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  1. Whoa... This person joins over a year ago, never makes a single post, has no other content history, and didn’t even reply back on their thread after flaming and telling the vets their best coarse of action is to just stop playing until something new comes out? And uses the megathread tag which I thought only mods and DE could use....AND IT IS STILL UP?? DE, I knew you were clever.... But to make a fake profile and essentially tell your audience to shut up and don’t complain because “you just don’t understand how you feel or why you feel that way” is kinda shady. Oh, and to slide i
  2. That’s just not true. And even if it was you would have to have 4 or 5 of those missions RNG’d to be exactly the same and all have 10,000 credit rewards which wasn’t often. Ceres dark sector survival is 20,000 for 5 min. With a booster you get 40,000. Every 10 mins earning 80,000 credits early in the star chart was very easy. And it only got to lvl 20 Infested so it wasn’t even remotely difficult. Alerts never came close to that. Ever. And ok, maybe op or who ever else isn’t to Ceres yet. If they weren’t to at least Saturn they wouldn’t ever have been seeing the random 10,
  3. Is 2 sets of 5 wave runs for 75k unreasonable to you?
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