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  1. While we are in the process of making stupid request just for the sake of crying about anything and everything.... Can we make it so i I only have to kill 10 enemies with fire, corrosive, magnetic... To expect us to have to jump and kill 150 ememies in the period of a few days is just rediculous. Chocolate salty balls anyone?
  2. Um, Arcane Energize is “Legendary” and the market for them didn’t take a total crap last season. And the only reason people sold them was because chances of them doing tricaps were slim and there is really no point for a rank 0. Is arcane energize still considered “legendary”? Yup, and it was given as a free reward. Soooo.....Hmmm. More then likely people would use their legendary cores, not sell them. It’s way more useful the a r0 energize when you never intend to farm the rest. I think its a good idea.
  3. All he had to say was that he would pass it on or that he will make a note of it and get it to the right person. The fact he said that “it’s not his job” means he’s not the right man for any JOB at DE. It’s an attitude that is just not necessary. Well, hopefully it will get put on a to do list eventually and we will get it sorted out. I’ve just either disabled rising blast or use zenerick. I have all the focus schools and nodes unlocked so it’s not an issue of I have to have it fixed, it’s just a huge quality of life issue. I just saw the thing about the scarf earlier, LULZ.....
  4. I just double checked. I still can’t quick blast. It charges no matter what if rising blast is enabled. Bummer.
  5. If they are getting them and you are not, it really boils down to you are not grabbing the loot. I know that’s hard to hear but it’s the truth. Arcanes and shards float just above where the lures pop. You can check your mission status before you leave to make sure you have an “unidentifiable item” which is the arcane. If you don’t see that, go back and look. Just make sure you pay pay attention to where the lures pop and it’s a good idea to use the iztal’s cosmic crush ability to suck in all the loot. Oh, and arcanes ABSOLUTLY drop on kills. Like mentioned before, it’s just a smaller pool. Better luch next time.
  6. Lululululzzzzzz. Thank you for making my day.
  7. My first ticket was about 6 or 7 business days. My second ticket was literally 5 min after I sent it. If only they could all be answered that fast.
  8. I enjoy horticulture IRL so I’m all about this. I can water my real plants and then go water my digital plants.
  9. I on the other hand can’t wait to get that operator suit. It’s one of the coolest looking suits I’ve seen so far. And if consoles get the ability to use operator emphs that spore step will look great with it too.
  10. Rising blast only charges now. I see it’s been an issue for pc for a while but this only recently occurred after the Jovian update. I can no longer do a quick void blast or charge half way. A quick tap will do the full animation every time. Please look into this. It’s making fighting Kuva warriors a total pain. Thank you DE for such a fun game.
  11. Lololololol. “I searched the wiki”. Lololololol. Liar.
  12. This thread has made me LULz. Good god, between this and the whole Umbra Forma thread...
  13. Lulz. I don’t know why but that struck me funny and I’ve been laughing at that all day. “Shhhh... Wudongs be gone.” Classic my dude. Classic. Lulz...... As I’m eating corpus and infested alike, it will be in your honor...
  14. If you are still looking I have a full set.
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