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  1. That's why I'm going for an asymmetrical design for mine. As it is I will have to destroy a bunch of heavily decorated rooms that I put a lot of time and effort into. A way to 'store' unused rooms would be great. On top of this they need to make the dojos a more interesting place that encourages exploration and gives people more of a reason to go there. Interactive decorations would be a massive boost to this.
  2. Apart from something generic like 'Dojo Builder', 'Dojo Planner' or 'Dojo Designer' (That last one has a nice ring to it) not really. Open to suggestions though!
  3. New Dojo Planning tool, including Railjack Hangar, In the works! Greetings fellow Tenno! Whether you are a Tenno considering founding their own clan and building their own dojo, or you are a veteran Moon-clan Leader wondering how the new railjack hangar will fit in your existing dojo, or anything in between, I believe you will find this tool useful. For a while now I have been developing a new dojo planner. I want to make one that address the issues that exist with the dojo planners currently out there, namely that they are: Out of date, Have issues that stop rooms being properly aligned, Are a little clunky to use, Let the user produce designs that don't actually work in Warframe. On top of making a program that is simple to use, I really want to make sure that the dojos people design can actually be built in-game, so that they don't have to spend weeks building out their dream dojo, only to have to spend more weeks tearing it all down because of some unforeseeable issue the game had with their room placement. I've gone through this and I want to save others from having to go through what I have. Here's a List of some features I have implemented/plan to implement: User-friendly experience when using the app Allow user to quickly prototype different layouts and ideas Show visible Room Bounds to indicate whether a room will actually fit (Visible in red while in build mode) Grid snapping to ensure all rooms line up how they should Node snapping to speed up design process Show warnings when a room: Intersects another room, including ones the user thinks should fit in the space Can't be placed due to Pre-requisites Is impossible to make due to energy/capacity (i.e: Running out of energy before building the rooms you need to place in order to place more reactors) Hits the 100 room cap Intersects a room above/below the one the user is trying to place I want to give a big-shout out to @Buff00n for all his help tediously figuring out the collisions of each room and making the room graphics and recording the UI Sounds used in this project. This tool wouldn't be nearly as good as it is right now if it wasn't for his hard work! I don't have a solid release date yet but it is nearly complete and could take anywhere between a few days to a month depending on unforeseen issues and user interest. This tool will be free, in order to keep this tool accessible to as many people as possible, however if you wanted to show your support through donations or in-game plat/items I would be tremendously grateful for it! Even just mentioning this to people who you think would find this handy would be very helpful to me! I want to get this tool in the hands of the people who need it most so mentioning it to others would be a huge boost! If you would like to help me by play-testing an early version, or offering your opinion on design decisions, hit me up with a DM! Parallel Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/ctz01g/new_dojo_planning_tool_including_railjack_hangar/
  4. Or you could jsut decorate your ship with ticker decorations like this https://imgur.com/gallery/Rjs2xbi
  5. If I place a decoration and rotate the object to be upside down, it will snap to a funny angle and won't be straight anymore. This happens with rotation snapping set to 15 or 45 degrees. I also experience this same issue when decorating inside my orbiter. I have attached an image below of some objects I was placing and you can see how wonky one of them is. I really hope this can be fixed. I am playing on a 3440x1440 (ultrawide) monitor which might be a possible cause of the problem but I think it most likely has something to do with the code behind how an object is rotated when it snaps. Rotating an object does not fix this and (with 15 degree snapping on) simply adds 15 degrees to whatever funny angle it is on. This makes a big difference especially on larger decorations (see image 3) where the effect is very noticable. This relatively simple bug wastes huge amounts of time and makes dojo/orbiter decorating very difficult to do. I would really appreciate a fix for this. If this affects anybody else please mention it so I know that I am not alone; If this has happened to you and you have a solution please let me know. It has been bugging me for the longest time.
  6. Well done with this hotfix. I really want to know whether this is recurring like Plague Star or Recurring like Thermia Fractures. There's a big difference and I can justify the cost if it repeats like thermia fractures.
  7. You still didnt fix the decoration rotation going off axis bug
  8. You Monsters. You really hate those lockers so much despite players complaining about these little Easter eggs being taken out!? FINALLY! This undoes my anger with the last post! Now we can all build happily in our Orbiters and Dojos!!!!!! Hopefully more people can comfortably use these the editors and therfore create more demand on Ikeaframe! (Seriously hoping we get some interactive/movable decorations like pistons, doors, npc's, etc, and some more generic rooms to unleash our creativity on)
  9. Woah I am beyond hyped right now! Brilliant Job DE! I hope these missions dont feel repetitive and have some procedural elements to them to keep things fresh, just like the tilesets. Either way I am ultra-hyped for whatever you reveal!
  10. "Fixed the ‘Silent Eliminator’ Nightwave Act not failing when an enemy detects you, regardless of alarms. Step your stealth game up!"Fixed ability to gain Set Mod bonus by using multiple copies of the same Mod if you have a Sentinel or Moa. Set Mod bonuses require different Mods from the Set to gain the bonus. " Aww... I enjoyed the extra strategy this added to mod loadouts but oh well I guess it makes sense. "Fixed the ‘Silent Eliminator’ Nightwave Act not failing when an enemy detects you, regardless of alarms. Step your stealth game up!" I musn't be the only one who struggles with this challenge a lot. Even with stealth frames, an enemy will see you for half a second before your blade goes between his eyes and that counts as a failure. Not only that but as far as i'm aware there's no feedback to tell me whether I have failed this or not like you get with the similar riven mod challenge. "Fixed having 6 unranked Mods in the Trade slots appearing as fully rank after "the slots are full" message prompted, and accepting the Trade results in giving 1 max-ranked same Mod away instead of 6 unranked Mods, even when you didn't swap it." I am so glad this was fixed. I would rather not give away my r10 mods by accident and it was annoying manually fixing this. Good job and much appreciated! Still holding out for an update with more Dojo Decorations/Rooms/Lighting fixes or for nicer looking operator equipment (seriously what's with every waist piece floating off the operators body because its so large? Clothes are meant to form with and compliment the body, but so many items for the operator look so baggy). I really hope someone at DE can take a look at this problem and fix it because it is preventing me (and I'm sure many others) from purchasing operator gear that would look nice if it didn't float and look so unnatural as well as decorations because ikeaframe creativity gets squandered by the bad ship/dojo lighting. Thanks for your continued tireless efforts toward this game! Still easily my longest played game of all time by a long shot!
  11. Please DE can you fix the epilepsy that is the Orbiter and Dojo lighting whenever I place decorations? I really want to make something nice without the risk of it looking horrible because of the flickering lighting. Regardless thankyou for releasing another update!
  12. Thanks for the update! Now all we need is more interactive Dojo decorations! (please)
  13. For anybody struggling with this there is an unintuitive star icon near the top of the item you can click. Hope this helps!
  14. There's lots of cool stuff to be exited about with this release but I want to point out some serious issues in order of importance. Biggest one is "Fixing" The nekros/khora/hydroid stacking effect. This gave farming runs a little more strategy but now that has been completely taken away. On top of that all you have done is wasted more valuable tenno hours by making it harder to get resources we need. When you cumilitavely add all the people who farm resources, can you imagine how many hours of humanity will be wasted because of this "fix"? Just putting it out there. I was really excited to get a vacuum bot but at 100p they are way too expensive. Sure you are going to get tons of money off plat sales from players with way more money than sense but there are a lot of other things I need to get with that 100 plat that are more important and so to the general player it is disappointing to know that they are just there for moneygrabbing. Last thing is the lockers at maroo being updated. While minor it was a nice easter egg and removing it just feels like a waste of precious Dev time that could have been better spent addressing the myriad of other issues in game rather than removing a nice touch that vets can appreciate.
  15. Yeah except when you are in a squad of 4 on a high level mission and none of you have decent gear on. I remember fighting him for 45 minutes once before giving up because he only went down to half health. It sucked. Mind you this was much earlier on but I'm glad his tankiness has gone down. I think what Bosses need to be interesting is multiple different ways/combinations of ways to take them down that act as puzzles/strategy. Perhaps making a boss nearly invulnerable unless certain areas are targeted and the effectiveness of the attack depends on the type of damage you are dealing/warframe you use. More environmental interaction that can be used to take down a boss if your 'frame is too squishy to attack directly. It would stop bosses from being so 'fire at it until it dies' or 'hit the only vulnerable spot until the enemy isn't invulnerable any longer and one shot him.'
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