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  1. Yo my man, I'm going to need you to tone yourself down from a 26 to atleast a 9. Your response was so silly that I can't give you a legitimate answer because I must now go to the hospital. Please read this whole post like I'm telling everyone to remain calm inside a building that's on fire, thank you.
  2. Like what kind of logic even is this? Why do you even feel the need to respond to threads?
  3. It's simple, the forums want the game to die Any positive feedback or logical criticism is met with blind stupidity on behalf of DE That's why this place is a joke, and everyone considers it toxic Example: someone will quote the last line and say, "NOT EVERYONE, I DON'T, YOU DON'T SPEAK FOR THE MAJORITY!" Aight
  4. Cool, you could say that to literally any OP Warframe's starting to downhill real fast, doing this doesn't help Forums, pull them heads out ur butts
  5. Yeah that'll get people to play your game
  6. And they're straight up not doing a good job either, so they're straight up wrong about how they're approaching this
  7. Alrighty there anti-criticism-chwan
  8. Yeah relax, when was the last content update for the main game that wasn't a flop? Like Saturn rework? What was that over a year ago? Just relax
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