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  1. If you did it before you logged in, you should have it instantly. If you claimed it while logged in you have to restart.
  2. Sibear is at a 5 dispo? I’ve never actually seen anyone use it.
  3. Well, we don’t have isolation yet but they closed my buildings for 2 months... And they won’t open back up until there is no limit on public gatherings. So, I’ve tackled spring cleaning and right now I’m finishing my kitchen. I think I’ll also finish replacing all my reciprocals I’ve left untouched for the last year. On top of that I’ll be home schooling my kids for the near future cause the Florida Governor closed schools till at least April 17th. I remember my pops always telling me to have at least 6 months worth of savings for times like this. I made sure it was 12 months. Technically I don’t work for the buildings I go to, I work for the IATSE, so as of now I get none of the benefits the building employees will get. Hopefully our government pulls their head out of their asses and takes care of contracted entertainment workers. We will see. At least I’ll have time to farm scarlet spear when that drops. Best of luck to you All.
  4. Then I’m lucky? i started off with 50. Have done it well over 60 times and just checked, I still have 50. I’ve noticed when in a squad if I don’t put the thermia in to start the fight I don’t loose any thermia nor do I get any back. But every time I’ve started the fight with my thermia I have gotten it back.
  5. Why keep farming the thermia? You get the thermia back after the fight.
  6. So, my main lady is going to be nigh indestructible now? I loose my shields, shield gate is activated for 1 second, I hit 3 and instantly restore all shields which reactivates the shield gating? This could be amazing. Even volt with his augment, don’t have to camp behind the shield anymore. Am I seeing something wrong?
  7. Yup, he said.... The fact is though he says all these things after the fact. YEARS after the fact. After countless people have bought and spent countless plat and spent countless hours farming these arcanes for builds. Just like melee and all the Rivens that became worthless, and every other nerfs and changes that renders something purchased worthless. I myself spent a few months farming energize and guardian. And I get it, it was my choice to spend that time farming these arcanes, just like it was others choice to spend the plat or farm them themselves. But, these weren’t Rivens specifically stated that they would be subjected to changes depending on how and who used them. The truth is none of these arcanes were extremely op by themselves, and to think by nerfing the most popular ones is going to make me use arcane ice or barrier or strike or what ever is ridiculous. I’ll do exactly what everyone else is going to do, go farm the extra arcanes I need to get to R5 and keep using the same 2 I always use. So, so much for the build diversity argument. Intended use vs common use??? Give me a break. So we aren’t playing how Scott wants us to play so they change it to try and force us to play his intended way?? (Sounds a lot like the same argument he used for the condition overload nerf and melee changes.) If it wasn’t intended why get rid of arcane helmets then? Those were super rare and hard to get which made it so you couldn’t build around arcanes reliably. Why add 2 arcane slots on every Warframe? Because it was intended to be played that way, I would say by adding in those 2 slots meant they were encouraging people to build around arcanes, because instead of fixing the inherent problems of the game, arcanes were just another bandaid like Rivens. But now they’ve changed their mind and only because it just stands to make them more money and force people to put in more hours to get more of the arcanes they have already farmed and bought that were already maxed to make a R5 arcane that is now arguably weaker. Watch, when this drops the trade chat is going to be inundated with arcane sales with ridiculous pricing regardless of wether they add more ways to get the arcanes. People will start buying overpriced rubico and Lanka Rivens shortly to start the inevitable tricap farms. And the fact they nerfed chromas self damage only confirms that. They are getting ready to make a ton of money on plat sales. Don’t think for a second Scott cares how you play this game, Scott and DE are a company about 1 thing, making money. And I have nothing against that. But if you think that these changes are about balance and build diversity just connect the dots. You can trace back every questionable decision over the last 2 years to nothing more then trying to jump start declining plat sales. I’m just say’n.
  8. You mean radiation... I used to think toxin was the worse, but as silly as this sounds it’s magnetic. I’ve been farming Vengeful Pull Eph and these last 4 magnetic lich’s have been the freaking worst. Constant rag dolls with pull, instant death with magnetize which is cast as soon as you get up from pull. All on top of the Mag procs draining energy none stop.
  9. Every speed mod on the Warframe and the skiajati made it a breeze. Just practice it a few times to see where they walk. It’s the same path every time. You can make it to each Grineer before the invisibility wears off. Best of luck. Oh, and a few months ago the ai was beefed up so enemies are able to spot you a lot easier. So I do understand your frustration. I just went and did the test again and it is obvious the a.i. can spot you very easily, before it was ridiculously easy. But with the same tactic I mentioned I was able to do it no problem.
  10. He actually did taste the Kuva on earth. But he didn’t know about the Kuva. It explains it well in “The Glass Warrior” codex and the “The Night in Cetus” codex. The codex go to say that The sentient, even though destroying many towers, it never fought to hard because it could not regenerate nor reproduce, it was always cautious in its attacks. The Unum gave its followers Kuva, and the followers gave the Kuva to animals so that they could find where the sentient hid. It says that the sentient could sense this subterfuge and that it captured one of these animals and examined it. And from what little Unam was in that animal the sentient could sense the Kuva and then realized that the Kuva could heal itself and felt more for the future then ever. It says it captured and ate all the unams animals that had the Kuva but that it wasn’t enough so it ramped up its attacks holding nothing back. It then says that the sentient started to fight harder then it ever did almost rather careless because it knew if it captured the tower then the sentient could replace itself a thousand fold. It was no longer cautious. And it was only no longer cautious because he discovered the Kuva for the first time. I believe they make it pretty clear the sentients did not know about Kuva and didn’t know it could heal them and allow them to reproduce. Let alone being sent to earth specifically for Kuva.
  11. Very much this. Once all people load we fly to the sentient ship and proceed. If the ship was getting hit then as soon as we all enter the sentient ship shields and health recharge and all fighters go away. Or you can always use the Form Up avionics once they kill like 15 sentients and then all go back as a group. My god the amount of salt that ensues is glorious. I love that mod. (Disclaimer: I absolutely do not troll people with this mod. I only use it if absolutely necessary. Like the black screen bug or someone rushing ships after being politely asked to wait for the group)
  12. Yea, we are still missing a lot of tennogen on switch at least. There is a steam exclusive mag skin too I have on pc but can’t get on switch. From what I understand it’s all about licensing and what not. Hopefully they will eventually catch up.
  13. I wish all the Mag Tennogen was available on switch. It’s not, and that makes me sad.
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