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  1. Shotguns like the Exergis aren't doing great with this recent change... Just sayin

    And by the way, it is still possible to end up outside the railjack sometimes if you void dash as operator within the railjack.


    Is the base railjack starchart going to see any mission variety before or perhaps somewhere near the release of the Scarlet spear squad link event? I ask this because I fear that your squad link event for Scarlet spear is just going to end up being another glorified genoc- I mean exterminate mission node like the entirety of railjack right now. Your recent changes have been quite interesting, and some of them have hit the nail on the head, so I am hoping you are actually listening to the audience's, albeit sometimes fragmented/inconsistent feedback.

    I really hope you consider making more pet types, better pet AI, railjack missions, and an actual kingpin system for the players someday.

  2. I mean I don't understand why people don't bother with CC though.. That's pretty much the best solution to prevent them from damaging your ship. Again, I wish there was more development on the enemy behaviour UI in general, but I think nerfing their hp is not the way to go since railjack does not appear to be newbie content. As far as gun relevance goes, I think alot of the guns right now are irrelevant in warframe, and some are in need of a revamp, as well as glaives.


    Sometimes players don't necessarily develop a meta that is the best. And given that railjack has such a small existing playerbase (at least from my runs for the past few days), a proper meta hasn't been developed anyway. I am very certain CC frames are actually a really good way to go in railjack. And that is something I would rather be encouraged. Instead of making enemies easy enough to be nuked in seconds. Also a mirage is not exactly gonna survive well for long in railjack. They're pretty much stuck only protecting the railjack at that point if they would rather not die doing railjack objectives.


    Once enemies get brought down to levels that the other 95% of guns can down, people are just gonna settle on nuke frame metas again, and then railjack becomes solo content, much like alot of the rest of the game. Again, I agree that difficulty should not be simply DE cranking the dial on the numbers on enemies all the time (Fortuna-Spaceport lvl 4 bounty being a primely bad example), but instead of nerfing the tanky enemies in railjack, I think they should see the benefit that this railjack system currently brings to CC gameplay, since the rest of the game tends to make them irrelevant.



    Additionally, there are a bunch of ways to deal with these mobs with some frames and even pet set-ups. I'd recommend giving the mecha set a go, with a gas/slash status weapon. Vauban's Tesla Nervos + Bastille is another one. 

  3. Unpopular opinion but I have to say that the tanky enemies DO technically encourage players to actually use CC frames. 


    If we nerfed the enemies then well... People are just gonna start using Saryn to demolish everything again. And before you know it, railjack becomes another ESO. 


    Until DE starts implementing more mobs with better behaviour, I don't think nerfing enemy health is going to do anything. And I am not condoning the state railjack is in btw. However, I do not think the enemies are part of the problem behind railjack 

  4. I am sure I have mentioned this before, but I would like to add an update to the issue of Tactical intrinsics allowing you to cast other people's warframe abilities. I really think the tactical skills for warframes should just be generally new skills for some of the warframes that arent just copy pastes of one of their skills in general.


    Limbo's one is particularly bad. It is cataclysm, that is only useful if the Limbo in the party has stasis on AND it  cannot be turned off. So you can cast this bubble and block out the slingshot from player access, and there is no way to close it. Oh by the way, you can cataclysm a crewship engine as well. And yeah, you guessed it, you are left trying to kill that thing with your operator I guess (haven't tried that), or wait for the cataclysm to close (mine happens to be 70seconds long).


    Perhaps remove warframe ability kinesis entirely, or rework them please. They are not particularly great for some frames, and some are decent(like Ash's invisibility).




    Edit : One more thing, as I play more of railjack again, I have realised that skills like Cataclysm (while badly implemented) and Null star, I realised that their use can be kind of limited even though you would like to make the best of them. What do I mean? Well, Nova's Null star can only seem to be used once during an entire mission (unless the player with Null star dies), and Cataclysm is sometimes arbitrarily unavailable, even if there is no present Cataclysm that has been cast (to my knowledge at least). I cannot stress this enough, among many other quality of life improvements that are needed in Railjack, ability kinesis needs a proper rework to make railjack and using tactical skills a holistic experience. Don't even get me started on Gunnery level 10.


    Additionally, please consider scaling intrinsic rewards based off of the level of the enemies or the area. As it stands right now, I do not seem to find as much of an increase in Intrinsics gained between Veil Proxima and Saturn Proxima particularly. Maybe make it such that every new area gives intrinsics at a rate double of the previous one (much like how you have decided to make intrinsic leveling requirements multiplicative.


    I want to stress this even more since Scarlet Spear is apparently the next mainline update coming - please do not forget that most, if not all, of the players who played railjack want missions besides skirmishes which is the space version of exterminate. We would love to have exploration missions like you showcased in tennocon, survival missions squad linked with railjack, boss fights linked with railjack etc. There is so much you could link up and tweak about the current starchart missions you have right now with railjack squad link options that would completely change the mindset of most players to this day that coop in warframe is a novelty.

    I've seen your kuva lich rework recently and it is  evident to me that you are aware of the dopamine rush that fuels players to farm kuva liches for hours on end for the amazing weapons as a sweet, sweet award. Why not do something like that with railjack? Make built forma a possible reward from railjack missions in Earth proxima for example ( and don't make it any less than 5% drop rate), add massive credit caches, new pets as a reward or something I dunno.
    Finally, make some more avionics please ( and don't make them drop out of enemies this time please I am begging you -  do them in exploration missions). If you are running out of ideas (understandably), here are some:
    • Railjack blink - Railjack teleports forward a certain amount
    • Hack - Lets you hack enemy galleon ships
    • Space flashbang
    • Invulnerability avionic - Make players invincible for a period of time

    I am begging you, make alternative avionics to void hole that can compete so that players that do not have the misfortune of not having one, are left to fly themselves because there are some questionable people out there who refuse to play with players who do not have this silly avionic - which I have been sure of to give away to others so they can have some fun times. Make some good alternatives to this skill perhaps.


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  5. Just thought I would mention this in the case that by some small miracle, DE considers this in the future - would Bursa pets ever be a possible addition in the future?


    Honestly you could have Bursas be the CC pets with flashbangs or multiple stomps etc. And if pet commands actually become a thing, perhaps they could even be commanded to guard certain areas with their riot shields! I know there are plenty of pet improvements DE should be working on first, and I hope just as much as most players for DE to rework them to be more survivable. However, since DE has started making another new 'melee' MOA (which I have no idea how it would work out), perhaps they could consider looking into making bursa pets a thing. OR, we could have a MOA feature that turns it into a bursa.

  6. Prefacing this quick post by saying that I understand that it is my bad for not understanding what DE meant when they said they are now no longer allowing liches to give the same weapon twice in a row. I spent 4hours farming for a lich, not knowing this. As expected, I should have known better than to blindly trust the game's UI to tell me this.


    That being said, what I do not understand is why we are not able to farm for a lich to have the same weapon as the previous one did, now that we can see the weapon being displayed??? You added a somewhat bad solution to the problem of players getting a weapon they did not want again, and then added a second better solution, giving this illusion of full choice, when in reality, now we are teased with all the weapons BUT the one we might want to farm successively for?!

    I've gotten a Toxin Bramma at 26% toxin. This rng stat to make me feel special is not the greatest. So I think to myself, to make myself feel slightly more special, lets bump this stat that is the only special, unique stat in the game (that so happens to be about benefiting damage and nothing else), by farming more brammas. But now apparently, I am forced to pad out these liches with ANOTHER kuva weapon in between? Why?


    Finally, I appreciate the dialogue box showing the kuva weapon we would get from starting a lich. But, why can't I cancel this lich if I accidentally pressed X on it since it is such a common button to press? Why doesn't aborting the mission not cancel this lich, like it cancels the drops I got from the mission? And for all the talk about hold-to-confirm presses, why is that not here when it comes to liches - one of the greatest time sinks in the game currently?


    And finally, please consider finding some other way for us to grind requime mods? This is an absolutely terrible way to farm them.


  7. I think that for consideration of the progression system for further railjack, maybe DE should have a quick little revisit on which nodes the weapons should be dropping at, amongst a couple other things.


    Weapon Drops being shifted by a couple of nodes

    To this day, in order to progress in railjack, the best way to do so is to still hitchhike a ride on a decked out railjack in the veil proxima and build em accordingly for your railjack whenever you get all the resources you are required to do so, which is also preferably done on someone else's railjack in the Veil. While I appreciate the fact that DE removed rush repair drones, imo the damage has already kind of been done. While I don't suggest bringing them back, I would suggest toning down the build requirements of the earlier mk 1s and 2s.

    Most importantly, I think that mk ls should be a very common drop in most of Earth's railjack nodes. However, mk 2s should drop not only on Saturn, but on the last few nodes on Earth (perhaps as a possible end of mission reward). Likewise, mk 3s should not only drop in Veil proxima, but also on the last few nodes of Saturn.  Please correct me if I am wrong to assume that they only drop on the separate proximas.


    The reason why I ask for this is because as of right now, players have no reason to actually experience railjack, with their railjack. They are prompted to just get onto someone else's ship who has everything decked out already. And how did we manage to reach Veil proxima upon 2 days of Empyrean's release? Rush repair drones. So basically, this was all possible thanks to a group of brave ones spending plat on those robotic upgrades. However, instead of suggesting that rush repair drones be brought back, I'd rather the gamemode be doable from start to finish more smoothly for a player who is new to railjack, has just constructed theirs, and is starry eyed, having their mind run wild with imagination, as he roleplays as Cpt Hydroid, fixing hull breaches, smashing into crewships, and perhaps together with other fellow mates on board. 

    As someone who has already basically gotten every railjack upgrade from Empyrean from long back, I find it fun to hop into new players' sessions and helping em out. That is why this appears to be such an issue to me. I don't mind the beginning weapons being absolutely terrible. However, perhaps they could not have to consistently struggle with weapons that are consistently outclassed by the sheer tankiness of the fighters in their current Proxima?



    Connecting the Proximas

    Moreover, for all this talk about connection, there isn't even a reason why Earth, Saturn and the Veil proxima are connected. Even on the vanilla starchart, you have to fight a specter boss, and then open an amazing looking portal on the little ship. Has DE considered doing something along those lines for Railjack? We could have the Railjack open some sort of 'space stream' or giant 'portal' in order to gain access to Saturn, and Veil proxima and likewise in the future.



    I'm certain many have mentioned this before me, and it's arguably a suggestion that merits little attention for now, but eventually I hope you would consider allowing players to customise their railjack.

  8. THANK YOU. Someone else has realised this as well. I've stopped playing Limbo frequently at this point because there just isn't anymore consistency with alot of things. 


    To this day (correct me if I am wrong), sapping ospreys and a bunch of other mobs that do not communicate this, are able hit Limbo while he is alone in the rift. Combined with the fact that Stasis is no longer a status effect maintainer just destroyed Limbo's appeal to me almost completely. I still love his CC capabilities. But combined with the occasional loud mouthed hater, or the fact that CC is becoming more and more irrelevant in newer content (except Railjack which is nice), playing Limbo feels like a chore these days.

  9. Scott even mentioned in a devstream prior to empyrean's release that the mission type varies depending on the map type. It got me so intrigued, like it was a brand new thing. No longer would a node be a fixed mission type!


    Aaaand they're all skirmishes. I guess he was referring to the fact that some maps may or may not have an asteroid base or something like that? But frankly his description of warframe-specific railjack abilities, and mission types being generated from a pool of possible types depending on the map layout sounded like something far greater than it actually was...

  10. At least 2 bugs to report in addition to my previous post:


    1. If you slingshot or simply travel to a POI in railjack, your pet goes down to base warframe health at level 1 * whatever health boost mods it has on apparently.



    2. As of recently, after every mission, I appear to be returning to the dry dock with base warframe health at level 1 at the dry dock. This is the reason why I believe the pet hp health is based off of the warframe's health at level 1.



    3. Sometimes when I am in the slingshot, the invincibility state is not entirely accurate. Your shields can get lost while you are in the slingshot for a while (from my experience), and occasionally I might die if I leave the slingshot after a while (say after 5seconds) or if I sling into a crewship.




  11. @Educated_Beast Very likely playstyle. However, you imply an interesting point that pets perhaps need to fulfill better, more pertinent roles. For you, RNG, loot drop rates etc matter the most and I understand that. For me, after getting the smeeta kavat, I realised that i personally disliked undergoing an RNG process (rotating between buffs, when I want the drop rate buff for instance) to improve my experience with RNG, so my smeeta unfortunately now remains frozen forever. I just go with a booster if I really need more of something. 

    However, pets like the kubrow I find very useful thanks to the mecha set. While situational, it performs phenomenally on railjack. Shooting one marked enemy essentially assures the death of all surrounding enemies within 30m, which works so well against boarders.

    I like the Huras for their invisibility ability. On that subject, I'd actually think it would be preferable for the Shade to actually have a a Cloak ability that is comparable to the Huras's, since as of right now, it is a world of a difference between the 2.


    But the Vasca kavat would definitely not matter to you, if you do not foresee yourself dying to a stray bullet perhaps. I assume you are playing one of the tankier frames? If that is the case that is my point really. The Vasca kavat could easily be a great pet for frameplay that involves the squishy frames in situations such as in a bossfight. It can still kind of fulfill the resurrecting role, but not reliably in the high level areas.

    Personally, I think this becomes more relevant with time since this is where newer content from DE is going anyway (liches and railjack's veil enemies). 

  12. @TearsOfTomorrow Could you elaborate on the strategize part? Personally, I have done that a little bit with my MOAs and sentinels. A radiation Cryotra that is 100% status, makes killing a MOA very difficult for the enemies since they keep confusing them. Is that what you're referring to? I find it difficult to do so with animals generally since they don't appear to be heavy on the status ends of things. But yes, I agree with your comment on the Wukong AI. That clone could probably complete entire missions for some honestly. Here's to hoping that they consider making our pets a little better at surviving with the less tanky frames.

    Just to add to this, I have been testing the Vasca kavat with Gauss. Gauss isn't technically a tank, but killing him is rather difficult despite him not having much armour or health. Having a vasca kavat was my idea of circumventing some of the one-shot phenomena (apparently that was acknowledged by a DE staff member or 2 as being a current bug on reddit) that was happening on certain maps for whatever reason. Currently as it stands, it made me realise that kavats in general don't survive very well. I could see a point being made about Adarzas or Smeetas, but Vascas really should be given a better system to survive, seeing as that's their entire selling point.

  13. [As per the wiki]

    Adarza Kavat which gives a crit buff has 120 Health, 210 Shields, 50 Armour.

    Smeeta kavat which provides a list of buffs (drop rate buff, quick reload etc) has 150 Health, 180 Shields, 50 Armour.

    Given the skills they have and bring to the table, it makes sense to me that they are something rather squishy, and their kits are mostly to support the player.


    In contrast, the Vasca Kavat's signature skills are Transfusion and Draining Bite. Transfusion revives you when the player is down with a cooldown, while Draining Bite allows the cat to deal 400 damage to restore 10% of the cat's health. These skills imply that the cat would regularly be in situations where it outlives the player, and be self sufficient at defending itself and replenishing its health. From my testing, it still gets lost while you're traversing maps and gets shot down by regular mobs, just as any other cat typically does once they are lost. I'm sure many players have mentioned how pets in general tend to stray from their owners quite frequently.

    Upon looking at the stats of the Vasca Kavat I realised that it has 237 Health , 210 Shields, 50 Armour. 

    While indeed there appears to be a greater amount of health and shields on the kavat, I don't find it very helpful for its survivability. A common counterargument to this would be to play a frame that is tanky. However, I fail to think of a situation where a tank frame player would ever think of running a cat to revive them, seeing as they tend to tank.


    My suggestion would be to make the Vasca kavat have a baseline of even higher health, shields and most importantly armour. Secondly, I think the skill Draining Bite, should not be a skill that they activate intermittently, but just a side effect of every attack they do, and perhaps be affected by the amount of damage they do, something like Life strike on a melee weapon.


    Finally, I am sure people have said this countless times when it comes to pets, but I am going to repeat this just in case DE happens to have forgotten about this, but hopefully pets will get a bit of a rework in terms of pathing and general behaviour?

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  14. Have come back to railjack in a while. Drops have significantly improved my experience compared to the launch state. What hasn't are the following:


    1. Sometimes I just magically end up outside the ship. The only reason I can think of this happening is perhaps I am pressing X at some spot. However, I am not pressing X anywhere near the where the exit locations are, and when you exit normally there is usually an animation for you leaving the ship.


    2. Aiming while inside the slingshot, shows yourself as invulnerable. So does propelling yourself. However, this is NOT the case. I can be inside the slingshot for over 2seconds (as Itzal admittedly) and whether I exit from the slingshot or launch myself successfully, the damage that I am taking appears to take effect once I am out of the animation, oneshotting me in both cases.

  15. On 2020-01-11 at 10:04 AM, [DE]Megan said:

    Increased range that the Mine Osprey drops mines from. This combined with their behaviour bringing them close to the player meant the Ospreys would only usually get about one mine dropped before hovering harmlessly near the player.

    Am I the only one seeing a problem with this? Aren't mines from the Mine Ospreys the ones that kill frames like Limbo even if they're in the rift? Instead of looking into that, doesn't this exacerbate that issue?!


    Edit: NEVER MIND. My apologies. Those are sapping ospreys that I was thinking of. They still hurt but thank god that wasn't the one they buffed. Ignore my post about this then please >.>

  16. I've come back after a while and would like to ask why it seems that as time passes more and more mobs seem to just magically be able to hit Limbo inside the rift when he doesn't have any mobs with him inside it.

    Are there enemies in the Void map tileset that can now hit Limbo inside it as well? Or perhaps maybe there are mobs inside the rift that are stasis-ed but can still hurt Limbo? I always thought only the toxic infested mobs could do that, and usually that is very clear since they have animations depicting toxic effect working on you. I was getting one-shot 1 or 2 times in today's Sortie for instance, but I could not locate what killed me at all.

    I know that Ospreys to this day can still hurt Limbo through the rift. However the infested versions do not harm you but they can harm objectives. There isn't any reason for either of them to be able to do so. I would be fine with either of these features, but not both. That's just inconsistent.


    I think certain enemies being able to harm Limbo while in the rift alone would be fine if it would just be telegraphed properly, and explained. Randomly dying to harmful elements of the map (perhaps that was what killed me somehow?) or mobs that do not announce themselves to be somehow rift-bypassing is not exactly fair now is it?

  17. 16 hours ago, ShakeyMac said:

    Regarding your first note, once you unlock Tactics 5, the Chase Camera, you can tab between people and see exactly what they are doing, and then apply Kinesis to their local area.  A small map of their area appears when you tab to them and select which ability you want to use.  I use this quite frequently as Gara to apply the dmg reduction from Splinter Storm to my away team members.

    I stand very corrected. Thank you! That actually makes me happy 🙂

  18. I am posting this here since i assume it does not warrant a separate post per say as of yet.



    Tactics Deployment Location

    if I remember correctly in the previous demonstrations, there were times whereby we were told that the team was 'connected' within a mission - i.e. someone on the railjack could support the away team (presumably using Tactics). As of right now, I do not think we are able to deploy Ability Kinesis to anyone who is on say, on an enemy ship or within an objective. Is that possibly coming sometime soon? Right now skills are only deployed within the Railjack.


    Turns out we can deploy our skills wherever our teammates are. Just click Tab while in L mode (Tactical mode). Excellent. Credits to @ShakeyMac for being awesome at pointing this out.


    Ability Kinesis Skills (Tactics Level 2)

    Secondly, I understand some like me might have misunderstood when Scott mentioned in a Devstream that Warframes have their own 'unique' skills that they can deploy in Empyrean as new skills. I had assumed that these skills would not be just one of the 4 skills that the warframes already have, cast with the Railjack's energy. Mostly because this idea doesn't work well with some frames. For example, Limbo's Ability Kinesis is Cataclysm. Just cataclysm. I have yet to fully experiment with this, but if the Limbo in the party does not have his stasis on, then there really isn't a point to this is there? The mobs would just be mildly inconvenienced and keep moving on, exit the bubble and wreak whatever havoc they wish to. I presume this will be developed in the future?


    + Additional Note: I just tried Limbo out with RJ, and I realised something phenomenal. So Limbo is and probably always will remain a polarising frame. But the reason why I believe Ability Kinesis being just a copy of one of the frames' abilities is bad is because now anyone in the party can actually make a Cataclysm to stop people from using the Slingshot. So perhaps, I dunno, DE could we please get new abilities that follow the theme of frames that can be casted and give a more straightforward benefit to the party in proximity to that casted power?? In fact, back in the days where players apparently had to use mods to select what warframe powers they could bring? What about doing that for Railjack? More work? Yes. But it would add some seriously impressive depth to RJ gameplay, instead of casting directly copied warframe powers. You could have at least 1 new skill that each warframe automatically gets as a result of being a participant on Railjack. Limbo could for eg could rift the railjack for a short period of time... Some frames are actually already decent away team supports with their standard warframe abilities. Some really aren't.


    Mission Types

    I understand that this has probably already been said numerous times, but having only one mission type over Christmas is brutal. Secondly, whatever happened to the mission type that you showed in a Tennocon where the members just entered a tower exploration kind of mission to explicity discover technology? While some commented that the mission seemed simple, that doesn't mean we necessarily prefer the old method of killing mobs and getting the technology as a drop chance. For once, we could add some purpose to having sabotage, spy or hiijack missions, but with some Railjack flair.



  19. I dunno @(XB1)Skullstachio . Changing stasis to only enable player bullets to move IS a massive and damn good buff. But why 'counter' that with a duration 'nerf'? Most people tend to use a high duration build. So now players somehow needing to cast stasis at twice the rate is... a counterbalance??  I DO wish stasis became an ability that was independent of duration, but I might be asking for too much.


    Limbo's rework in general really changed him from the 'divide and conquer' mechanic. Which is fine in fact. Considering the game's meta and whatnot, Limbo would become so obsolete with single target banish imo. He's meant to be a CC frame in the end. Single target banish doesn't seem to be a good thing to bring back.

  20. I'd really like that change to his 2.


    At higher levels, if a Limbo is not using his stasis to freeze his targets before engaging them, he's absolute toast, so I don't see how that 'discourages more active play'.  This would go so well with a minimum duration Limbo now that you can shoot while in stasis. Instead of recasting stasis every 3-5 seconds to reap the benefits, having it be independent of duration mods would probably be considered a buff though. 


    Stasis was initially a longer lasting ability and when Limbo got a rework for his Prime release, they halved the duration, almost as if in spite. So I am not too sure if the developers will consider doing this.


    Secondly, I disagree with your change for 3. Particularly for Limbo's rift surge to no longer transfer a surge to enemies outside the rift- somewhat.  If you're desperate to make Rift torrent somewhat useful an augment mod like me, you'd probably somewhat like the damage boost you get from the rift surge being transferred to outside enemies. But yeah it's pretty useless in active combat.  I wish it was something more like , if you hold banish on enemies in the real plane with surge(while you are still in the other plane - the rift), they collapse and drag enemies into the rift along with them.

  21. Well it all depends on what mission type you are doing ...


    1 hour ago, (PS4)tissot555 said:

    Stop telling people to play limbo this way. Seriously. Stop. It.

    Stop telling me what to tell other people. Seriously. Stop. It.

    How do you do Hieracon in Pluto then? In a mission type where defending a weak objective is essential, rift surge is the mvp. Not simply cataclysm. You WILL mismanage mobs and get your objective killed.

    I understand your worry. Really. I do. But it feels rather pointless to tell me to stop without a possible alternative.

    8 hours ago, 0verridden said:

    So if you continuously rift surge banished enemies and let it keep dragging more enemies as banish wears off, you CAN gather mobs up to a 70m + 14m(additional banish radius of outermost ring of mobs when surged).  

    Also, you quoted my entire post but I am not sure you read everything at all. Its purpose was to highlight what Rift surge CAN do, not what you should be doing in every single mission. 

    Let me highlight that in case for some reason someone reading this genuinely thinks freezing every mob under the Sun for a survival/exterminate/defense mission is good. It isn't. Please don't do it.

    4 hours ago, CazadorDeWulf said:

    making Rift Surge even somewhat effective

    Didn't mean anything by it. I am actually curious what your rift surge banish radius is.  You don't need a max range build. But a decent range limbo with rift surge generally maintained WILL freeze everything your mobs very well in a mission where you need it. (again in case I was not clear. Pleaaaase do not do this in a mission where you have to kill stuff, or where stuff is low level. Not helpful. Only in cases where you need to defend something weak and everything basically can one shot you or stagger you to your death)

    I was merely replying to explain why rift surge can be so useful. It is genuinely a very useful cc skill. At the very least, maintaining rift surge initially in your bubble at least helps maintain your mobs within in case a nullie pops it. And if you maintain that cast, the mobs surrounding your shrinking bubble can largely be managed despite it being out of it's range. This is especially helpful for high level excav missions.

    Lots of people find Rift surge useless. Just claiming that it really isn't. It's an awesome cc. But nothing else to be fair. Can't count on it for a decent damage buff based off of enemy level or armour or anything after all 😕

  22. On 2019-02-04 at 11:51 AM, CazadorDeWulf said:

    performs an unreliable(as in bugged) Radial Banish

    If you follow the typical small cataclysm advice, sure, pretty much everything in Limbo's kit becomes useless then. Radial Banish can be brought up to a banish radius of 14m (10m from my experience to have some efficiency mods together with range mods).

    Under abilities, look at your banish radius for rift surge. It is quite a small value unless you build for ranged limbo.


    On 2019-02-04 at 12:39 PM, YUNoJump said:

    it just pales in comparison to a massive-radius bubble that makes Tenno inside functionally invincible and completely disables any enemy inside

    I do not know what range build you are using, but please have a look at your rift surge radius value in your abilities display.

    Assuming you're not using a duration build, let rift surge trigger it's radial banish and continuously recast it (you're gonna need efficiency to pull this off comfortably without a net loss in energy without killing mobs inside the rift). Let me know how rift surge 'pales in comparison' to cataclysm.

    Just to put things into perspective. With a max range build at 280%, cataclysm has a radius of 44.8m, Rift surge radius cast is 70m. So if you continuously rift surge banished enemies and let it keep dragging more enemies as banish wears off, you can gather mobs up to a 70m + 14m(additional banish radius of outermost ring of mobs when surged).  


  23. Sorry birdobash. I meant I don't have either of them maxed. Cause I'm a pleb who doesn't have that much endo. And I have yet to get access to arbitration. .-.


    11 hours ago, (PS4)tissot555 said:

    why not run the augment if you have room for it


    And yeah tissot I already have a power strength build made for maximizing the damage from rift torrent. My question is, how much is the increment? So specifically, say when you're using it for example and have attained say 300% extra damage, what were your dmg values before and after having applied rift torrent?  

    I am very curious about where the damage bonus is being applied to. Is it being applied to after the damage bonuses from mods and so forth or does it add base damage derived from the weapon's unmodded stats? 


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