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  1. Quick thoughts 1. Please put meaningful reward in end mission pool, I just spent 6 millions who the hell need that 3000 cash or 750 rubedo, put avionics, new resources in there 2. Remove refine, if excess resources now directly go to player's inventory I don't see the point of refine other than a trolling tool 3. Shared loots is needed, if your crew mate picks up a umbra forma or a new weapon outside the ship and doesn't tell anyone, the rest of the crew are punished for doing their job stopping a catastrophic situation, or an alternative solution is simply add those in end mission reward 4. If you are going for random stats on equipments, the cost of repairing should be reduced, rare resources down to 2/3 and common resources needs to be at least halved
  2. played a little bit more if you are doing RNG stats on parts, the repair cost at least needs to be halved or else people are not going to play this for a long time,
  3. Can you give us a proper tutorial I don't even know the refine function and tactical menu until I read it on steam forum Please tell us the key bounding on intrinsic ability like the boost one, you did it on boost why not other abilities, I still have no idea how to do archwing slingshot
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