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  1. If there are follow-ups. But there are none. DE considers the process finished. So they are not using delicate tools for follow-ups at all. So they only used crude tools for entire process and end result is not fine and not balanced. Balancing cannot be crude it should be refined.
  2. No. The job is not done after using crude tools. Final adjustments can't be done with those and using delicate tools is the balancing, everything used before is pre-balance preparations.
  3. It was never about cutting a big chunk from a tree. It was about cutting the right amount. Cut too much or too little - end up with NO balance. Small cuts are needed to make fine tuning. And there are no small cuts. I would agree with you if it was first big cut and then small adjustments after. But there are NO adjustments after the big cut. It's final and DE don't care if it they overdid or underdid the chopping. One big chop and see what happens - that is the logic they have.
  4. I indeed misunderstood your first post and jumped fast with conclusions. I want to make an appology to you as I have overreacted about your opinion on the subject.
  5. Try chopping a slice of bread with an axe instead of cutting it with a knife and see the result. This is how DE handle balancing here and it has nothing to do with big imbalances. Using crude instruments for a delicate work.
  6. If you agree on that point - why come and blame community for acting as expected ? Why create it here in general and not in feedback ? If you see a problem - shouldn't you try to solve the problem and not the consequences ? But you are pointing your finger at community. All I see in this thread is "WTF people are complaining! EWWW!!! You are not supposed to act like that!" But people do and they have a right to.
  7. @Traumtulpe @SneakyErvin @Zimzala And the rest of those who like to point others what to do and what not. People did not like the nerfs DE introduced - how dare they !! People express their disagreement with the upcoming changes - they have no right to do so! They are overreacting, DE knows what they are doing! They are not expressing their concerns, they are just entitled and immature. /s FFS who are you to judge the others ? DE community are indeed negative towards the nerfs. And it's not because they are immature or entitled, its because DE has a habit to overdo things while "balancing"(buff too much, but more often nerf too much) and never touch that part of game for a long time after. So its set to stone for quite a while, even if it wasn't handled properly. And recent dev workshop changes - were NOT. Balancing is not about tipping the scale on one side - its about both sides stay on the same level. And it looks like you and DE have no idea about it.
  8. So hitting multiple targets is an advantage but reduced damage on doing so the further they are from explosion center - is not a drawback ? There are aoe weapons with large explosion radius that allows you to deal full damage to a large area, but not all of them. Call that whatever you want, it doesn't change the fact that most aoe weapons can't do full damage in large areas.
  9. Or maybe you should read more ? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Invasion Read the "Aftermath" article.
  10. It's called invasions... Not the first time and definitely not the last time. Easily manipulated by DE by giving either side a better reward than other. However since the progress bar is 100% on DE side - I'm will not be surprised if it happens to be fraud.
  11. I'll be more specific. AOE guns have AOE explosion damage falloff. Yes shot damage falloff is present on single target guns as well as aoe guns, but please focus on AOE explosions as that is the main thread focus here.
  12. He is too busy looking at his post counter. It's not the first time DE lied about things to come. At some point they even considered not making future dev workshop threads cause after getting lots of negative critic while trying to force some unwanted changes. DE only do what they want and mask it as things you want, thats how it will be.
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