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  1. If OP already has kuva weapons then I don’t think he’s stupid enough to think he mercied a larvling and it was just a normal grineer. If you did everything right then it’s a bug and you should contact support to see if your account doesn’t have some traces of active lich you somehow can’t see and avoids you to get one.
  2. Was already happening before, I was just smart enough to record using the "record last hour of gameplay" function from PS5 this time. Forgot to mention it's obviously not an old clip from an old update where explosives could kill you, even tho I'm pretty sure it still couldn't kill your pet like here.
  3. Hey ! I've come through some bugs these last weeks and here's a very annoying one. As you can see on the video, I'm randomly killing myself with my Kuva Ogris... for no reason. Sometimes it doesn't kill me but instead destroys my health and Adaptation gives me 10% viral resistance from my own damages. It also happends to objectives / pets, it can sometimes kill both for no reason while not being rad'ed or anything. https://i.imgur.com/EyqPltF.mp4 Here, I'm killing myself and my 12k HPs pet. Note that I have negation swarm, my allies weren't there yet, there
  4. That's not a bug, Velocitus and other archwing weapons doesn't use FR mods to decrease charge rate because Shell Rush is a thing.
  5. Reporting multiple bugs TYPE: In-game and UI DESCRIPTION: 1st bug is regarding pet, when you go in archwing after exiting RJ/anything, pet's health is highly reduced (will post screenshot) 2nd is regarding Ironclad Matrix aura mod, for some reason, the hull, shields and armor boost is way higher than depicted, mod displays 22.5/25.5% but hull goes from 5999 to 11399 and armor goes from like 2688 to 5106, making the railjack nearly invincible with 11k HPs and 94.X % dmg reduction (screenshot too) VISUAL: Pet issue, HPs before exiting in archwing mode and then Aft
  6. Hey' I've been playing quite a lot to farm stuff, anyway, there are some bugs I'd like to report. Wreckage indicator, there's sometimes a purple indicator that doesn't give anything, I think you still get the loot but the indicator (and overworld icon) are still there. Pet glitch, whenever I go in archwing, my pet instantly loses all his HPs to be set at 4K HPs (when using Inaros) even if you can recover health easily by meleeing that's still a bug (Screens are before & after leaving Obelisk) My pet instantly lost 10k HPs, when
  7. Because I don't see the point of cross release if one part of the players can't start right away with it, I feel like PC players are actually just waiting because yeah update is likely done already and just waiting for consoles dev-ing and cert process, while only PC will be able to fully experience it while we'll have to mod the plexus, forma it, farm stuff to be able to fully experience the update, therefore I think PC should get updates when they can get it.
  8. I agree with that, issue is that everybody will get the update at the same time while only PC will be able to fully play it directly, we will have to grind an awesome amount of time to keep up with PC, so this system where you rework something then make an update around it doesn't suits me if only a part of the playerbase can profit it on day one. I'd highly prefer PC to get the update when they can get it, we get it that cert costs money but the RJ rework was a major update, not a minor one that adds some cosmetics and a frame.
  9. Probably not, maybe all consoles but patch doesn't work the same way + they can't just spam updates like on PC since updates costs probably way more + updates have to be reviewed so by the time an update is live another would be in cert, that's a waste of ressources, check how it's going on PC and you'll see that it's better to wait for it.
  10. They don't spit on us. Releasing updates cost money, I don't know how does it work with Steam/epic updates but I guess updates doesn't cost as much as they do for consoles, so they can't just spam updates accross consoles to fix some minor bugs, that would be suboptimal and a big waste of ressources. We saw how it went with orphix and many others updates since 2013, and I prefer it that way, the wait is longer but the service is better, because if there's a big bug with the incoming update and it's released on console, imagine a game breaking bug, well, a whole week or two of waiting
  11. You need a fully leveld avionics grid, not each individual avionic mod maxed. Plus RJ wasn't meant to be done in solo, it's not DE's fault if players can't ask for some people to help in recruitment chat, I'm mostly a solo player, but I don't know where's the problem to play with others when it comes to squad missions like eidolons / orbs / RJ / events.
  12. Alright so it means you've spent plat to keep, in most situations, useless stuff you repaired, how does that makes somebody "early adopter" ? looks more "pay to get rewards" than "play to get rewards" and doesn't make anybody an "early adopter".
  13. That's why we need clarification on what "completed wreckage" means, because I don't know why buying slots would make a wreckage "completed", to me it means that you transformed a broken part into functionnal one.
  14. So far yes, hopefully they'll look into it but even if we now know that's gonna happend, I won't grind to get 30 things repaired as I don't even know how many I repaired.
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