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  1. No surprise If you put all your eggs into the year long update basket and one flops then you're #*!%ed for 2 years
  2. Off, not doing too great. Remember when we were? Ignore bad, remember good, thanks.
  3. I don't know if this counts, but I can't see my friends on my friends list. I can message them in-game, but we can't invite each other to do Railjack stuff.
  4. If you use Tether to pull enemies into your Vortex it will let go of them and grab another body It has twice the range, so you can yoink some boys from pretty far away into your Vortex
  5. Only thing wrong with those is Ember's 1 isn't worth using. Vauban is amazing now.
  6. Still need stasis to be scrapped to use pets on loadouts
  7. The fact that you're getting upvotes is sad, y'all need your head checked.
  8. So it's still always going to be equipped, because Pressure Point is always going to be equipped. Seems balanced to me!
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