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  1. Lolololol. Seriously? The victim card? You can only play stupid so long.
  2. Thank you for my plat DE! I’m still stoked I won this morning!
  3. As the title says, no option to move the position. Nikana prime and Dragon Nikana still have the option but the skiajati does not.
  4. F*** Rhino Umbra. I’ll take Mag Umbra all day. Please give us Mag Umbra. Mag! Mag! Mag! Umbraaaaaaa.
  5. Project much? This might come as a surprise to you but not every one pisses and moans when they get called out on something. “Why you’re being useless” Lmao. Wait for it...
  6. It doesn’t. And the ones trying to make it seem like you are tend to be the same people who get butthurt and over emotional when something is said to them they don’t like.
  7. I’ve had this happen only twice since they added the option to leave the squad, once for a tricap and once for profit taker... The host waited for the hydrolysis to get the capture sound “ping” and then hit leave squad. It wasn’t just a disconnect because he “lol’d” when we sent him a message asking why he did that. The first lure did pop but with no arcane or shards and the other two just sat there with the blue symbol showing they are charged. We did receive the arcanes and shards from the first to eidolons so it wasn’t a total loss. On the profit taker the host left the squad just before you grab the loot after the spider goes down and by the time we loaded back in the profit taker already exploded. He was standing in Fortuna by the elevator running in circles to get our attention. So, yes some people will and can do it on purpose to be jerks, but out of the other 60 profit taker runs and countless tricaps, it hasn’t happened since. And plenty of those have been random pubs and recruit chat. Buttholes are always going to be buttholes.
  8. Same. Just now. Door right by the first terminal won’t open.
  9. You can murder the stalker in literally 5 seconds with a Lega prism and a rank 2 Virtuous Trojan. Use rank 2 though so 25% stays as void damage which keeps resetting the stalkers damage resistance mechanic.
  10. Sorry for the back to back post, couldn’t figure out how to add this in there. Another example of someone obviously capable of pushing buttons but with an entirely different view. Great explanation of your strategy you use to synergize his abilities. I really need need to catch up on my pc account so I don’t have to wait when these updates drop or hope they pull the trigger with cross saves.
  11. Thank you. Great explanation. Exactly what I was trying to understand.
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