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  1. i was genuinely lucky in being able to farm the whole wolf sledge set, but still no luck on that mask ... 😔
  2. it was genuinely a huge rush to finally get a couple of vengeance runs against the wolf this time. Did the 2 versions solo and honestly it was pretty alright, despite being a bit bothered by the fact that it feels that i am fighting a clone army, most of the time.
  3. Hey dude, welcome back. That is a lot of verbalium but i am glad to see a familiar face again. Edit; just realized i sort of revived the thread, sorry folks. If any mod could undo, my error, i'd appreciate. Didn't really meant to.
  4. It is likely an unintended copy paste from the hyena boss fight. Bosses always* had immunity to abilities, like nyx mind control and whatnot. *i mean, other than early warframe, when you could mind control vor into going berserk on the surrounding grineer.
  5. All my yes!! want some goats on my poe..
  6. So, basically an warframe based on a animal predator, whom would stalk and rip his/her target apart. Pretty cool. Only issue would really be the first skill, sounds like something which already exists on warframes like gaara, albeit perhaps a different animation and less features. Plus, it sounds like it is a one time damage ability that doesn't really serve much purpose than closing the distance and dealing less damage than your gun or melee. Dig everything else, specially your take on 2nd and 3rd abilities, pretty sweet.
  7. Can't argue with that drop rate argument really. i mean, i don't mind the challenge, but if it will drop garbage, why bother?
  8. what is the current consensus on what makes good end game content to DE? what makes a good reward? What are the plans for archwing and other bygone modes? We barely get new weapons for it or changes, even though it is now among the oldest of releases on warframe. Any Nyx plans to make her fun?
  9. fair enough for me though i never cared that much to be blunt, keep up guys
  10. You guys could really switch it up. We sort of already had the Targis armor at a record amount now. You guys got my moral support on the separate prime accessories thing tho. i guess it sells, tho i was really looking forward to some of the old prime accessories i missed years ago.
  11. Why tho, he's still obviously an old creation, old as a prime that is.
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