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  1. Not that I'm do not agree, but why ? For what exact reason and with what exact case did you need to pause the game after objective was completed ? In 90% of time its a race to exit point. I'm very curious about the reason behind that suggestion.
  2. But I am using DX 11... But I am using v-sync... While I agree that justified CPU and GPU load are ok, I don't see any justification in doing something over and over without keeping the end result after. It's like using CPU and GPU for the sake of using it - like free resources are NO GO - have to utilize them all or else. Bad optimisation and unnecessary resource usage without giving any benefit while doing so.. Is that where we are going here ? There is no reason to waste resources on calculations without using end result. And no, I don't remember those CPU usage spikes being here 3 months
  3. You clearly did not read other posts in Perfomance section of forums. Shader chacheing is broken. It caches every god damn time you load into a tileset with the exception of orbiter for me. Not once per tileset like you claim(I have this behavior on every mission load and next time I load that same mission after going to orbiter - it does it again). I run on dx 11 on 2k and my settings are not even maxed, not even near it. And I do not recall such aggressive cpu usage behavior 3 moths ago. So no, it's not normal to do something more than it has to be done. People come in this section of forums
  4. Same. There is another thread about it Could be related to all those threads about asset cashing being broke. What is your CPU/GPU/RAM setup ? Mine are I7 4790k / RTX 2080 / 16 GB (slow ddr3 memory). And it looks like not all setups is experiencing this issue.
  5. How about you stop flexing ? What is normal is subjective. I don't see anything normal in 100% CPU and GPU usage. And if you are welcoming that kind of spaghetty coding - doesn't mean others have to. Perfomance got worse in later updates. I also get 100% cpu usage and never did 3 month ago. And my settings are not even the highest - more like mid to high 2k. I7-4790k + rtx 2080 , sure its not top, but still good. Warframe was always about good perfomance optimisations, however that changed in recent updates. With vsync or without - doesn't matter - still 100% cpu load on mission load. No
  6. How is your cpu usage ? Mine jumps as soon as got to a hub or a mission and just fine at orbiter. Running win 7 DX 11.
  7. Japan cartoons did not invent homunculos, they merely adopted that idea. Chroma changes elements of his spectral scream, at will. This is why he is an alchemist ? Limbo is an alchemist ? You know changes reality to another reality ? Nekros must be an alchemist, cause how else can he change corpses to loot/orbs if not by your meaning of alchemy ? You are just excusing DE poor job on making thematic warframes. Yes, alchemist brewes potions, he drinks them or throws them or gives them. He doesn't charge into enemy, sliding and farting potions from his a-hole. He is an alchemist, not a b
  8. How is it an Alchemist Warframe ? Is it because DE told you so ? Did you see his abilities preview ? Where is the alchemy ? It's just wording. I don't see anything with his abilities related to alchemy. DE just strapped together random abilities and called it a day... as always... Alchemists are more like fantasy engineers - they brewing potions, make substances and create homunculos. Where is all that ? You can't have it, enjoy what you are given and imagine it is what it should be. Screw that.
  9. You don't need 40m there. You don't even need powerfull speck for killing those trash mobs. All I see is flexing. Whatever goal you are trying to achieve here - you are doing it poorly.
  10. Where are helminth Bile and RJ resources changes ?
  11. As long as it is in its own tab - I could care less. If it was in the same tab as all the syndicate rep item though - that would be a different story. They don't mix together those items so its ok.
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