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  1. Select few? How is AFK in survival or intersect only select few can do. Anyone can do it. Or can you get the amount of players getting from the new SP to prove your point? I surely cant so i stick with the personal gain difference. If anything the new game mode should reward active play style and let the casual player also can participate the farm. But now not only it become even more grindy for eveyone and there already have new AFK strategy. Remember there are multiple post complaining about the drop chance booster not working in Steel Path? DE did this again in this with this upda
  2. It's 400 SE 2hr Before patch and 48 SE 1hr After patch the difference is night and day. Dev letting player play 4 times more to get the same and people have no problem with this? If anything DE should a least refund the money for player's booster and reverse Khora nerf. Why should all players be punish because macro players and macro player get to keep all the reward? How community give this a go and not the mod booster is baffling to me.
  3. It's like warframe 101. warfrane been this way a long time. Item good or bad base on RNG and how much devs mess up the numbers. And you can always expecting powercreep and a big "not working as intended" in the next patch note.
  4. Obviously because they can't. They can only detect software base macros.
  5. If they ship tomorrow it's a big "joke on you to think test clusters feed back mean anything" on community's faces.
  6. If you want to nuke map and blind other players use Ogris. Sitting here calling "Why is X a problem when Y isn't?" all day wont getting you any nerf/buff you want. You need to take action. Go terrify the village with your Ogris build.
  7. Warframe Quests Missions are just tutorial. Stolen Dreams for spy . Heart of Deimos for Deimos bounty. war within for operator ability etc .
  8. What exactly is the new passive? Is it triple jump or just two bullet jump?
  9. DE cant even balance PVP PVE separately. It's too much.
  10. His first can break enemy spawn if you keep eating. That's powerful lol.
  11. It will make more sanse if it get combo counter when secondary hit or melee heavy attack kill. Consider how much damage gap between melee and secondary this mod is basically useless in high end content.
  12. It's easy "insert skill activity here" and get "insert reward worthwhile" For example : kill three Eidolon in 10min and get more Arcane bad example : afk in survival for 5min and get same reward no matter what.
  13. Better use the word "skill rewarding" here since people think difficult=dark soul style game play. Skill rewarding game play design. That's what i think can get us away from repeatability experience and bring us meaningful game play . Personally all i ask for ai is dont stuck in the map.
  14. I will remain solo untill they fix the terrible lag when you use Transference in pub mission.
  15. I dont get why so many people was hype about the demo. All i can see is warframe running back and front from objective to the other just like the game already is. It bring nothing to game play aside from taking place in Railjack. Especially in the lich part seeing Excalibur awkwardly shooting at lich and force to wait untill other player do their job in order to kill the lich. How is that a good experience? I doubt anyone will be satisfied even Devs manage to deliver the same thing on the demo.
  16. Just put Umbra Forma in alert and you can see how much people hate alert.
  17. Warning can help cheater know how to bypass the list. Anti cheating is not solid as most people think it is. Especially warframe allow player to play offline.
  18. If Devs dont want players to nuke left and right then why put nuke in game the first place? Same thing about roar.
  19. Yeah... That's why balance is an big issue in warframe.
  20. Melee and nuke both for killing.If a nuke ability cant outperform melee than it cant justify it's energy consumption therefore no one will use it.
  21. You sure about that? I test this on defence or exterme and it's only a little better than just melee.And we are not suppose to use SP as argument since De said they will not balance around it.
  22. My thoughts: 1. Only advantage of the first ability is use it against sentient. But devs seen dont like this idea since devs dont want it to work on Eidolon. We should just remove this ability. Otherwise you will see people "abuse it" when SS event come back again. 2. Second ability now deal good damage but plz make them stop shotting gazed target. 3.Accuse and Deny are bad. suggestion: make Accuse as a cc with armor stripping. player can use it in moving mission and let Gaze be the choice in stational mission . make Deny's deal aoe/scaling damage. cut energy cost and repla
  23. The same logic can apply on M4D as well. Nerf this ability along cant solve anything. But nerf evey single aoe damage warframe and weapon can.Balance need to come with consistency. Community and Devs need to decide what they want. Engaging and meaningful gameplay or press for nuke combat.
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