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  1. On 2021-03-26 at 11:31 PM, (XBOX)TehChubbyDugan said:

    I can't be the only one who thinks this is hilariously bad.  We literally have the pirate frame with the pirate themed deluxe they just put out not too long ago and now their putting out a pirate themed quest on our space pirate ships with a whole new frame with yet more pirate themed stuff and still ignoring Hydroid.

    They just reworked Zephyr because certain mechanics that she shares with Hydroid are bad and they admitted are they're bad.  Yet still not even a tweak to his kit mentioned anywhere.  Not even a "we're looking into it."  or a "Pablo's been eyeballing hydroid lately."  

    Nothing for our water boy.  One of the coolest themes in the game and his kit is still so bad.

    And now a new water frame is being released with better looking abilities and more versatility. Hydroid mains everywhere are going to cry themselves a puddle. They couldnt bother to fix our pirate water bender so they just gave us a pirate and a waterbender as whole new frames.

  2. On 2021-05-03 at 12:27 AM, Zeddypanda said:

    I've got feedback on Hydroid based on playing together with someone playing Hydroid, and this seemed like a better place for it than a new thread.


    • Base duration 10 -> 15 


    • This skill reduces DPS considerably unless everyone in the party has AoE weapons. Enemies get lifted way up in the air, wriggling around where they're really hard to shoot. The "effective" way to solve this might be to just freeze enemies in place so headshots are easy, but that'd be incredibly boring. It's really cool to watch the spectacle of enemies being flailed around. Instead, I suggest that players should be able to shoot the tentacles to deal damage to grabbed enemies. Maybe have puddles under each tentacle acting as static, easily hittable hitboxes for this effect. Enemies should also be held upside down so that the head is the part that moves the least.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Especially the duration comment. Tempest Barrage doesnt last long enough to be a useful cc and frankly even if it did its still wonky.

  3. On 2020-08-16 at 2:28 AM, Ichsuisme said:

    I'm hoping there's an unannounced Hydroid rework coming with his deluxe skin. Probably setting myself up for disappointment. Helminth won't go far enough.

    Sadly it didn't happen. If we are lucky with the release of Yareli they will finally realize hydroid needs changes.

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  4. Can we please be able to equip mods for Rental necramechs. I know we don't have them in our arsenal so we logically shouldnt be able to but being unable to mod them in any way means any one who didn't have the time or patience to get a nechramech before has to rely completely on his team and operator in the endurance mode, which is the best way to get blueprints.

  5. On 2020-12-07 at 8:49 PM, Leqesai said:

    There's a pretty good reason why the abilities might not damage enemies affected by Undertow considering subsumed abilities were not originally designed to be used by Hydroid. Part of the issue is also whether or not the ability is cast able while in Undertow.

    Tempest Barrage was specifically designed to have synergistic interaction with Undertow.

    So far almost all abilities I have tried are cast able from undertow, it seems like somewhere in his code there is just a blanket "can cast abilities in undertow" rather than it being specific to his abilities.

  6. Has anybody tested whether abilities like thermal sunder, rest and rage, or pillage can effect enemies inside Hydroids puddle if he is casting the ability. Since it doesnt seem like he is going to get any changes any time soon I am testing whether there are any helminth abilities that can improve his gameplay. (note that by improve gameplay I mean allow him to kill enemies faster, I am not interested in helminth builds like resonator or pull with undertow that just taunt enemies into the puddle.

  7. 4 hours ago, Soldatto said:

    Thanks! I figured the armor thing has probably been thought about so I wasn't expecting it to break any new ground. I'm really proud of the new Freeze idea though.

    The Icy Avalanche... that's a good question! I don't suppose I have a way off the top of my head to implement something similar to that in the new rework...

    Frost already has plenty of support power now with Blizzard though, and I haven't come up with an idea for an augment for it yet. Maybe something similar to what Icy Avalanche did...

    As for Icewave though, the Icewave Impedence helps because the ice-spears aren't guaranteed so every enemy who doesn't get impaled has to deal with the slowdown (also the frozen ground created by it directly buffs the ice-spears making them last longer before they thaw). I do like the idea of making the frozen ground continually proc additional chances at spears though, but I think the chance would probably have to be lowered for balance. Hmm...

    Hmmmmm, mabye allies inside blizzard can recieve a percent of your permafrost armor, or mabye icy avalanche should just be replaced with something more damage centric since he already has plenty of utility. How about- Enemies inside the blizard have a chance to freeze when they take cold damage, and from there they can explode like your 1 but they dont freeze enemies with the secondary detonation.

  8. Love the concept man, your ideas are nice and cool(forgive the pun). The armor idea has been thrown around a lot and i like your implementation plus the new freeze and icicles idea is pretty damn nice. I was wondering how certain augments and interactions would be implemented. My current frost build uses the icy avalanche augment combined with helminth Empower to get me and my teammates upwards of 2k hp buffer on cast. How would you implement that or would you change it. Your keeping ice wave impedence but do you need it since enemies hit by the wave are speared? Mabye the augment would make ice wave a persistent aoe with a set number of enemies who can be speared at once, so when you reach max numbers you can kill a speared enemy and a free enemy in the zone gets speared. Let me know your thoughts :)

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  9. On 2020-08-21 at 5:47 PM, Sahiratu said:

    It's one of their best rework ideas! I really like it, the lantern Idea looks fun, useful and match the pirate-ish/sailor theme.

    Btw, I really love undertow, so that's just me not wanting this to go but why not implement "undertow" on Tidal Surge. For example: If you keep holding Tidal Surge but doesn't move, it will be just like our old Undertow, and if you move you could keep enemies already stacked underwater to travel with hydroid (maybe like shinning dots to not have a visual mess) and also trap the ones you are passing through, like you said.

    For people saying Hydroid doesn't need a rework,I say it's not just about what you can do with him but about how lots of other frames can just do better than him, sometimes in every aspect, even for the ol' good "farming Hydroid". 

    Thx for your feedack, Im glad you like the concept. As for the keeping undertow that is sort of my intention. I understand people love it but I am trying not to make the same undertow mechanic take presidence over the rest of his kit to prevent the same stagnant playstyle. However we can smush it into the hold cast by simply altering the animation and increasing the suck range of the water- then it will just be a faster undertow

  10. 8 hours ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

    clip notes version:

    DE started development on new frame. They chose the concept art of an Eidolon Frame one of their artists made.

    Because everyone was working on Fortuna at the time they let Rebecca lead his development.

    She made him a vampire for no reason outside of her obsession with vampires. And apparently nobody was supervising her.

    Few months later when they reveal Revenant he’s shown to have a completely vampire themed kit with no Eidolon connections outside of his frame design. Steve didn’t like this and said that “The Eidolon frame actually needs to have Eidolon powers”, and that’s how we got Danse Macabre.

    I choose to believe that revenants Lore in game is sort of a mirror for his development- in that originally he was a vampire warframe and then he got converted to become an eidolon. Not an excuse for him to make no frickin sense just my headcanon. I think when revenant(not if when) gets a rework they should split him into two frames- a true eidolon and a vampire frame.

  11. On 2020-08-31 at 1:31 PM, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

    Your passive idea sounds more like something that should be on Xaku.

    Honestly yeah but Xaku and Revenant are sorta blurred, a lot of people have been talking about how Xaku looks more like an eidolon then revenant which is both funny and sad

    On 2020-08-31 at 1:31 PM, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

    Correct, I wasn’t going for a Damage minion as there is only 1 good one and Vomvalysts don’t lead to way to using what makes that minion good. I provided both the healing and the distraction, but I didn’t feel like that was enough for an ability so I threw the explosion on death onto them tho I personally think it’s going to be rather useless. But hey every good frame has 1 or 2 useless mechanics on them.

    Glad to know I got that bit right : )- and yeah almost all good frames have something useless, it is just a shame to have anything useless to begin with, especially when speaking from a hypothetical standpoint like we are now.

    On 2020-08-31 at 1:31 PM, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

    Not a fan of spawning Vomvalysts through enemies.

    It would probably be too clunky yeah, I threw it on their cause I wanted a quick example way of spawning more vomvalysts without it being a boring old recast or gain over time- 

    Would the idea be more appealing if the marked enemies took additional damage- then the vomvalyst summon idea I proposed would provide

    -Aggro drawing

    -Damage vulnerability to an increasing number of enemies

    -Shield restore and radial damage

    On 2020-08-31 at 1:31 PM, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

    Interesting and good are two very different things. Current Revenant has the issue where his base ability functions are awful and useless and they completely rely on their synergies to do anything. Which isn’t fun or really all that engaging. I want to focus on making good abilities first that stand on their own, and then throwing in synergies where it’s beneficial to do so.

    Perhaps- I believe the two are linked. You can create something good on paper, but if it is boring and uninteresting you will get that reaction, boredom, but if you create a unique mechanic that still fills a purpose, even if less useful then another ability it will still be used more often then not. I agree that abilities must stand on their own before you focus on making them unique, but I also believe that unless you build the unique mechanic into the ability from scratch it will come across as rushed and clunky- Revenant as he is is the perfect example- standalone each ability doesnt sound too bad- 

    1-A mind control ability too distract enemies and spread between enemies while still providing dot aoe when killed ooh boy

    2-A free damage immunity and stun ooh boy

    3-A dash that damages and leaches hp from allies ooh boy

    4-Laser beams that adapt their damage to enemies and can be boosted when under attack ooh boy

    but when combined they fall short because the synergies are tagged on instead of built into the core feel of the abilities- 

    On 2020-08-31 at 1:31 PM, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

    I’m open to any suggestions for a 4 alternative that resonates with the rest of the kit.

    Ill take a shot at creating one on the fly, though I would love to talk more in depth about a full kit to try and create the best possible product as I am still wishy washy on some of your stats and effects and would prefer to create one in depth concept 

    4- Revenant summons the spectral pieces of an eidolon which spawn in various locations within range- 5 pieces(4 limbs and one head) each protruding from the ground in a random location- These Pieces function as proxies for his abilities in order to maximize their effect-

    To balance out their range of effects the Pieces can be destroyed by enemies, each piece having a health and armor rating based on Revenants stats multiplied by an amount determined by strength-

    Passive effect- Pieces disrupt the environment- dealing magnetic or radiation damage like the eidolons in game blood effect

    When casting 1- Each piece summons an additional vomvalyst that draws aggro away from the piece and performs the same functions- if the vomvalyst dies while revenant still has his own active an additional vomvalyst will spawn

    (i picked only one vomvalyst since thats already an extra 5 on top of your 7- thats 12 total giving your team 6 free revives and about a gajillion other effects)

    When casting 2- Each peace gains 50% of the initial effect(that meaning half the shield and armor strip and 45% base dr since they already have a multiplied hp and armor bar) and share the resistance stacking effect with you- effectively increasing the rate at which you achieve maximum resistance

    when casting 3- creates its own aoe effect that stuns enemies-(always has the effect of your hold cast- effectively this just increases the number of enemies you stun and debuff

  12. To the people constantly arguing back and forth about who said what and why your wrong and im right please just....chill. This is meant to be a constructive discussion post on how hydroid could be reworked. If you don't like the idea of hydroid being reworked just say that and leave, their is no reason to hang around insulting and berrating people if your not going to contribute to How hydroid could be reworked instead of arguing about Should hydroid could be reworked.

  13. On 2020-08-04 at 5:30 PM, TheGuyver said:

    First of all, the stats you suggest for the concept you suggest are completely ridiculous. Second, the passive is way too powerful to be a passive.

    1. Any frame ability that depends upon an AI in anyway is going to be as garbage as the AI itself.

    2/3 are meh

    4. Not every warframe needs an exalted weapon, they just end up becoming a lazy gimmick in rework threads. Also, the eidolons pick themselves up because their remains are scatted everywhere on the plains, it wouldn't make sense for him to just magically make a giant cannon appear.

    This is completely overzealous in terms of what you think the frame deserves, you want to turn it into a massive debuff killing machine and strip anyway any identity it might have and replace it with "muh debuffs, muh damage"

    Hard pass.

    I agree with the exalted cop out point. Its a super boring idea and doesnt add anything interesting to the game even if its good damage. 

    For the eidolons picking up their remnants I think it would make a cool passive- Like when he loses 25% of his hp he loses a piece of himself and it goes flying, reducing his armor but giving him bonus ms, and this can happen 4 times with the 4th time giving him a grace period to pick up a lost piece- pieces would despawn after a period of say 10-15 seconds and picking them up would restore 15% hp- unfortunately this idea is sort of xacu's whole ult sooooo

    Your point with AI is true but I think DE is getting better with it- They experimented with just raw stat increase in the nyx "rework"(its still trash tho) and with wukongs celestial twin they ALMOST nailed it.

    I think the idea Gears had would be to make his 1 more like nekros shadows then Celestial twin though- they serve to distract enemies and be a passive source of x utility but they need to be more well balanced then his suggestion- summoning vomvalyst's is cool and thematically resonates well but it is their purpose that needs to be altered- To the Eidolons these things are pawns- they don't do much for them except help revive them when they go down and serve as a distraction for the players.

    So maybe we make this ability an investment that pays off in the right situation- He can summon a vomvalyst which travels by him and draws some aggro or whatever- It marks an enemy every x seconds- If you kill the enemy, another vomvalyst spawns and when a certain condition is fulfilled something happens- I would think something along the lines of- if you lose your shields with at least 4 vomvalysts summoned your shields are instantly refilled and the vomvalysts explode dealing (x damage plus 50% per additional vomvalyst spawned) dealing damage to enemies in 10 meters

    I think to make his kit more interesting then it currently is he needs to fill conditions to recieve the rewards he does- Rather then it just be, press button, get reward.


  14. 1 hour ago, Quir0 said:

    I feel like his rework should mostly be about the way his abilities work more than changes to his abilities.
    Nujintuai person, I "agree" on that "Hydroid is good". IN CONCEPT. The idea behind the skills, theme, etc. It would feel weird for me for them to change his abilities. BUT HE DOES NEED A REWORK.
    Whenever I see these posts I try to avoid changing Hydroid's abilities too much, because they're not "bad", they just don't deliver good enough compared to most other warframes.
    My main concerns are about stats and how they work

    1 Ability isn't really useful without the augment and even then with it, since the last changes to status, it got nerfed badly. Also that it now throws rag dolled enemies outside the area of attack. And RNG. Uncharged version is worthless. (Charging should be an option for it; aka: should only affect area of effect and/or duration, keeping its max damage consistent). (I feel like changing the damage instead of only impact (assuming maximum damage), it could do better with 50% impact and 50% piercing, maybe, I'm not very knowledgeable in numbers)
    2 Barely used, bad mobility since you're just stuck going forward until it's done. Needs fixing. (cloud walker would be something to look at, but not make it the same)
    3 Safe card, rewards you for idle gameplay, not the idea. EXTREMELY SLOW, damage "ok", but slow as well and could work better. (honestly, it does really feel boring to use it). Could be changed for survivability skill or improved, but current state is a no go.
    4 Enemies easily go through tentacles. Yay true damage, but barely enough damage. "Dumb" tentacles, make it smarter, target enemies, instead of just grabbing them, to make them like the prime trailer: crush the enemies and do damage over time, and those killed be dropped after a second (or two), so the Kraken can target new enemies.

    And his passive is basically worthless, imo. Needs something better. I do like the wet zones effect mentioned here, as in: every ability leaves a watery area after use that last x amount of time after the ability is done. What effects? idk, make the enemies slip (cc) and increase your speed? maybe have an augment that would provide what you said, with the healing and resistance. Idk

    If they were to change more in a rework, I wouldn't complain as long as it works, and as long as they don't take away our Kraken. (Honestly, like I mentioned, his abilities in concept are good; just fail in delivery since there's frames that do the same and better)

    I'm playing it safe with the "ideas", because I love Hydroid, but I do feel he needs help.

    If we were to rework him without changing the core of his abilities this is what I would suggest

    Passive-Make it one of his current augments, either allies in abilities get status immunity and heals or enemies effected drop extra loot

    1-Your right on the charge point- The damage is mediocre but it is tough to balance since it has such a wide aoe compared to most 1st abilities- being forced to hold for max effect is clunky

    Behavior-For starters projectiles shouldnt ragdoll enemies away, it prevents projectiles from hitting as often as they could considering how many hit the ground per second- So instead giving projectiles a light homing feature to better hit enemies and a guaranteed knock down or stagger instead of knock back/ragdoll- this helps more projectiles hit, effectively increasing its potential damage

    In order to prevent the damage from falling off by having too many projectiles homing in on one enemy, further worsening the rng problem- The number of projectiles that are spawned each second will be determined by the number of enemies in the zone-

    As for damage type- With status as it is now and even before the damage type at base is bad, and the augment isn't as good as it once was- Hopefully the changes too its behavior would solve this issue somewhat- if absolutely necessary direct hits with the projectiles could have a chance to deal slash or puncture damage, and the augment could have the damage type adapt so its more useful against corpus enemies as well

    2-Giving it a cancel and having it travel in the target direction rather then simply forward so you can cast vertically might work- Giving it a hold cast for better mobility would be nice but he already has 2 so it might feel clunky- One idea would for it to be a straight mobility booster instead of what it is now- Like a "flow like water" sort of gig, increasing bullet jump distance and making slide and roll's a dash or even letting him surf on a kraken for fun is an idea i've seen somewhere

    3-IT slows down gameplay allot and does need some significant changes but I recognize many still like it and I confess I too have had fun with it. Its still clunky and fairly useless tho.Letting the pool stay behind after you leave or just making it placeable with a cast and enterable on condition could work to improve gameplay- Something like- place the puddle at a location and enemies get caught in it but if you fall below a certain hp threshold or recast you instantly tp and submerge in the pool to heal or Every enemy caught in the pool gives hydroid some sort of hp buffer or overshielding

    4-Kraken tentacles need their behavior fixed no dispute- With his one fixed for damage we can focus on the cc aspect. Currently grabbing multiple enemis is useful thanks to the limited number of tentacles but that in itself creates problems with body breaking etc- Instead casting Kraken will mark the cast zone- When an enemy enters a tentacle will spawn beneath them after a delay and lift them up, crushing them in its grasp but despawning after a duration of holding or the enemy dies but there is a max cap of tentacles active at a given time or tentacles beyond the initial summon count can spawn at an added energy drain- One other idea would be to make it a persistent effect around hydroid on cast- causing a tentacle to summon beneath nearby enemies and lift them up but only when he is near them

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  15. 1 hour ago, (PS4)Nujintuai said:

    "Cant survive in high levels w/o puddle" = false.

    Youtube videos of solo MOT endurance runs not using puddle = true.

    Everything else comes down to opinion. 

    It is true you can survive without puddle, but in that case, what is the use of puddle, the cc is not as reliable as most other abilities in the same veign and its damage is negligent unless exclusively building power strength and constantly casting corroding barrage.

    And yes, opinion, this thread is an opinion, so you can disagree all you want but if you want to give criticism do something more then just say i don't know how to use the frame. It's not very constructive.

    12 hours ago, (PS4)Nujintuai said:

    Hydroid main since U13... completing Steel Path solo w/ Hydroid.. 


    12 hours ago, (PS4)Nujintuai said:

    Hydroid got a rework. It was brilliant. Hydroid is really great as he is..

    Hydroid got to grab enemies in his puddle and charge his 1 and 4, other then that and some tentacle behavior change there wasn't much else. It didn't fix his problems which remain to this day

    #1- While his cc is wide range it is easily outclassed. His 1 tends to knock enemies out of its radius. His Undertow slows down gameplay tremendously if you choose to use it. His 4 still warps and breaks enemies and slows down missions like defense if not cast from puddle to isolate them.

    #2-He lacks any other purpose, Hydroid is and will always be focused on CC, its just what he does, but it doesn't change the fact that he basically can't do anything else. The damage he does have is negligible in most situations without a comp to flesh it out and while any frame can survive when modded for it his only built in survival tool is his Undertow and possibly his Tidal Surge since it gives invincibility,

    12 hours ago, (PS4)Nujintuai said:

    OR you simply WANT him to be something he is not. 


    To answer that, no. I am keeping his core traits the same, CC Pseudo Tank- His undertow has been turned into a placeable zone that can be freely traveled to and from without destroying it and now serves the added bonus of protecting allies and damaging enemies more reliable. His tidal surge has had its behavior altered so you can use it better. I literally only made it so you can cancel it early or hold cast for altered, more controllable movement.His 3 is a new ability yes but it serves the same purpose as his current 1- placeable cc, only now it has added effects, has specific synergy with his other abilities, and allows hydroid portable status immunity and healing. His 4 is the same old Kraken, but now you are rewarded for using other abilities with extra range and tentacles, and the behavior and damage types have been changed to make it less wonky. 




    you can't expect a frame to be reworked and not have something changed, if you don't let that happen nothing changes for the better. Take ember, her rework changed almost all her abilities but she stayed the same, her damage was improved and she gained something she didn't have before, survivability. Would you prefer if she stayed the same.

    12 hours ago, (PS4)Nujintuai said:

    the problem is you dont know how to use him

    Have you been spying on me or something?


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  16. 8 hours ago, (PS4)Ozymandias-13- said:

    He's joking....kinda.

    Real reworks have been getting more scarce. They came with prime releases for a while, but several frames that needed it went their entire prime access and deluxe releases without a second look already. 

    Then, with the Helminth system many abilities that needed work were announced without any changes. I'm terrified of the thought of Helminth being used as a way to justify at least further delay reworks, but it is a very real possibility. Although I'm also terrified that the best subsumed abilities revealed are going to destroy the final thread of balance in this game - so we'll have to see where that takes us.

    My only strand of hope left for reworks from from a comment (by either Rebecca or Pablo, I forget which) that they wanted to update older frames to the standards of newer frames. Whether that's actually in progress or not I don't know. Covid messed up a long of timetables so it could've been pushed back a year or two. Or, maybe it'll be next week. Who knows anymore? Lol

    I feel like you are specifically refering to Atlas and Inaros Prime, when they came out a lot of people hoped for a rework and got nothing, at the same time though Vauban/Ember/Wukong/Nezha all received amazing changes and while inaros deserves changes he is still one of if not the best tank in the game and atlas while very niche is still generally fun to play and the recent passive augment has brought new life to him for some players.

    There is no way the Helminth system will be used to justify slower reworks, after all, even when Helminth drops it is only accesible to a small percent of players(since it is mastery locked and probably locked by deimos faction levels) and even when it does come out a clear Meta will still develop. If De wants to shake up that meta they have to change abilities. Not to mention their are abilities that are clearly not gonna be as good when this launches whose respective frames might see touch ups because of. For example. Nidus larva and Zephyr Airburst are both on their, airburst now has a vortex aspect but Larva will always be picked because it has a greater range(as far as we know). As for balance with subsumption I think it will actually be okay, because the better an ability is, the harder it is to give up the frame for it and the less likely people are going to want to farm them several times, it has a built in balance between dedication and strength- Take Equinox, many believe her subsumed ability is one of the best, but to make a spare equinox you need almost a week of build times.

  17. 4 hours ago, (NSW)AzulMage said:

    I kind of just wish DE would just give release even a small blurb that acknowledges they are aware there are frames that the community is asking to have a look at even if they add that they currently don't have the staff to do so. Acknowledgement is always nice and easy to do. 

    I would also love of they implemented a voting system where the forum members vote on which frame they MUST use while doing their livestream. Easiest way to get them to see how underpowered frames like Hydroid and others are is to make them use them in high level content rather than the frame they wanted to use. They can't say Hydroid is fine when they are in the steel path with him and can't kill enemies or survive. 

    That would be amazing, they always say they look through concepts but we never know what they have seen or even if what they are looking at is stuff the community likes. Also the idea of a vote to alter what they use and where would be great, telling reb to use hydroid in a steel path mission would be hillarious : )

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  18. 18 hours ago, Rawbeard said:

    reworks are over. now you get to helmith abilities you don't like

    I don't think just because we can swap abilities reworks are gonna stop, just replacing one of hydroids abilities isn't a real fix for him because it doesn't make him any more cohesive, it doesnt fix his core gameplay issues, and besides you can only replace one ability, so what would you replace on hydroid that fixes all of his problems, his clunky mobility, slow game play, ineffective damage, and inconsistent cc? And wouldn't you still want a rework to get a better ability for the helminth chrysalis, i dont see any frame seriously using tempest barrage even with its augment, its just not worth it.

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  19. With the upcoming deluxe skin and the release of his prime trailer I think we can almost all agree that Hydroid is long overdue for a rework. His theme is cool but his abilities are under-classed, slow down gameplay, and dont all work very well mechanically. I recently made a similar post to this with a rework concept but after receiving some very interesting feedback rewrote my concept with those ideas in mind( Thanks (NSW)AzulMage) . As I believe Hydroid is in the most dire need of a rework right now i will be trying to give this thread as much exposure as possible and will be posting it on reddits r/warframe page as well. I welcome you all to give your feedback and your own ideas.

    Passive: Hydroid's current passive sees no use and is not very useful- Instead I designed a passive that would promote active gameplay while providing some useful utility for the squad.

    Healing Waters- Certain Abilities leave an aoe effect over whatever they touch, Hydroid and friends can enter these zones to receive status resistance and healing per second. In addition certain abilities benefit from enhanced effects when used by Hydroid

    For my sake i will refer to these areas as Wet Zones

    -Note-The status resistance and hps will also allow for certain abilities to receive new, more useful augments 

    1st ability-Tide Sphere-  Hydroid summons Oceanic waters in a contained sphere at the target location, enemies within the zone are suspended as though floating and take damage per second while a % of projectiles from outside are blocked by the sphere



    - Hold cast increases the size of the zone drastically but Reduces the block chance to 0%

    Mock Numbers-

    Tap Cast Size- Base diameter of 6 meters 

    Hold cast triples the base diameter at max charge

    This means with 200% power strength your tap cast will be 12 meters wide and the hold cast 36 meters while 250% range build will have a 15 meter base and a 45 meter max cast

    Unsure on base duration but an interesting mechanic to encourage Hyroids not to spend all their time inside their Tide Sphere would be to refresh the duration and replace it with a drain per second while Hydroid is in the zone, promoting him to spend time out and enter to refresh the zone or else risk losing all his energy by hunkering down

    As for damage we can make it similar to undertow and the base cast cost can be 25 for a tap cast increased to 35 or 50 for a full charge

    Allies in your Tide Sphere benefit from the passive buffs

    My original idea for an undertow replacement was to have the puddle act as a portal to a separate ocean themed area but as pointed out to me this would divide the gameplay between normal and unique tileset even further then with Hydroids current undertow and would be technically difficult. So in line with this idea I created Tide Sphere, a sort of place-able undertow that could be freely traveled through and provided more uses for you and your team then a budget cc.


    2-Tidal Surge- For starters-



    Tap cast causes Hydroid to amass a wall of water around him before dashing the target direction in a similar fashion to his animation in the Hydroid prime video, Recasting immediately ends tidal surge

    Hold cast will cause Hydroid to perform a similar animation however he will move slower but in a far more controlled manner, allowing him to turn and freely control his directional movement

    In both versions enemies that touch the wave will be sucked into it and travel with hydroid taking damage from the initial impact and a small amount every x meters covered

    When cast from a wet zone Tidal Surges Size will be increased

    Note-Since the tap cast travels in the direction of your cursor this can travel up or down as long as your cursor points in that direction, the hold cast however, is grounded-

    Augment- Tsunami- The damage of Tidal Surge increases based on distance traveled


    Augment-Turbulent Flow- Tidal surge is surrounded by a whirlpool that sucks enemies in from farther away


    3- Possibly his strangest and most complex ability- Phorcys/Seastone Lantern- Hydroid summons an eerie stone lantern that has multiple unique effects and properties- 



    -The lantern creates a 10 meter wide rain storm centered on its location that causes any ground touched to become a Wet Zone for his passive

    -Enemies within 8 meters become pacified and lured

    The lantern acts as a pickup(ie, excavator cells, mobile defense keys) thus preventing the use of primaries while held

    -swapping to your primary or pressing x will drop the lantern at the location where it will persist for the remainder of its duration acting as a stationary cc/ support zone

    -Dropping the lantern inside your Tide Sphere will boost the dps growth and increase the lure radius to outside the spheres radius

    -Recasting lantern while looking at tide sphere immediately teleports your in hand lantern to the center of the sphere

    -Recasting with an empty hand will summon another to your hand and refresh the duration of other active lanterns

    -When held by hydroid the ability instead functions as a drain instead of a duration

    Lantern remains held when using tidal surge 

    Augment-Acid Rain- Enemies within the rain take a small amount of corrosive damage per second with a 50% status chance- lanterns placed in TideSphere will impart their corrosive damage and procs to all enemies within the zone


    4-Reworked Kraken- Call of the Deep- Hydroid summons tentacles like his current 4 but with altered behavior and effects- 



    - A base number of tentacles are summoned within the zone- However, Additional tentacles spawn from any wet zone's and can spawn outside the standard range of the call

    -Tentacles also have altered behavior 

    -rather then slapping enemies tentacles now grab a singular enemy and hold them aloft, crushing them with 50%/50% viral/impact damage allowing you to dispatch of them easier

    -for melee weapons, striking the tentacles will cause damage to be transferred to the enemy held

    Augment-Pilfering Swarm- Enemies that die while held by the Tentacles have a 100% chance to drop extra loot




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  20. I dont hate revenant, I hate how sloppy his design is. His theme got all muddled up and his abilities show it but he is still good in most content. Take his synergies for example. Sure he has a lot but when you think about it they are there just for the sake of it and dont really do much. 

    For starters most synergy involves thralls. Lose mesmer, get a free thrall, have thralls, get more leech+overshields. It all sounds great but it has FUNDAMENTAL problems. 

    For starters thralls die too fast in a squad mission to properly utilize to gain overshields or leech unless you cast 3 or 4 right away. If you want to build around the % health increase for 3 it is best to go at it in a solo mission and shepard around thralls occasionally harvesting them and resetting the duration. Its fun, but not too practical.

    The next synergy I want to talk about is a counteractive synergy. His 4th ability technically has a way around its damage fall off and thats its damage redirection trait, damage taken is stored and expended by the beams. Pretty cool. But when you consider that mesmer skin is almost always active you realize that 90% of the time this trait is effectively nullified. so if you want an effective damage dealing 4 build at high levels, you forgoe mesmer skin and build a little extra tank and sustain yourself with the reduced 3 cost.

    Another big issue is that while his 4 gives you overshield drops by killing thralls and his 3 gives mesmer skin stacks when moving through thralls, the fundamental problem is that, say you are using your 4, with 3 to move around faster, you cant refresh mesmer skin stacks or gain overshields efficiently because you have to exit your 4 and cast enthrall before resuming, and for the best result you would want max thrall numbers, requiring an even longer wait time, It is much faster to just recast mesmer skin then use the synergy.

    Those are my main gripes about his synergy.

    Then theres his theming and ability kinks.

    For theme I thought it would be cool to have a vampire frame, and an eidolon frame. But they have very little business being combined, at least in the way they did it.

    One of my biggest gripes about his base abilities is his 3. Good damage and leach, plus you can steer and cancel it. But it is grounded. The only method to really "fly" is by aimgliding and then casting, since you maintain the reduced gravity, and even then you have no way to change elevation. 

    If it were me fixing revenant I would either give him a huge mechanical overhall to clear him up or(what i consider to be a more interesting approach), fix his current kit without removing too much and introducing some method via quest or whatnot to split the existing Revenant into 2 frames, one vampire, one eidolon.

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