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  1. Already did and it still shows this: https://imgur.com/LwhYhiz
  2. I moved from a different house and got a router last night. I had no problems until a few hours ago. Chat will suddenly become disconnected, when I invite someone to a squad/dojo, it will say that I cannot send the invite. I people invites me, I sometimes receive the invite but when I accept it, it will keep on loading until it stops then they will tell me the same thing, that invite cannot be sent. How do I fix this?
  3. Hey man! I am also currently having a problem with something like that. Also when joining or inviting a squad!
  4. Hey, man. I get your point but like I said in my post, I can only play for 3-4 hours a day and more only in the weekends. Yes, those stuff are important, I know. But it is not worth stressing it if it burns me out. Don't wanna leave this game yet since this is the first game in 6 years that I have really enjoyed. And don't worry, I see frustration as one of the challenges in this game 😄
  5. Hey, guys! I am fairly new to this game (been playing for 2 months) and so far have been enjoying it. This is the first game in which I spent money for only playing for 2 weeks or so. I know that these Nighwave acts is a bit frustrating especially that Operation: Buried Debts event came out and mostly those with high Mastery Ranks are the first ones to finish it during the weekend and us playing "casually" are only able to play like 3-4 hours a day so fitting the schedules is like forcing us to play (like in other posts saying that Digital Extremes is like making this game a chore or a 2nd job). Don't get me wrong, I have commented on a post that I feel extremely frustrated on DE for doing the event like this and is still a little bit frustrated about this BUT, as I was playing last night to farm void traces for the Orokin Vault Keys and used a different frame (Volt; I fancy Rhino/Prime) I remembered what it was like to play for the first time but with some knowledge. That feeling you get when you did your very first parkour, super hero landing, powerful ability all came surging back to me and then I realized this: "Yes. I want to get the strong equipment rewards from the events to be on par with these high MR players but focusing on how hard it is to obtain that only stresses me out. I should just enjoy the game like what I intended to do in the first place." Don't worry about missing or not finishing the events, there will be other events more enjoyable than what we currently have. DE is very active at that and has been release a lot of content. Just remember that Garuda was only release last November 2018 and they already have released Hildryn a day before Garuda's 4th month release. Besides, you might not like the Opticor Vandal so why stress about it? Umbral Forma? I don't even have any Umbral mods yet! Haven't done The Sacrifice quest! From time to time I will get frustrated but I will do my best to remember why I started playing this great game, to enjoy the little available time that I have. So you should too! Edit: Forgot to mention this. While reading the Nightwave acts last night, I realized that DE is actually trying to remind us newbies to try this games other features: fishing, mining and orokin vaults.
  6. For the extermination without triggering the alarm, I was surprised that I got it finished even though the enemies are detecting me. Try the Orokin Tileset! It doesn't have any alarms thus no trigger.
  7. I agree with this one. Been playing this game for more or less 2 months already and also spent more or less $60 (this is a big amount from where I live). I am not enjoying the events so far and I haven't finished the Operation: Buried Debts yet since it suddenly kicked me out with some randoms after sometime and it did not record the fractures that we closed. I want to keep up with the time and money I invested and with other players that is why I wanna do the events. Feels like this is forcing me to do the events. There are things that I haven't unlocked or experienced yet like the Orokin Vaults and the Halls of Ascension and not really good at fishing/mining and currently lack the materials needed for the rare fishes/ores.
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