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  1. Pretty close to that, yeah. One coder could do it on his own.
  2. How would widening the scope of the Steel Path be catering? It would literally just be free content for essentially no Dev time. Very much a no brainer.
  3. Yeah that feels fun Oh wait, dropping pretty low on those Steam Charts Maybe it isn't fun
  4. I'd like DE to figure out what they want to do with this game and make this the last revisited
  5. They're not the ones keeping it "active" and "engaging", the playerbase is doing that.
  6. Wow! That changes everything! No other game has ever been that before! Oh wait they have. Oh wait their monetization were all S#&$ hence why Warframe got the tag line "Free to play done right". Does it still hold up? That's literally the purpose of the thread, COME ON DOWN!!
  7. Yeah, but the grind has no purpose that's the problem. It's shallow.
  8. I disagree if the content doesn't hold up for anyone. Who was playing PoE daily just before Fortuna came out?
  9. Another open world around the corner! Do you think HoD will shape up to not be another island, and have inter-connectivity with the core game? Do you think it will really shake the game/gameplay up enough to make a difference in the current downward trend Warframe has started to take? What are your thoughts? From what I saw, during TennoCon it felt like they avoided showing any potential new systems that are linked to HoD. For example, PoE/Fortuna were quick to show off their modular weapons, mining, fishing, animal conservation. While HoD showed off? A mech? What is there to do in it? It f
  10. Wow, such insight The white knights on the forums really only have one or two responses now don't they?
  11. Focus is trash, the whole thing needs to be scrapped because they can't do it right.
  12. A toxic community left to fester, on the forums no less since mid-December. "Stop playing!" they said in a smug outcry, and so they did, they left Warframe to die. As we speak Warframe declines, off the "steam top 10" it's now defined. Further it falls as we remember, the toxicity that took place in mid-December.
  13. Not really, whatever uses all this power progression that's not used for anything at the moment
  14. Yo my man, I'm going to need you to tone yourself down from a 26 to atleast a 9. Your response was so silly that I can't give you a legitimate answer because I must now go to the hospital. Please read this whole post like I'm telling everyone to remain calm inside a building that's on fire, thank you.
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