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  1. That applies to both captain and guests. Neither of them should be telling others what to do. They may suggest, but should not force. At the same time - guests are visiting captains ship. Captain ship = captain rules, you don't want to respect the rules - you are free to leave. Most of people I have played with did respect others opinions and did not force their rules on others (so did I) and everybody did their best for a common mission goal. Though I did met subjects that actively tried to force their will onto others. Mostly during that diorea spear event(maybe cause that was the first time I started to host rj missions). I also came across said persons during regular missions as captains who just sit afk not responding to chat or endlessly farm resources after mission rewards were distributed. And then I just add them to my ignore list, abandon mission and move on. Sure I maybe did not get some rewards, but I won't come by them again so it was ok for me. I did not play after so called "rj revised" update, cause not much changed. It does not even deserve revised title, its just some buffs and nerfes, nothing was changed fundamentally. And now I don't have much insentive to play it either, cause it appears that the numbers of bad mental health players just rised by a lot.
  2. Fully agree. The whole thing as extract for all just because somebody needs to - is a bad design. One should not decide for others when to extract. If somebody is done with railjack mission - let him extract while others can continue. Also captains should decide wherever or not others can take control of HIS/HER ship, not those who are GUESTS on that ship.
  3. Unibot

    Augment Slot When

    Considering many of augments should be base functionality I want it. Considering many of augments are just not worth mod capacity - I don't care if it will ever exist. Considering DE have a habbit to twist good concepts into disgusting abominations - I don't even want this to be implemented by DE.
  4. What are you talking about ? Hildryn augment is poor designed and about as poor executed. Additional shield regen for pillage? NO. Haven eats shield on execution and drains per enemy. 25 shields unmodded per enemy per sec (+ activation if you want to take it in account).This constant drain per sec from haven pretty much nullifies this regen. You would probably be more efficient using streamline instead of this. Getting that fire proc for more armor strip ? You'd gain better results with casting 2 and more pillage in a session(and lets be honest - thats what you do) with 200+% ability strength(and thats not hard to achieve btw). And it will be constant for armor and it will also affect shields. Not to mention you will also get more shields that way. Oh and BTW those heat procs don't affect TAU. Additional damage ? Laughable. Haven on its own scales badly and has a same starting damage(but its damage overall is better, since no delays due to casting) as this augment. And it does absolutely nothing to high level enemies with 300%+ strength on its own. This 200 starting heat per cast(or two) changes nothing. Did not test it as dd ability with faster casting, but I'm not even going to try speccing hildryn into fast casting. Getting shields from armorless/shieldless enemies - is a nice touch, but not worth the mod slot against infested, since multiple higher lvl chargers will shred it apart even with adaptation in seconds anyway. And heat proc does about as much as cc barrier againg those. Better mod your belefire and use its augment to get shield and deal damage to infested. Its not an ability augment - its a poor attempt to make us use questionable ability(Haven) constantly to get questionable "benefit". Good on paper, poor on practice and waste of mod slot as it is now. Augments for abilities should NEVER be dependant on usage of other abilities.
  5. Yes, I read it incorrectly at first, thanks for fixing my mistake. Though it makes this augment useless now.
  6. Her 3 is Haven and the augment is for her 2. And it doesn't work atm. Period.
  7. @[DE]Megan Hildryn - Shield Pillage Augment - Blazing Pillage deals NO damage. Doesn't restore additional shield either. WASTE OF MOD SLOT ATM.
  8. I disagree here. It strongly depends on what they rework. If they rework tilesets, sure its not much interesting for me. But if they expand on gameplay features - then it might be interesting enought to get back in. But as it is - they mostly cut gameplay, not expand it. Or bloat it with new underdeveloped features that get stale fast cause they are undeveloped enought to hold on their own. Bloating gameplay with useless shawzin is not expanding it btw. Archwing is the same thing. Melee is still lackluster compared to slasher type games. They have a room for improvement, thay just don't want to improve. Add new useless stuff, drop time/rng/grind wall, sprinkle it with carrots for players and call it a content and hope people will return. That is what railjack was, that is what liches is and that is what SS still is. They got the skill and got the tools, thay just choose to do it lazy way.
  9. Nice point, but they don't care. Thay want to use their faulty scoring system and they will do everything to shove it up our throats. They are wrong, but they won't admit it.
  10. I also have it, but I don't think core i7 + rtx 2080 is a potato pc. Sure its not top rig, but its far from potato. It now happens even If I'm not hosting.
  11. Thanks, guess I'm not going to get it then.
  12. Date: 05.04.2020 Time about 10:13 GMT (and about 40 min before that) Flutila number: 13 Tons of kill codes were sent, but only some of them recieved. Ground squads 19, space 10 - thats about 2x ratio for space, yet kill codes do not arive after sent. Chat is swarming with killcode sent messages, but we are not recieving them during space missions. I was curious and played ground mission after. And you know what ? I sent codes, but others did not progress, cause they were not getting them. This makes us unable to complete space missions -> unable to drive murex raides for flotila -> unable to get bonus payment for everyone who used that flotila. When are you going to FIX you bug spear DE ? When ? Its been 2 weeks now and killcodes are still buged. Why are we punished for playing your event and making your game online stats ? Are we third sort customers to you ? Cause that is what we are getting. Get rid of your faulty bonus payment, pay all upfront as soon as mission is complete. I am tired of your excuses.
  13. Thats the point. Its implementation is so bad, that its very niche. DE already implement a lot of niche and questinable aspects of the game, yet you want more of it intead of developing it to be less nich.
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