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  1. Well there's always the fact that some people simply price stuff badly, I mean you can always chuck up a price and see if it sells, you have to remember that despite listing it at 999p, he may or may not sell it successfully. Perhaps the other guy is just being realistic. So the reason a curse is better is it in increases the value of the other 3 positive stats. So the aim is to have a curse that doesn't affect the weapon but increases the percentage on the other stats. Edit: one of those rivens has toxin which helps sell it cos viral slash procs are desired. I do think the other gu
  2. One of my clan mates was recently tradebanned for a 20 minute mission doing the Deimos excavators salvage mission. The reason was that he killed a lot of juggernauts in that time and picking up the parts they left behind apparently produced an abnormal loot result which kind've highlights just how silly the system is.
  3. Well, there's the silliest suggestion we'll see this week folks. But with any luck it's sarcasm.
  4. I'm not going to say it's particularly fun farming lich's, I actually only do it for the ephemeras however I wouldn't say I'm min-maxing, I'm not speed running missions or anything I'm just applying a different method that happens to be quicker. Sure they're a bit boring but this is a grinding game so that's kind've how it goes. Personally I'd prefer it if they put up a better fight but that's just my preference.
  5. Yes but you're not technically watching it if you have it minimized and muted. It's like claiming your sailing a yacht cos you happen to be a passenger sitting on it. People generally watch the devstreams in the past because they were actually interesting. The same cannot be said anymore.
  6. I think you realise that I'm asking you, which frames you need umbra polarities on and why. Your continued dodging of the question basically says you don't actually know. I don't really mind if you choose to dodge the question because by doing so you have completely invalidated your entire purpose behind the thread and everybody can see you're just full of hot air and complaining for no reason.
  7. How about instead of dodging the question you actually give a real answer, if you're capable of doing so? Otherwise you just prove my point that you're simply complaining for no actual reason, just blasting hot air.
  8. Let's be realistic, nobody watches the stream, they just turn it on, mute and minimize it and do something else. And then get salty that they got no drops for literally doing nothing.
  9. The issue is that it's a slow hitting weapon so status isn't great for it. You want crit damage, you have crit chance which isn't a bad thing but the existence of Sacrificial Steel(220% crit chance on it's own) makes it less desirable than crit damage. But again I recommend you check out similar stat rivens on riven market or semlar to find a good comparison. And of course having a curse on the riven will always be more desirable as well.
  10. I can't imagine it being worth much, the stats aren't great and there's only two. It's a heavy attack weapon you want crit damage. I recommend looking on riven market or semlar for similar hate rivens and seeing what price they're set at.
  11. Ok time to call you out on this, please elaborate on which frames you believe we need umbra polarities on and why. Bear in mind that without Steel Essence we currently have 8 available from the game.
  12. NICE. Yeh that's pretty much it, her augments are good and interesting, her abilities have a ton of different uses and on top of that I use her for various speed running so I have builds for that too and I just end having exilus or D polarities in the way or too many Vs etc so I just decided "stuff it" and built some of the spare sets I had lying around. Frost is also in my 10 forma club due to having changed builds so many times over the years.
  13. Then your best bet would be joining a clan you can do the missions with or possibly looking in recruit chat but that's a bit hit and miss.
  14. I'm almost embarrassed to say that I have 3 Nova Primes with different loadouts on each lol. She's a very versatile frame and of course, gotta go fast(most of the time).
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