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  1. It's easy "insert skill activity here" and get "insert reward worthwhile" For example : kill three Eidolon in 10min and get more Arcane bad example : afk in survival for 5min and get same reward no matter what.
  2. Better use the word "skill rewarding" here since people think difficult=dark soul style game play. Skill rewarding game play design. That's what i think can get us away from repeatability experience and bring us meaningful game play . Personally all i ask for ai is dont stuck in the map.
  3. I will remain solo untill they fix the terrible lag when you use Transference in pub mission.
  4. I dont get why so many people was hype about the demo. All i can see is warframe running back and front from objective to the other just like the game already is. It bring nothing to game play aside from taking place in Railjack. Especially in the lich part seeing Excalibur awkwardly shooting at lich and force to wait untill other player do their job in order to kill the lich. How is that a good experience? I doubt anyone will be satisfied even Devs manage to deliver the same thing on the demo.
  5. Just put Umbra Forma in alert and you can see how much people hate alert.
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