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  1. CC frames became irrelevant not because of the damage creep, but the introduction of various new enemy types first eximus, which their aura still affects you when they are CCed then nullifiers, self explanatory, then ratels, now those spider thingies, mass produced hyenas, and the coming spider tank on PoE, #makeCCgreatagain
  2. You can buy what it is used to build, I don't see the point of using plat buying these alone
  3. Lol, it would be true if tridolon is not a thing BTW kuva survival 60 mins was easy with randoms not using recruit chat
  4. Well technically this is about the 24.4 update, and we are now 24.5
  5. Tired to solo exploiter orb, well I get to destroy the first hatch but I think it would be easier to get a team so I abort it and try to get a group by going straight into vallis never manged to find randoms that all 4 people want to do the exploiter orb because none of them have got the opticor vandal yet Impressions for now: give us a match maker like eidolons and ghoul missions so we can match make with people who also wanted to do exploiter orb but don't want to use the recruit chat needed makers for thermia after closing the fracture, so hard to see yellow canisters in a white background (and the fact that you make coolant canister have a maker makes the game literally unplayable) shooting canisters mid air feels off, should have let us just throw it right into the face of her, or at least near the vents please make it so that after throwing the canister it switch back to primary if we pick up the canister with primary weapon equipped
  6. tilte, now we have to match make with people who not even get fractures done and people literally just free roaming
  7. why we dont have buried debts lobbies like plaque star and ghouls?
  8. Look at this, and they actually shooting on top of a hover board (and flying with a hover board!)
  9. for 2 days I am farming phase 4 for atmo system, none even one drop after the patch, I have seen on the wiki people have 100 run not a single atmo system reward is it actually bugged that worth investigation?
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