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  1. Brought the agile animation set, my nova still walks instead of flying :(
  2. additional information: it is always near seaside ruins
  3. I fight them solo in the west edge of the map, after certain time (usually after destroying 2 legs) they just disappear when they land on the ground after the jump attack as if the drop of the map with my enemy marker disappear in the same time, 5 thumpers in a row showing the same problem
  4. quick points 1. 1st ability is strong as a sonicor, but please let us jump with firing her 1st ability 2. 2nd ability feels doing nothing to enemies with infested as most of them have no shield of armor, even against grieener it feels like it does noting, and the LoS check is wonky at best 3. 3rd ability drains way too much shield on enemies for what it does 4. let us use 2 during helicopter mode would be much better experience
  5. why we dont have buried debts lobbies like plaque star and ghouls?
  6. I don't know if anyone of you in DE played SEGA's PSO2, they have a system called "My Shop", this is different to an auction house because there is no actual auction involved basically you list stuffs that you want to sell, give them a price and then the system will automatically do the rest, letting other players to search for the said item (and listing all the offers from other players selling the same item) and directly purchase it, even the seller is not online, I think it is time for DE to look into it
  7. you have EoS 3 waves giving you 3000 standing for 6 mins, and you are telling me to do a 10 times longer section for just extra 2000 if it was 30000 standing I would be more happy to do it (doesn't mean it is reasonable to demand a 60 minute section in the first place) Alert was not challenging content or contents that needed a friend, so nightwave, as a replacement to alert, should not be challenging or requiring a friend tactical alert is another story, just it has alert in its name does meaning it is regular alert hell you sure you want a broken system for another 8 weeks? You need to apply the change as soon as you make up your mind to change it
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