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  1. Okay so dispo changes are not totally DE's fault. The disposition is affected by how many players use that weapon.
  2. And yet again, after more than a month:
  3. I guess it is because the intention of Nightwave is like a "current events" news on the system. Like some news that you see/hear on the TV but unlike the ones in TVs, we can actually be a part of it.
  4. He was a nightmare in Hydron or anyother EXP farming. But missions like capture, you could just ignore him.
  5. Stone me to death or crucify me but I kinda miss the FIRST Wolf of Saturn Six. No not the Nightwave itself but the Wolf of Saturn Six. Some of the players now doesn't even know the nightmare he brings when you hear his howl. I still remember how I fought him solo because he showed up in one of my capture missions. We fought for more or less than 5 minutes and I was bringing my strongest weapon and a max strength Rhino Prime. Also remembered a time when I was doing Hydron with a premade squad and 2 of them said "Don't revive. Suicide. He will disappear when we all die and let's revive then". The constant anxiety he brings that makes us equip our strongest weapon to Hydron just because he might show up. It is kinda sad that he was nerfed to the ground because he was too OP but he was the closest nightmare we could have for a real Assassin Boss unlike Stalker and ****** Stalker which is kind of a joke.
  6. I think I also farmed 24k Kuvas once in a 1hr or 50mins kuva survival. It was long ago and didn't mind it back then.
  7. So about a week ago, I got a "miracle" from doing a Kuva Flood: 18,720 Kuva. I don't know what happened but I got a Double Resource Booster and a Kavat. In a normal Kuva Flood without boosters or Charm buff, you'd get 1k+ Kuva. With Double Resource, you'll get 2k+. With Charm buff, you'll get 4-5k+ Kuva. So in this case, is it safe to assume that my Kavat buffed me up for 4 times?
  8. Prices are negotiable Tenora Sati-gelitis (R0) +9.8% Multishot (78.4%) +12.1% Critical Damage (96.8%) 9.5% Cold (76%) -5% Fire Rate (40%) 0 rolls 230P Amprex Ampi-vexicron (R0) +3.8% Ammo Maximum (30.4%) +6.7% Electricity (53.6%) +10.2% Critical Chance (81.2%) -2.9% Damage to Grineer (23.2%) 8 rolls 510P Gram Cronitio (R0) +9.6% Attack Speed (76.8%) +13.5% Electricity (108%) 0 Rolls 550P Hystrix Feva-insicron (R8) +124% Puncture +54.7% Reload Speed +154.6% Critical Chance -33.7% Damage to Corpus 10 Rolls 800P
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