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  1. Hey DE when are you releasing an update that makes your event "not crap"? Face it, it's a boring grind. Grind is fine if you make it interesting but when it's repetitive and un-interesting it falls flat.
  2. I don't see any /s quote. Please tell me you're being sarcastic.
  3. He's reacting that way because like me, he's seen things getting worse and worse, not just events but every single update. Even though they eventually fix events it doesn't detract from the fact they release this broken garbage time and time again lately, they are getting worse not better.
  4. Hey that I can totally understand. Basically there's a pattern, you just spawn the next Condrix faster once you know it. And yep, the event is garbage I agree entirely.
  5. Glad to hear the event's working correctly for someone at least. I should have about 52000 points by now, instead I have 16000.
  6. Already did and I got precisely SQUAT for a 5010 credits point run. I have 4 shiny emblems in my inbox though? That makes it all better.
  7. I mean continue to think that if you like. You didn't ever consider heading to the next one to spawn it faster? Fastest run I've heard of so far was approximately 19 minutes due to a good spawn pattern.
  8. Well basically the big issue atm is that most of the time, only the host gets the 10k bonus points in their inbox while the other 3 clients get 2k or crappy emblems.
  9. Congratulations! I'm guessing you were hosting? Try get your bonus when you're not host then come see me.
  10. Naturally. Mods not so much, all about the amp and squad co-ordination.
  11. Yes, it's because he's host, it's currently busted af for rewarding clients.
  12. Terry takes about 2-3 minutes to kill once you're decent at Eidolons. You can do about 5-6 tridolons per night cycle, that's 15-18 arcanes in 50 minutes and some are the top tier ones.
  13. Give clans the option of hosting a flotilla so they can guarantee the murex reaching 100 by having reliable players on both missions.
  14. Mate we've been playtesting their awful updates for years now and what do we get in return? Busted AF content and threats of being banned for finding exploits which are actually just a result of their hopeless coding attempts and lack of knowledge regarding their own game.
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