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  1. Well, thanks for nothing, I guess. I hope this isn't the last redesign of Xaku because holy hell this is bad.
  2. The railjack resource numbers are palceholders and will get fixed soon, hopefully.
  3. Thank you for the thorough analysis. I thought they fixed the affinity gain in the latest hotfix, but apparently not. I don't think I'm going to bother with leveling it until they fix it completely.
  4. It's amazing isn't it. Couple more threads like this one, and yet another ability will get nerfed into complete unusefulness because some dude showed he could kill large groups of enemies in a simulacrum. Can't have someone killing a lot of enemies fast in a game about killing lots of enemies fast.
  5. I have the same problem, the Necramech and the Mausolon both gain affinity but as soon as you exit the mech, end the mission, die etc. all the affinity is gone, both the mech and the gun get reset to 0, regardless of the rank.
  6. I don't want to open a new thread, and this one fits the topic, so I'll just vent in here. Few are the instances I've been legitimately mad at this game, all pale in comparison to the MANDATORY GODDAMN CONSERVATION bullS#&$ on this god forsaken map. Let's leave out the fact that the tracking minigame is godawdul, boring, time consuming garbage that was fun for the first five minutes of Fortuna and then never again, at least for me, BUT LETS RAMP IT UP SHALL WE! Let's add aggressive as #*!% mobs that will snipe the animal you're tracking, killing it instantly. Let's add f
  7. Thanks for the quick fix, now do something about son's tokens.
  8. Are rivens going to get nerfed as well now, because they offer an even more powerful interaction with the exalted abilities? Of course not, what am I saying, how can DE possibly nerf their main cash cow. Will the xoris get unnerfed, after countless users, in this very thread, and other platforms, have debunked DE's claims that it's OP? Of course not, DE will almost never admit it made a mistake and revert this completely unnecessary change, that is, if they actually read their threads after posting them, or even play their game, which sounds absurd after years of completely baffling chang
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