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  1. You don't always get what you want, especially when you're selfish. And cross save doesn't mean cross play.
  2. Hopefully you guys will stop dodging the Cross-save question you've been teasing us after telling it would be the main thing to do after Empyrean... that came out a year ago and we haven't got any update on it since when.
  3. We saw how things went with all-at-the-same-time updates, if there's a problem, then teams will have to work on PC and then do consoles in a rush, meanwhile now they fix PC and include everything in consoles patches. It was the case 7 years ago and it's better that way, cause if we all get issues at the same time then they'll take more time fixing it, while we'll be able to play for a month just like PC will play for the last 1/2 weeks, and I highly prefer waiting for a playable version rather than telling myself "alright it's buggy but I need to force myself in order to get the new stuff
  4. I'm pretty sure some PC member would like to wait a couple weeks like we do to get less bugs, it's an opportunity.
  5. We clearly see we're in 2020/2021 now and no longer in 2013 with everybody crying over fresh news shouting this is bad blablabla. Parnerships & ownership aren't new on the game, and so far the game only got better, unless you're somebody talking about 2013 era while you weren't even here, because when I remind 2013 and 2020, I can only tell the game got better, unlike some other games like LoL. Warframe now being owned by the company that also owns Fortnite / Clash of series / LoL won't make kids and stuff come on the game (spoiler alert : there's way more kids in the game than y
  6. With the small details given, looks like hardware issues. Check that your drivers are up to date and that your PSU is powerful enough to support your whole setup, else windows may end up crashing for being under-supplied. Also, what does good temperature means ? tried it in-game ? Maybe try to lower your settings.
  7. I find fun how people are complaining about DE "forcing" players to play a certain way, reporting the lack of diversity in the usable pool of stuff. Just a little question, how many people are using more than 15 weapons as their daily weapons ? (excluding the sorties forced archetypes / the one you use just to get their MR / the ones you may use to do a specific riven or arbitration) There's no need to answer, we all know we are closer to 1% than 20%. I feel like the noisy minority is crying over the fact that you aren't able to run with a invincible warframe and one shot everything
  8. Get rid of redirection / fortitude, consider getting steel fiber / corrupted mods / split chamber, maybe also start consider getting Augur mods, start farming relics to get formas and use them (maybe not on the Sybaris tho). What about your melee ? you'll eventually get to the point where you'll start spamming melee as it allows you to dodge easily & cut through everything, especially with Nezha. Get rid of "utility" mods from your sybaris like fast hands / stabilizer / magazine warp and get yourself some sweet Magnetic combo to melt ennemies's shields down. Eventually, look
  9. Yes, other ennemies's droprate is so low that it's not worth farming it, 0.01% is terribly low. You could also try to get one from trade chat, as many people farmed the event and got a decent amount of stalking fan / vengeful revenant mods. You could also try to transmute it, but farming 0.01% mobs isn't efficient.
  10. Your best bet is waiting Scarlet spear event to come back as the Aerolyst only spawns during these missions and is also the only ennemy with a "decent" drop chance, despite it being about 1.2%.
  11. Depending on which one you bought : -Weapon skins in appearance > skin on matching weapons (Blade & whip aren't whips, so Lacera/Mios... can't equip it) -Ephemera under appearance > attachment > ephemera -Syandana under appearance > syandana -Armors under appearance > attachment (chest/arms/legs) -Glyph under Profile > glyph -Drone under equipment > orbiter > decorate I guess that's it.
  12. By pressing windows key + G you should be able to open the widget menu and find the capture widget, either already sticked or in the option. Regarding the damages output, I don't think we can help you further, if a blood rush / weeping wounds / CO melee, if your Mesa is well built and you ain't doing damages at all. Some other games actually nerfs you if they detect some 3rd-party program but I don't think Warframe's anti-cheat nerfs your damages, unless they do, else it may be a files issue as damages seems to be local-monitored then shared with servers. If you can capture some
  13. That's getting a bit weird, how did you perform in melee ? If you can, maybe try to record yourself going through your loadout and doing the test event if the video isn't edited, there's definitly something going wrong, unless there's something going on build-wise like a weird reset, even badly-built peacemakers shouldn't perform this bad, even with a dragon key equiped.
  14. Aight, well have a try with all the stuff you've gathered there, this test should become a piece of cake now, update us with your tests when you're done, I'd like to know how well it worked as well !
  15. I don't know if ennemies drop life support, I might be wrong, but when I did it, it looked like that I was getting time every 10 kills (boss waves excluded as they didn't seem to drop anything). As a frame, adaptation should make any frame work very good, I'd personally still go with tanky frames + adaptation, Inaros + negation swarm (if you have access to the augment, if your Inaros can be tanky enough and if you have arcane grace) / Nezha warding halo / Rhino iron skin / Valkyr warcry + eternal war, else anything with vitality + arcane guardian should work with adaptation, I haven't tes
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