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  1. Kimimoto

    What happens after when you beat Profit Taker phase 4?

    You cry, because even though Eidolons are bad somehow this is worse
  2. Kimimoto

    "Baruuk is bad lul"

    lul my one instance that had 0 other variables if definitive proof
  3. Kimimoto

    Warframe x RWBY Event?

    Please no RWBY is really terrible
  4. Kimimoto

    What's the point of Nyx?

    Build that Duration/Efficiency + her 4th augment + 2 arcane energize Literally unkillable
  5. Kimimoto

    Elemental Ward to allow cycling of elements

    I'll do ya one better, make Chroma's 1 cycle through the four base elements, whichever 1 you currently have selected applies to your 2 as well.
  6. A lance and a tower shield would be dank boi
  7. Add some repeatable rewards to Fortuna/Plains, this really isn't rocket science... Relic Packs, Amber/Cyan Stars, Newer Warframe Augments There needs to be meaningful things to dump rep on/get rep in the first place for
  8. Kimimoto

    Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

    Please no, make it buyable with Vitus... Don't put 2500 credits along side 2500 endo, that's a great way to make the rewards worse
  9. Kimimoto

    Why is there no goddamn group finder tool after 6 years!

    Kek I'm done, you're too dense No, if you respond to me I'm going to read what you've responded with. It's not my job to hunt your argument down.
  10. Kimimoto

    Why is there no goddamn group finder tool after 6 years!

    Jesus some people on the forums... Saying that group finder won't fix problems with chat that it's not meant to fix, and saying "see it's pointless" is ridiculous. It's meant to make finding/forming groups much more convenient. Which it would undeniably do, because other games have done it and it undeniably works amazingly, So what makes it not an improvement?
  11. Criticizing the cons doesn't mean the pros don't exist. People pat DE on the back all day on Reddit, that's like half the threads. Most of the criticism DE gets is the opposite of negative, or "too harsh". Labeling most criticism as harsh or hateful is a good way to try and dismiss it though. That'll help DE when Anthem drops, not taking criticism seriously because "it wasn't nice enough". That's how you get Battle for Azeroth
  12. Kimimoto

    Why is there no goddamn group finder tool after 6 years!

    It will make finding groups you want, or forming groups without having to type "H [Lith M3 Relic] Radshare 2/4" every 3 seconds easier. It's QoL. Also how is anything you said not already the case with current recruitment chat? How is that relevant to adding a group finder?
  13. I wonder if it's because none of the "content" they're releasing keeps you coming back past a week, including the large open world maps. They're lacking replayability and longevity. If game modes have longevity, like Fissures, then you barely need to update them. They're essentially done, will be there forever, and will always be relevant/worth doing. We shouldn't cut them slack and should definitely criticize them at every turn we get. It doesn't matter either way, because Anthem is going to lite a fire under DE's booty cheeks.
  14. Kimimoto

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.10

    Such game breaking bugs, such wow, such important
  15. Kimimoto

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.2

    The old war has finally come to an end