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  1. It's same as before. You dont use melee when aoe weapon can kill . And you dont use aoe weapon when nuker can kill. DE equalize nothing. These weapon are still different tool for different situation.
  2. Another one of these... If a game's core game mechanic (moding and building weapon) take the fun out of the game or even break the game itself. It's flaws from Design perspective. No one care about how you want to play the game. If you enjoy less efficient way to play the game good for you. But that doesnt change what the game is.
  3. Cause ESO will put cd on Mesa's 4th ability. Protea is better because her dps ability is on her 2.
  4. Protea is better than Mesa in ESO or you can build another saryn or volt. Even use Octavia .
  5. I just hope they can cut the Larvling grind. It's more boring than the murmurs grind.
  6. Why not turn on it's head. Player get additional reward for using different warframe that have not been use before. Like in Hades.
  7. I agree with your but the problem you trying to say need to be more clarify so it wont be miss the point like people above did. Of course every frame has it's use and every frame is viable because the game is braindead easy. It's more about nuke ability vs other damage ability or single target weapon vs aoe weapon. The real question is how single target damage compete with aoe in a horde shooter. As the current state of game. If a damage ability is not scaling and do aoe damage. then it's a Helminth slot and there are a lot of them.
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