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  1. First you talk about opening relics. Now you switch to mission rewards... make up you mind already. I'm not gonna tell for everybody, but there are at least 2 players in this discussion who see void storms as a tool for opening relics. And that new tool is worse than what we already had. You like it - you use it. I don't even have a mood to update my client, not to mention to play said "content". So have fun while you have it, cause I lost mine.
  2. Or you can run Axi capture or maybe extermination... just think about it...
  3. 50-60% less damage vs corpus units (but that might be due to my weapons having more puncture so it goes well against shields) VS grineer on the other hand it feels way worse. Like 8-10 times less damage. I'm literaly killing grineer fighters faster with my particle ram that my gunner crew do. Well... we had our fun while it lasted. Now its time to put railjack missions back to where they belong... in a dumpster.
  4. Maybe if you stopped pretending that reseting players progress is acceptable - others would listen to you. I don't see how locking somebody from content he was up too is a good idea. But go on, keep on trying to prove is was a right decision.
  5. Its reeks and it sucks. My stuff I grinded for is taken away, I need to grind again except I don't feel like it. And the worst of all things wont improve, DE entered a death spiral and refuse to understand it. Wait till next update, I'm sure things get worse.
  6. Don't get your hopes up. It's a dudu update. RJ mods nerfed, RJ equipment nerfed, RJ content cut short and instead elongated by regular missions. Command intrinsics are meh. And you have to grind all over again even if you maxed your ship, cuz most of things you grinded for are either gone or nerfed to non-usable. Also in addition to avionics being nerfed and being mods now - they like other mods require you to spend credits to level them up. And the prices are costy(serration/prime mods level of cost). Enjoy the old RJ while you can.
  7. Pack their things and go for a new job ? Doesn't look like they can still handle the current one.
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