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  1. For a single enemy sure but your overall DPS will be better if you're killing multiple enemies.
  2. Ok so first issue is that you're not using Primed Heated Charge but the BIGGER problem is that you're modded for viral. Pyrana prime is a crit based weapon and while it does have plenty of Slash it won't actually cause decent bleed procs too often(not like a melee weapon with insane crit chance and red crits constantly)so against Grineer you're better off modding it for Corrosive and then Heat with Primed Heated charge.
  3. Sounds like your build might need a bit of work, mind showing it?
  4. Reloads aren't a problem, Arcane Velocity will spit shots out faster than you count and then the reload will take a second.
  5. Don't worry, once you improve your mods a bit you'll find you have no ammo problems because enemies start to die in 1 hit. Using a Carrier sentinel is the early game solution until that happens. Also early on don't max rank the rank 10 mods, get them to rank 8 and stop. It'll save you a lot of endo and credits in early game.
  6. Agreed, hell the Ambulas sortie can be completed using just your operator, you don't even need to use your frame.
  7. Also if you're low level don't create a lich otherwise the next thread you create will be "Help I can't defeat my lich".
  8. Also Arcane pistolier is rubbish. If you're gooing to run with Pyrana use Arcane velocity.
  9. Oh no you misunderstand, it's worse than that. He wants a cipher you use to SKIP the entire mission but still get his rewards. Like I said, it's more likely he can't do those missions given the missions he's choosing.
  10. Haha ok I'll give ya that one 😆 Yeh magus lockdown is great, added with Zenurik's lightning on dash. Sadly his world record got beaten by 31 seconds. Edit: fixed the great wall of text.
  11. We definitely do not need this, terrible idea, just trying to be even lazier than we already are OP. If you can't be bothered doing the mission you don't deserve the rewards, simple as that. And given who the OP is I'd say it's because he's bad at those 2 mission types.
  12. That's great and all but what is your EXALTED REGULATORS build?
  13. I'm betting you haven't killed any larvlings just grineer you dropped to low health and could mercy kill. What quests have you completed so far?
  14. Hahahaha I love it 😆 Poor guy can only slide, can't actually limbo
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