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  1. I dont have gamma colors or the rift sigil 😄 i started playing 250+ days ago and haven't stopped. I'm excited for these things. I'm sorry there's nothing new for you though.
  2. There's a drop ship on the Europa defense /interception
  3. Why are you trying to kill bombards/nox with a viral/slash weapon???
  4. Does Wisp's mote heal/affect companions or NPC allies yet?
  5. I really hope this has been mentioned or heard because it's the ONLY thing that really annoys me about Wisp so far: The motes don't affect companions or friendly NPC's/specters: Companions should be affected. This is consistent for all warframe healing abilities as far as i know. This goes for Kubrows, Kavats, MOAs, and Sentinels. Friendly NPC's not being affected is annoying, but a lot of warframes have that issue. It's an inconsistent thing in Warframe in general. Several of those with healing abilities won't heal friendly NPC's/Specters. I figure this might be intentional, but I dont know. I was hoping wisp would be a viable alternative to Trin for eidolon Lure healing. A few more suggestions: 1. Targeting motes for teleporting with Breach is difficult. Sometimes the crosshair won't show up for a good 10 seconds. Also, the range doesnt display appropriately when you cast breach on its own, but it seems to display appropriately when you teleport (this is just a visual bug imo) 2. Will-o-whisp should go faster than running speed to make the teleport viable, though i can see how it might be a good thing in tactical situations as-is.
  6. Thank you so much for putting this information forward. A guy from the riven mafia has been posting a cleaner version of the data that DE is posting here on a weekly basis to make the data more visible. I have accused him of using that to support his practice of manipulating the market by simply including the max riven prices. It's frustrating that they get away with this and ruin an aspect of the game in the process. He just called me a liar and speculative, but your post backs up my suspicions clearly. I'm not good at statistics past realizing that something is wrong with the data to begin with. DE posting this data as-is is only helping the people trying to manipulate the prices. Riven trading in general needs to be more accessible, transparent, and visible in order to resolve the manipulative practices that are hurting the game overall.
  7. @[DE]Bear I have a random suggestion and I have no idea if this was suggested before: Why not allow selection of different challenge pools based on play style that allow players to preview challenges for that week and select the "play style" that appeals most to them. There can be a beginner set, a moderate set, and an endurance set or however you want. For example: 1 Hour Kuva survival can be in the endurance set. Complete X nightmare missions can be in the moderate set. Complete X number of Y mission type can be in the beginner set. That way veterans don't have to deal with the tedium of backtracking through content at little-to-no benefit and other players don't have to deal with the effort that go into endurance runs. This can further be split for solo or social players if that's possible/viable. Daily challenges can stay the same since they aren't really a big deal for any groups. I think this would be a great step for QOL and end the need for people to feel like it's a chore because they can do stuff that is productive for them at whatever point in time they are in the game.
  8. I'm assuming we don't get any added benefits for this one week? It's been really hard to find people to do Profit Taker/Exploiter on Switch and if I get with someone through matchmaking it's usually just one person. I was just able to do my first profit taker last night after unlocking the quest 2 weeks ago. Also, has there been any headway into the crashes that happen frequently in Fortuna? They usually happen if you had been doing missions on the star chart before heading there.
  9. You're right :) I had a gift card applied to my Nintendo account that reduced the payment to $70, so I didn't notice that I had bought two packs and thought I just mistakenly didn't buy it the first time I tried to buy it. That's my bad. To be honest, it's very ambiguous in the eShop what's included in the packs. I don't think it's clear at all. The market only has one of the packs and you have to actually dig to get the other one.
  10. I had purchased the access pack and got everything including the armor and syndana (the $70 pack).
  11. I also play on the Switch. I initially didn't get them either, but I logged in and out and now I have them.
  12. I like this idea a lot actually. It would probably really manage price inflation by cutting the window that prices are inflated. On the other side of the same coin, it might create a sense of scarcity for good rivens before the next disposition change which could in turn create inflation. I think overall DE does poorly at imposing the perception of the mutability of riven stats. People look at riven stats as permanent things for some reason, probably because of the people who take advantage of the lack of market transparency on DE's part that allows people like the "Riven Mafia" to take advantage with technological savvy and some social manipulation of trade chat. You can easily coordinate spamming trade chat at regular intervals to force perceived inflation of riven values. A group saw this flaw and took advantage, which is why prices have gone up exorbitantly over the course of a few months. This problem is the only problem with rivens that needs to be resolved because there will always be someone who thinks they NEED to get lots of plat to buy a good riven. I've never had to buy a rubico riven and I do awesome damage with my rubico/Chroma, yet there are dozens of people complaining that they won't be able to hunt eidolons anymore because their "Rubico/Lanka/Vectis got nerfed". The gun is the same, the riven just changed, but they look at the riven as part of the gun because of the investment in the riven.
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