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  1. THANKYOU FOR THIS! Dojo fixes and improvements always get very much appreciated! I hope you can add a way to change the door's faction between rooms! I'd really like to change the doors from tenno to Orokin, Corpus, Grineer, Solaris or possibly even infested! Hopefully we can get some more Grineer and Tenno decorations soon! And glass. Dojo's really need a proper 'glass' decoration.
  2. I appreciate the kubrowdon issue being fixed! Hopefully the bolarola echo lure doesn't sound like a sawgaw anymore too. Any chance of adding the bottom part of this door to the dojo decorations? Also please allow me to choose the original backdrop when selecting a dojo backdrop since once I change it I can't revert it.
  3. Thanks for the update, but I've noticed some bugs related to the dojo: Once you set a skybox in a dojo room, there's no way to revert it back to default. This door (upper) decoration has no door (lower) counterpart as per screenshot below. I've checked thoroughly. The big update made dojo decorating so much better! I am looking forward to more dojo improvements and decorations in the future!
  4. Thanks for the update! I hope to see new dojo decorations and dojo content soon! Really want NPC's and new effects/sounds/music for the dojo!
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