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  1. Fair enough I guess. Just seems like a massive waste of plat for something we can obtain. I mean if you have thousands to spare I guess it doesn't matter.
  2. It's bloody fun mate, I love it. What I would ABSOLUTELY love would be 8 player mode of this though, damn that would be fun.
  3. Why don't you kill some grineer galleons? I mean we're going to eventually I imagine.
  4. I'm not certain but I also experienced this and I believe the cause is when somebody who either doesn't have their own Railjack or doesn't have the reliquary key done, becomes the host. Because I unfortunately bricked some others in exactly that fashion when I was experimenting at the start. And I've had it happen a second time in a random group.
  5. I mean fun is another story, that's personal impressions. Did you ever play Black Flag? The pirate ships handled like a bus, didn't make it any worse though. Figured that piloting the railjack would be a bus driver role since watching the Tennocon sneak peek we got before Fortuna launch.
  6. Yeh that wasn't the issue, I had no option to actually start the Mk1 researches when I updated. It's ok, one of my clan members did it for the dojo.
  7. My game is so bugged rn man, I have no railjack visible and no options for starting researches yet my clan mate just did so from the same damn console...
  8. MASSIVE MASSIVE bug @[DE]Megan the research requirements appear to be personal only instead of tied to clan. For example I have permissions to use donated resources, one of my clan mates has donated 5000 Carbides but in my research I only have my personal resources of Carbides to use. This is an obvious error, I can only imagine what the cost is like for a Moon Clan player. Edit: Ok nvm, for some reason all the MK 1 researches have now started, a slow part of the update maybe?
  9. Generally when I've done runs that long it's just a trade ban lasting a week. 7 - 8 hours seems to trigger it and often only for the host.
  10. What weapon are you using to kill the enemy and does it have a solo requirement?
  11. Wisp trivializes this test. If you have to ask how you're not ready to be MR 19 and need to keep learning the game.
  12. Honestly it's like a parental lock. It only really works if the parents actually bother. Since kidsare going to be playing the game and they're not gonna enable the filter, there's really no point to it Nd due to this, it's gonna get enforced as you found out.
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