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  1. its damage 3.0 melee- warframe -weapons
  2. i'm atlas my main skill is dead with melee 2.9 and saryn killed my first visible litche at 20 meters ;_;
  3. Holding the W button even while attacking with the E key is a way to prevent the player from exhaustion in keeping their fingers up without touching the keyboard The combination of W + E for sprint or sprint hit is a mistake as there are only two keys and these keys are of constant use to the player, makes frame out of control when trying to hit a fixed enemy. We need to have a SPRINT by double pressing the W key while defending with MOUSE 2 button, something similar to rolling but this movement will be standing without evasion and the warframe will be exposed defending with the melee weapon MOUSE 2 button (this sprint needs to be affected by melee weapon attack speed mods and can't work if the warframe is not defending) We need to have a SPRINT ATACK / HIT pressing or attacking consecutively with the E key while walking with W and defending with melee MOUSE 2 (may be the same animations and attacks that already exist, this sprint needs to be affected by mods). melee attack speed) return the damage multiplier as there are enemies with scalable resistance, one way to avoid macro makers I would recommend creating a more complex combo multiplier that involves detecting full kit hits or even specific moves, warframe> primary> secondary> melee ... a more analog scoring system as long as the enemy takes damage different from the previous action, the more random the combination the more score is for the multiplier, rares eximus enemies with localized weak point as teralyst (please without shield globes) etc... note: apparently the compliments don't specify which stance they're referring to, I just tried: * Shighting Blight (good move) * Seismic Palm (horrible movement, enemies flee floating to the sky) * Bullet Dance (good move but enemies flee floating to the sky) this text was created by a translation tool
  4. show me your melee weapon killing lvl160 in the simulacrum I wonder if anyone is managing to kill lvl160 (heavy gunners, bombards, nox, etc ..) as easy as it was before the update, without any arcane or warframe influencing death I would like to believe that the damage efficiency remains the same and only the mechanics that changed the game i'm not asking for your mods configuration just a proof that there is a way
  5. Grendel's keys mission is difficult without the mods on warframes and sentinels, is this part of the difficulty or a bug?
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