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  1. Honestly anything that can be turned into platinum in a good dose is rewarding, so no resources that's a sin. For example, credits, endo, kuva, exclusive rare mods, vandal/wraith/prisma weapons, rivens, arcanes, primed mods, Aura/Umbra forma, Radiant Relics, tradable cosmetics/captura scenes, new item that resets riven roll count. It mostly just comes down to "do players want it and is it tradable?" Arbitrations would be sustainable content if they had 5 minute reward rotations and gave more endo than Vodyanoi. ESO would be sustainable if it used the same reward rotations as Arbitrations, and you didn't just go 8 waves and bail. Disruption would be sustainable if they take all the literally worthless rewards off it's table and add some worthwhile things. Kuva Survival would be sustainable if it adopted the scaling boosters from Fissures. It basically comes down to, it's not fun to leave at 20 minutes and it's not fun to get less than casual farming spots for playing this "endgame" mode. These kill all motivation to play these modes which then translates to the game as a whole if you've already done everything in it.
  2. This is about sustainable content that's not starchart level, that's all it really is. The biggest problem right now is Arby's, Disruption, ESO, and Kuva Survival aren't rewarding enough, with the latter 2 not even giving a reason to stay. DE just needs to tweak these modes so they're worth playing over starchart maps that feel like the first mission in the game, because our power is unleashed and out of control.
  3. I can't really blame them. DE has been lying to them for years now, and they have every right to be frustrated.
  4. Are you sure it's not the other way around, and people only consider new players and vets just need to leave. That's the vibe I've gotten not only from the community, but DE themselves.
  5. It wasn't always, the identity changed over time, why shouldn't it change now?
  6. So yeah, they don't care about vets. Then they just need to say that, so we can all move on I guess. RIP all those excal prime accounts.
  7. I agree with your thread, things should be balanced for the sake of the game and not based on players feelings. As long as DE bends to the whim of players who get upset when their gun gets nerfed then we can't have balance.
  8. This gamemode basically became obsolete after the clan event, and honestly was obsolete during the event once you did your one run. The biggest problem with Disruption is there's absolutely zero reason to play it, and honestly all the endgame modes you've made so far including Kuva Survival are this way. They're all in pieces, some of the pieces have real potential, but none of them are whole. Can we get one working please? You guys keep saying "yes endgame, were into it", well... can you follow up on that? Each of these modes NEEDs A. A reason to stay: Disruption has preformance effect rotation reward, Arbitrations has ABCCCC, ESO and Kuva Survival have nothing. B. Challenge: Disruption and Arbitrations do this the best, ESO and Kuva Survival give no reason to get to the challenge. C. Rewards: Zero and I mean absolutely zero of the gamemodes have this. The closest is Arbitration's, but they don't give enough endo. You can get more on Vodyanoi, which defeats the purpose of Arbitrations. Relics aren't a reward. Anyone who's asking for endgame has thousands of relics, and has probably figured out how to prepare for prime access so they can farm everything day one. I get that you guys are working on stuff for Tennocon, but honestly, I highly doubt any of the content revealed at Tennocon is going to have any sustainability. It's going to be like the past 2-3 years, open world drops, not worth playing within a week. The content that's going to be revealed at Tennocon isn't going to increase player retention. It will bring in a burst of players who will promptly leave, because there's nothing past that update. Also you may think this OP doesn't provide any solutions. It doesn't really need to, DE can see the solutions on their side. They know Kuva, Endo, Credits, Rivens, Forma, Catalysts, Reactors, Tradable Scenes/Weapons/Mods are worth farming for. It's not hard to make rewards for these game modes, they just need to be better than sitting in an Arena gamemode from 2 years ago, that takes ZERO effort and isn't fun.
  9. Because there's nothing to do in this game. You obviously haven't hit that point in the game yet.
  10. Then remove endurance modes, and stop promising endgame to us If they're not going to say those things, then scaling rewards are going to have to fit in somewhere in some sense BuT DE sAiD!1
  11. More like, where the hell are the Disruption reward changes? Who cares about Plague Star it's a boring af repetitive event, Oh wait a ton of people do, because you can get forma as a reward! OMG It's almost like rewards will get people to play all these endgame modes you've made.
  12. Let's hope those ambitious goals provide as many things to do as Nightwave does. Based on the past two open worlds, I'm going to press X to doubt and be sad. ALSO WHAT ABOUT THE MORE IMPORTANT THING, where's the Disruption reward changes? Dev Workshop? Just going to slip in a new reward table that's marginally better and call it a day? Please don't, all these endgame modes aren't bad on their own, it's all about the rewards and getting better rewards for going against more challenging content. If Onslaught wasn't a C rotation and bail game mode, it would be played If Arbitrations gave more Endo than Vodyanoi and had 5 minute reward intervals, it would be played If Kuva Survival had scaling rewards or the booster system from endless fissures, it would be played If Disruption gets rid of all the mods/resource "rewards" and puts something with actual value in their place, it will be played The part of the playerbase who have nothing left to do would be happier and actually have something to do I want to play this game, I want to play it! It's one of my favorite games! Give me a reason to play it please! I can't log on and off forever, give us something fun AND rewarding please.
  13. Dank, what are the plans for the rewards? They NEED to be changed.
  14. Neat. When are you going to change Disruption rewards, what are they going to be?
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