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  1. Hey all! Been really busy sorting out life things but I find it really encouraging to hear you all talking about the new dojo content here! Just want to chip in and say I'll be making sure I release an update with my current 1.1 progress (Excluding my half-baked features that currently do more harm than good) as well as the updated content from the latest Warframe release. Its important to me to do my best to keep this app up to date with the game. For future updates I am probably going to try and release smaller more frequent updates rather than large updates that risk not being released since I can't know for certain what dramas life might throw on me all of a sudden. Wow I knew the Railjack hangar was big but that is just insane! I'll definitely need to balance the overwhelming visual effect this room causes but it's still important to me to make sure the information is displayed as accurately as possible. I'll figure out some sort of way to hide the true bounds when the player doesn't want to see it but show them if they want to see the true size of this crazy room. I'm sure you're all itching to plan things with the new content yourselves (I don't know where the frick to put my Railjack hangar in my dojo! The space I planned for it doesn't fit!) so I'll do my best to release something as soon as I am able to!
  2. Cheers! That helps a lot! What places are best for recruiting? I don't really have the time to spare to constantly type out new messages everywhere but where do you find works best between in-game chat, in missions (if the situation arises), these forums, reddit forums, discord, or any other places (facebook page, twitter, other warframe websites)? Also what's the best way to keep a clan (especially a small one like mine) active if I get busy with real life things?
  3. @Klokwerkaos Got any tips on attracting such people? Most people that are that rank are "Married" to their existing clan already. I have a very beautiful dojo for what its worth which might help sell the clan to people who want an interesting dojo to explore. Also just out of curiosity, is it possible to hit max rooms, max cap all furnishings (not decorated as much as thrown in rooms like storage, upgrade clan and the sell the rooms furnishings at the increased price? It would allow me to get the resources now and increase clan size without worrying about being unable to decorate.
  4. @Klokwerkaos I hear you. My Clan strategy is to stay Ghost until all dojo rooms are built and in a layout I'm happy with and then all rooms are fully decorated and everyone is satisfied with the layout. By this logic 1 good member is worth 100 good members and so my 3-4 really helpful members is the equivalent of having 300-400 really good members in a Moon clan. It's pretty obvious that this is extremely unfeasible for a Moon clan to pull off and that in reality its going to be a handful of members slogging away for hours to build one chair. As a warlord, increasing the clan size diminishes my control over the clan. Want to build another room for 1 Forma? No problem! Want to build another room for 100 Forma? I better beg and incentivise my clan heavily to accomplish that. People also won't like that their significant contribution of resources only counts for 1/5th of a decoration and that is going to demotivate people further from donating. For now until all details are sorted my clan is stuck being a tiny clan without much activity or community events (which is pretty tough on my members). I want my clan to get these sorts of opportunities which are only possible in a larger clan size. I welcome any changes DE does to balance this serious problem.
  5. On top of making looting missions more interesting, you could make it so that going in with all looting frames makes the experience more intense/difficult and might require a 'bodyguard' warframe to be present for better looting. Maybe one warframe that's a weaker looter could be a better bodyguard etc. Also perhaps a new intense game mode on each planet that is most efficient for looting but creates a more 'all or nothing' situation where the player has to make the trade off between extra loot and extra protection. I know you want to balance things and this rough idea might be of use to you to make it more engaging to players without aggravating them by replacing existing systems.
  6. On top of making looting missions more interesting, you could make it so that going in with all looting frames makes the experience more intense/difficult and might require a 'bodyguard' warframe to be present for better looting. Maybe one warframe thats a weaker looter could be a better bodyguard etc. Also perhaps a new intense gamemode on each planet that is most efficient for looting but creates a more 'all or nothing' situation where the player has to make the tradeoff between extra loot and extra protection. I know you want to balance things and this rough idea might be of use to you to make it more engaging to players without aggravating them by replacing existing systems.
  7. THANKS SO MUCH FOR FIXING FARMING! I wrote one of the popular reddit posts on that issue and I'm so glad to finally see it has been rectified! Endo Drop boosters and Faction standing boosters when? :D (Please allow us to have double max standing for the booster period if you do that). Also the Dojo needs love plz
  8. Update: I have multi stories working finally! I need to tune the opacities right as well as the indicators of higher or lower floors (probably by some variation in colour). While the app says up and down arrow change floors I also have additional alternative macros of [,] [.] [<] [>] [Pg. up] [Pg. down]. Some controls have alternative macros but I kept these unlisted to prevent the control bar inundating the page with redundant information. Unfortunately the camera position seems to be on the fritz whenever I place something so I will have to fix this before I can upload anything. I gave up on the new grid texture and reverted back to the old one. Theres a lot of UI changes compared to 1.0 and I added this blue tint I think looks nice. Let me know your thought's on these additions and changes. I apologise for keeping you all waiting on the next release but I've had the flu, a family emergency and an assignment keeping me from this. Hopefully this screenshot shows some of the upcoming changes with the application. How have you been finding 1.0? Is it holding up against other dojo planners or are you moreso holding out for the next release of this app?
  9. I just want details on the energy, max number (if any) and collisions of the railjack hangar so I can prepare my dojo
  10. Are you going to fix the rotation issues in decoration mode? That have been bugging me for the longest time!
  11. New Dojo Planning tool, including Railjack Hangar, In the works! Greetings fellow Tenno! Whether you are a Tenno considering founding their own clan and building their own dojo, or you are a veteran Moon-clan Leader wondering how the new railjack hangar will fit in your existing dojo, or anything in between, I believe you will find this tool useful. For a while now I have been developing a new dojo planner. I want to make one that address the issues that exist with the dojo planners currently out there, namely that they are: Out of date, Have issues that stop rooms being properly aligned, Are a little clunky to use, Let the user produce designs that don't actually work in Warframe. On top of making a program that is simple to use, I really want to make sure that the dojos people design can actually be built in-game, so that they don't have to spend weeks building out their dream dojo, only to have to spend more weeks tearing it all down because of some unforeseeable issue the game had with their room placement. I've gone through this and I want to save others from having to go through what I have. Here's a List of some features I have implemented/plan to implement: User-friendly experience when using the app Allow user to quickly prototype different layouts and ideas Show visible Room Bounds to indicate whether a room will actually fit (Visible in red while in build mode) Grid snapping to ensure all rooms line up how they should Node snapping to speed up design process Show warnings when a room: Intersects another room, including ones the user thinks should fit in the space Can't be placed due to Pre-requisites Is impossible to make due to energy/capacity (i.e: Running out of energy before building the rooms you need to place in order to place more reactors) Hits the 100 room cap Intersects a room above/below the one the user is trying to place I want to give a big-shout out to @Buff00n for all his help tediously figuring out the collisions of each room and making the room graphics and recording the UI Sounds used in this project. This tool wouldn't be nearly as good as it is right now if it wasn't for his hard work! I don't have a solid release date yet but it is nearly complete and could take anywhere between a few days to a month depending on unforeseen issues and user interest. This tool will be free, in order to keep this tool accessible to as many people as possible, however if you wanted to show your support through donations or in-game plat/items I would be tremendously grateful for it! Even just mentioning this to people who you think would find this handy would be very helpful to me! I want to get this tool in the hands of the people who need it most so mentioning it to others would be a huge boost! If you would like to help me by play-testing an early version, or offering your opinion on design decisions, hit me up with a DM! 1.1 Progress Log (Will be updated live): Here's some changes I have completed / plan to implement for the next release (1.1.0). | Completed | In-progress | To Complete | Much Greater Zoom Distance Swapped camera over to a true Orthographic view (as opposed to a far away perspective, which broke when zooming out any further than the current limit) The Zooming and panning system also had to be redone from scratch and will behave differently because of this . A few remapped controls. Made left-clicking on empty space function as panning (doesn't work in construction or while hovering over a piece to avoid conflicts) middle click to pan also always pans as an extra redundant control. I might make it right-click at some point but a lot of things rely on right click right now and it could get messy. Added a [X] button in the top right corner. I'd ideally like a confirmation prompt before closing but this takes a lot of effort (I have to make UI from scratch) and I don't have the patience for it right now. If this feels pointless or causes problems let me know. Capacity and Energy now turn red when negative as a better visual indicator. Rearranged UI elements into what I think is a more sensible layout. Might put Dojo stats back on top if I add a bunch of other tools at the bottom. Redesigning Grid texture out of a sine wave rather than a texture for better scaling, performance and to slightly reduce precious file-size. Currently dealing with a major flickering issue at larger distances. I give up on this because its too difficult to implement. Adding a 'build last placed' button that will allow you to rebuild the last piece you used Some more optimisations and file culling to reduce filesize (It's big because I'm using unreal engine 4 to make this and I know I could have used something simpler but tbh I understand UE4 the best. If I tried making this using some other method, the learning curve would probably prevent me from making anything at all). This just takes time because if I remove the wrong thing, everything breaks. Currently fixing the Oracle and Tenno labs. They had odd numbered lengths and therefore were centering at the wrong point. A simple offset value should fix it IT IS NOT THIS SIMPLE TO FIX! STUPID CODE! Multiple floor support with overlays for the floor above and below it. Some buttons to travel between available floors. I'll need to make the elevator down spawn an elevator up room below it and vice versa which will help avoid complications. I'll also need to create a variable for each room object to record its 'height' and have them load and unload when the user changes floors; some complicated stuff here but this would be a really neat feature that I haven't seen in any other dojo editor. This also paves the way for making collision checks between multiple stories which would be invaluable for dojo planning. Upgrade load menu to a list format of some kind. Ideally this would be a filetype you can save/load with windows explorer like most programs but I haven't learnt how to do this yet. Block Keyboard input while in Save/Load Menu Make Load delete all rooms before loading I tried doing this already but it failed horribly. Add in Toggle snap function and hopefully figure out the cause of the mysterious snapping issues which have evaded me so far. Fix the issues with moving objects and make the code compatible with the place object code (Things broke when trying to use the placement code for moving things, so currently the move code is a stripped back version of the placement code) Text Tool to place text 'objects' in the world. I'll add other useful inserts like colour and stuff in a future update. Parallel Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/ctz01g/new_dojo_planning_tool_including_railjack_hangar/
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