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  1. You're wrong I'm afraid, you need to compare one kill to another not the entire level considering there are variables such as enemy spawn numbers, higher affinity value enemies like bombards being more numerous etc. Naramon increases affinity gain per kill with your melee weapon, so by equipping only a melee and naramon focus, you will maximise your gains. It's really that simple.
  2. Here's the thing with the kronen, the most effective build is extremely tight. What that means is you're best off using a riven that can blend seamlessly into the build while improving the stats. So things like Cold or toxin status damage are ideal, crit chance is always nice, crit dmg is ok but really you want attack speed, combo duration and maybe slash dmg. The reason for this is you already have high enough crit chance with Sacrificial Steel and all that crit dmg will do is increase the red number. But they're going to die from slash procs anyway, infact while you do still want viral damag
  3. People who get salty about getting less kills in a mission crack me up.
  4. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. You would be STUPID to pay that much for those rivens because they aren't worth anywhere near that. Just because they're priced that way doesn't make them worth it Yes you can get a good riven using your method, as I said in my first post, it is the good way of getting decent rivens but godly ones? Nope. And it's likely that it will cost you around 10 rivens to get a good roll if you stop at 20 rolls, that's the other thing you're omitting. And let's use other variables such as weapon type. If you bought say a kronen riven it's not gonna cost you 20p unrolled, so
  5. Check my post, that's the top 3 on the site lol.
  6. You'll also find that most of those aren't a god roll. Most of the time I see on trade chat "WTS God roll "insert weapon" riven", and it's actually medicore. Just because it's advertised as a god roll, doesn't mean it is. Most of the time it isn't and the person selling either thinks it is or they're trying to con new players. Edit: Just for fun I did that, I went to Warframe.market. 5000p - Dmg, Crit Chance, Multishot, curse = dmg to infested > Pretty good but Crit Dmg instead of Dmg and minus zoom instead of dmg to infested would make it godly. Hint - it's not worth 5k plat. 400
  7. This is hilarious, it's basically impossible to die with revenant if you know what you're doing but hey, let's make his base stats stronger... LOL
  8. Yeh... nah. I mean this is the correct method but don't fool people into thinking it'll cost 20 - 80p for a god roll. It's 20p PER riven you roll. And it could take 20 rivens to get a good one. You also need significantly more kuva than 30k.
  9. I mean if I wanted to troll a mobile defense with limbo, I'd simply pick up the key, jump in the rift and go afk while I go get myself a drink and bite to eat. I agree, OP is just salty because he couldn't kill enemies. Just do sorties solo and the problem is solved, they're not hard.
  10. Why don't you go and check his original post mate. He joined a public game and got trolled by 2 limbos. Those players could've trolled him with any frame they wanted, they just chose limbo. Limbo isn't the problem, he just met 2 players that wanted to be annoying. But despite that he wants to remove all limbos, yeh that makes sense.... So yeh, for a player with such a close minded attitude, my solution is go and play solo so you have nothing to whine about.
  11. Yeh it still exists. And you're missing the bigger point of just entirely skipping their content by being able to get BiS straight away for each weapon and the ephemera collecting. They create content in the hopes of us playing it. If they allow us to skip it, their hours of development go to waste. It's not good business sense.
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