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  1. Hellminth Master's Summons so spensive 50 of energy, should resurrect companions Vulpaphyla are hybrid companions, they are sentinels and terrestrial companions at same time, you can choose to build, i'm not sure but the kavat's skill duration mod keeps him in sentinel mode for longer, vulpaphylax can kill himself to restore his energy and give the benefits of synth mods
  2. do you want a multiplayer game or empty lobby? ok, ignore my topic sorry, the person who described this is no longer here inside me
  3. yes, supply and demand I imagine a high demand because there are players with a large quantity available and few players to pay for this cost but these buyers (novice players) are active trying to buy pieces for below average values because it is difficult to accumulate this amount of platinum without understanding the misinformation that there at wmercado.com I see an imaginary gap between the purchase values and the sale values (buy and sell tab) and there is a novice player discovering two difficulties for progress in the game: the market patriarchy and the RNG the novice player
  4. well ... nop? their website does not have access to the player's account information, they cannot know if the items are available and these numbers indirectly affect the progress of the novice player, the novice player will have difficulties with RNG and with an external market influencing the game I am not saying that the prices are wrong or right I am exemplifying the difficulty of the novice player and a possible bankruptcy of the game and inactivity of players because it is stressful to compete with external factors
  5. I forgot to bookmark the player's post above who quoted about the law 😂
  6. but the current situation makes players less likely to buy platinum the devaluation of pieces keeps the liquidity active with the players reserves, there are many players with enough safes to buy the market this way the player does not need to buy platinum from DE, if the liquidity is procedural the platinum purchase will be more constant, novice players can choose to work hard with market safes or buy platinum from DE itself, are liquidity factors and more platinum flowing in the market for rare items only new parts should be cheap and buyable for the price, rare parts can only be b
  7. yes, the market is free but the tool is not fair and is against the law for new inexperienced players, it is devaluing DE profits, it is devaluing the warframe game the variation is based on non-existent items, the accounts are real but the availability is unreal, the liquidity flow is slow and the numbers are generated by false stocks good ... the feedback is linked to the game because the market is from the game but it has an imprecise external tool affecting the functioning inside the game I don't want to ruin your market, I'm just citing failures 😐
  8. possible fair solutions: * a free account access port for any website tool (some rpg games uses this trade system) * a complete market tool within the game environment
  9. title is self-explanatory but I will exemplify some situations influencing the value of prime pieces and devaluation of the game's currency: this player exposes the volume (quantity) of pieces on the market making the market devaluate for new pieces, the new player wants to sell faster and cheaper this player does not have time to check the market values and readjust his sales strategy as the website tool is disconnected from the player in game this player has many other equipment in his profile to be readjusted but he only occasionally visits the site to sell and in the
  10. ok so we need to increase endo values of anasa, this is it? 🤔
  11. [loid] cool, i just lost resources collec of 1:30h in my last extraction, fishing, catching, drops, ores ... i love to shoot in warframe i love to shoot and shoot ... [*loid]
  12. loki and kronen prime platinium UP UP UP...
  13. Universal coins make universal way to play warframe, universal ways make RNG more puzzle and less stressful Basically if all currencies can be exchanged between unions, players would have more freedom to choose what they want to play and when they want to play and where they want to play because the trade will be more and more universal for this to be possible the following additions and changes of exchanges need to be free: The Universal Medallion: will dropped anywhere for a minimum percentage of RNG by all enemies and bosses is sold in all syndcates for own s
  14. no no no forgiveness tenno friend, you did not understand me, the problem I mentioned is not the presence of these animations, the problem I mentioned is the randomness of the "timer hit" present in the sequence E, E, E, E, E ... there is no consistency of hit, there is no control of the gameplay, most of the time some stances make the character miss the first blow on very close enemies, for example: Melee: Okina | Stance: Gnashing Payara Get as close as possible to an enemy and the first hit pressing E key only once, the enemy will be in front of you but your character will ret
  15. yes, the armor pieces for the arms and legs of the frame and some specific weapons are also having the same problem ... I tried to specify this in this topic below but I don't know if I managed to be clear. I usually call materials instead of shaders, DE seems to work with different teams for each content that is released, this damages the visual aesthetics of some items and maps because it doesn’t look like a mess, there is no shader pattern, some steam items don’t use rules when producing, there are color overlays in some mappings and sometimes the reflection shader seems to fail when
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