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  1. yup is also happening with the Shedu, and seems to happen more frequently in open world.
  2. Feel a little different.... was that a joking comment? lol Mobs that I stupidly outgunned now take 2-3 shots.... and there grineer so no shields and there level 30 to 34 .... The shedu which had no self damage know knocks me down if I use it on practically anything so its shoot - knocked down - shoot - knocked down - shoot - knocked down etc made the gun pointless unless you zoom oh wait it has virtually no zoom on aiming. IF you use it in it best range you get knocked down.... The gaming isn't made more engaging or interesting just my making things 10x harder to kill. That makes it more tedious.... do I want to spend 3 x the time doing missions that should be a walkthrough no not really. Do I want high level 100+ mobs to be challenging - yes!. So I seriously pity new or levelling players now. How about investing a bit more money on the testing server, would work wonders to actually get even remotely balanced and working patches rather than a massive stream of balancing and patches after the event.
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