. Thanks for the hotfix, but: Please revert the graphic changes that came with the main update. It is just bad. Even the before/after video shows the problems: before: nice, shiny metallic surface, after: dirty, fingerprinted, smeared surface. I cant understand why would anyone want to see that instead the beautifull surfaces we had before. It is NOT an upgrade. Also: lights are not working properly, my orbiter looks like a lighthouse aand EVERY Prisma surface looks bad now. I hate to be this negative but im really concerned about the new rendering system. At least please give us an option to choose between this and the previous one. Thank you for your work, I cant wait to claim my Gauss :)
  5. Please restore Ordis to his former glory :)
  6. Its nice to see you are working on the graphics, thank you :) . I still think this rendering update does not add as much to the experience as much it takes away. I dont wanna see my frames dirty/fingerprinted. The login screen is in yellow shades, it looks like m frame is rusty, please change it back. I would be happy to see an option where I can disable this new graphic system and return to the one before the main update. Thank you for your work :)
  7. In my opinion this rendering update is unnecessary and I'd like to see the surfaces and everything regarding the graphics as it was before the update. My ship is like a lighthouse, every interractable console (foundry, mods, incubator, arsenal etc.) and even the ship interrior is so shiny it hurts to look at them. The metallic surfaces look dirty, my frames seems to be rusty and/or filled with fingerprints. I can see how this may appeal to some people, but I'm definetely not one of them, please revert it or give me an option in settings to turn it off. Everything else is great. mod and look link have been long anticipated. Also, I noticed, that in profile->stats the star chart progress counter has been updated, but star chart xp has not. I don't know if it was intentional, but it seems like the new node does not reward additional xp/mastery point (best of my knowledge every other node does). Thanks for the update, but please, please revert the graphic changes.
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