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  1. I did some endurance runs before scaling get nerf. Right now it's doesnt really provide any challenge so why bother.
  2. Just bring some cc or use a healer or nuker. His health seen normal to me.
  3. How is that override games lore if the game mode it self is host by Simaris for experimental purposes?
  4. Grendel damage is ok unless go against high armor enemy. You can mod him for range and do ESO for 8 wave. His problem is more about he rely on Hunter Adrenaline make him unplayable in coop.
  5. We only have two mech and one mission type to choose from compare to SS event. But SS also has bugs relate to network and confusing reward system. If it just game mode we talking about SS is better.
  6. It just mean they dont make joke about nerfing on stream.
  7. Dont care a bit about what i have to play as long as it's fun.
  8. They can still keep this system as a mod.
  9. lots of player still having trouble doing steel path and you want the game to be more risky. Imagine that. You have a good point though. DE will not hand over you so many power if it will break the game. So they will only nerf thing that prevent you from spending money/time.
  10. It's more like a coop game play design problem not the frame. some frames are playing Left 4 dead and other are playing diablo in the same game. It's not gonna work.
  11. Well it's still far from ok though. Punishment in video game always come with Why and How. Why player get themself knockdowns? nothing. player just playing the game . How did the game punish player? also nothing. beside intrupte your game play for 2 sec and that's it. So in the end we get a mechanic that it's maybe fair but just make the game annoying to play. If we just tell devs we dont like to die. They will just fix the problem in the surface level. De need to see the core of problem. And so do we as player in order to provide good feed back that's my point.
  12. If you think that is challenge than ok. Why will i get hurt by the right or wrong thing dev or players make? If De did lean the lesson from the lich they will be working on reconsider all the knock back right now. Not just remove one and call it a day.
  13. Single target guns should do equal or more damage than melee to single target. Explosive is fine as it is right now.
  14. Yeah and warframe is slowly become a afk game because player keep sending the message "player dont like death". Mission will slowly become the bounty in deimos which you wait in this circle for 2min to collect your reward.
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