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  1. Thanks for the update! I hope to see new dojo decorations and dojo content soon! Really want NPC's and new effects/sounds/music for the dojo!
  2. Can you please fix the Somachords on the Orb vallis being so rare!? Only one spawns per map and the map is gigantic? and you need to find it like 20 times!? It would be hard enough if there were 10 somachord tones that spawned in per mission. I challenge one of DE's employees to try and find them all and tell me that it was fun. On that note, its really fun exploring all the interesting areas in the Orb Vallis! It feels like you built Skyrim's map but forgot to fill it with story and events and quests and stuff. I would love to see more passive things to do in the open world. Even somet
  3. More content please. With both nightwave and orphix venom over (Why is this update still under 'Orphix venom'!?) the game feels a bit drab since all that has happened is you have removed content from the game. Please release some more content! I would also really like to see the open worlds (especially Orb vallis) fleshed out a lot more. Whatever happened to the random encounters like freeing a captive solaris like in the fortuna trailer? I would really like to see more random events I can engage in around the open worlds, like little mini missions I can choose to partake in. Also lo
  4. Maybe you didn't notice.. but the Orbiters lighting has gone all wack after this hotfix. Really glitchy with dark patches cast from decorations. Please fix it as soon as you can!
  5. Thanks for the new update! Looking forward to seeing what this operation has to offer! :D
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