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  1. solid combo system, hitting different targets to increase the x modifier. I like it. offtopic: those mods that activate the modifier after killing a target have serious functional problems, all of which should have the activation mechanics after hitting different enemies like a new weapon combo system. *the same target can be hit again after x seconds and this will keep the combo active... it would also be nice to have a secondary modifier to reduce the time that this same target can be hited and counted again,
  2. bingo: so we don't need mods augment, the sky is not the limit this is a casual and simple game to play, everything is perfect.
  3. yes suppose the next companion augment or survival mod is released in a few months or years ... but the game cannot deliver "full power" to the players, warframe will never be a complex and difficult game if the raises are packaged in a single super powerful modifier. I prefer multiple augmentation modifiers to come that simple augment cracking the game and strategies.
  4. I need to see tests before giving my opinion ... there are companions that increase shield and remove status and protea already protects any sentinel with additional shield, this augment amplifies the protea, this is the main focus
  5. Dude, for me atlas remains a brawler guy not a defender or summoner, the name of atlas within the system files is brawler, it was the original idea. I'm a main atlas and if I were to specify his position as a comic book character I would call him Hulk or Solomon Grundy. I know there is a leverian and I like the story but his skills are messed up. atlas for deffender/support just freezes enemies and nothing else, that's what defines atlas as the unviable lone frame. my thoughts for today: * the golems are brawler guys but it doesn't help the squad globally. * the stone walls are use
  6. some new augments mods for useless skills and atlas will be more bigger. I don't see the need for the word rework, atlas is in a superior position than the other frames. I know there are other frames but hydroid needs help from experienced players.
  7. this will only exclude the game progression of most low maps, simply the novice player will never learn how the mod system works as all weapons have 200% bonus damage fully viable for most low level maps. the mod system perfectly fixes most unpopular weapon problems, but increasing those numbers will not solve game progressions for high-level enemies. the combo system is the most viable solution but it needs to be universal for the entire loadout generating global benefits of the game (player / squad / equipment / map)
  8. I bought sevagoth at the premiere but I don't have the patience to experiment and catalog information in the beta / rework phase. my main notes are: * very low sprint speed unsuitable for large maps. * sevagoth has the ability to slow down crowds. * shadow has crowd-sucking skills justifying low sprint speed. * shadow hits is very slow to reach distant targets. * I see a 100% stationary frame. My questions before proposing rework are: * do the auras share effects between sevagoth and shadow? * do the rejuvenation and energy siphon auras in sevagoth remain active during shado
  9. yes that is the intention, to accumulate as much content as possible as mountains of worthless garbage. 😂
  10. I'm limited and I have a lot of space
  11. maybe the DE has some future plan for oberon and ash, we just don't have information to quote errors, we don't know. the topic would be more interesting if it were questions like: *why is oberon and ash on railjack rewards? *is there a special reason for oberon and ash in railjack rewards? note: moderation and DE never answer or close umpopular technical topics
  12. @offtopic: this is yet another topic discussing tier lists but no one supporting tier list classification. @topic: just switch with volt, drops of volt parts go to railjack and oberon parts goes to the beginning of the game. Volt is an endgame frame and oberon is a starting frame, and everyone lived happily ever after.
  13. Shield Ospreys are fine, kind of visually polluted the rays but... okay. I didn't like the electric bubbles sent telepathically on some railjack missions, I find the concept very ugly, an electric bubble appears in front of me and I keep looking for enemies with electric weapons but there are no enemies ... if it were like the electric tilesets in jupter it would be simpler to understand, the entire tileset starts flashing with alerts before the room is electrocuted and the pleasant cooldown between each enemy attack. it would become more pleasant
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