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  1. So everybody is complaining but we got confirmation that nearly everything in our update is fixed, so lets have 5 weeks of pleasure soon unlike PC players that had some problems, we may still have some issues but it probably will be playable and that's the most important thing. Regarding FF7, nobody forced you to play Scarlet spear, so no need to blame DE about a game that you will play thinking 99% of the console players will play, everybody is gonna have fun on different games.
  2. Are you guys even reading what's happening on PC or you don't even bother checking ? We won't get it this week, probably not the incoming week, and probably not the week after either, I don't know what planet you guys are coming from, but you may head back to your galaxy if you think that waiting to get a fixed version to play is a bad consideration for console players. Consideration is that they're delaying the update so we can play without bugs, bad consideration would've been to release the event and then leave us in our crap with bugs and no fix for a month.
  3. It's just a matter of time, PC is still having many issues and it seems that you guys simply don't care about getting bugs that may be even worse when landing on consoles. DE will update us when it'll be sent in cert., they won't be asking devs every day how's it going and how far are there from 100% finished, especially during week-ends. We'll get news when it will be fully dev, as of now, PC isn't fully fixed so we'll probably have to wait some time as each PC update fix some things while others are still broken, it's been like that since fall 2013, sending updates in cert. costs money too so they won't just spam it to fix some issues to then release a big update.
  4. If we ever want to see crossplatform / crosssave, such tests are needed. We've been living with a bugged Empyrean for months, so if big bugs are detected, we probably won't need a month to get it fixed if they really want to speed everything, and I'm pretty sure they tested this update harder than previous ones to be sure everything will work as intended.
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