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  1. Well let's take his example of Axi O5, using the list we can see that the easiest(highest drop rate with less clutter in the pool) and by far the quickest method of farming it is to do Profit Taker runs. So you just get 3 clan mates, run a bunch of those at say 3 minutes per run for a nice casual pace, get a bunch of them, a ton of credits, Crisma toroids etc while you're at it to buy Magus arcanes to sell for plat, then all 4 of you Radshare and get your part most likely in say 5 runs. Farming in this game is only bad when it's done sub-optimally.
  2. That's just twisting my words to suit your needs, I didn't say you weren't capable I said that it doesn't qualify you to speak confidently about them, particularly Jordas Raid which you never did.
  3. Pretty obvious that he's talking about people who don't like a game advocating to have it removed despite other people enjoying it.
  4. Real talk right here. This guy gets it.
  5. When you are still relatively new in the game and not swimming in Endo and credits, max all your rank 5 mods but the rank 10 and primed mods you gather, keep them at rank 8. The last 2 ranks basically double the cost of the mod and only give 10% difference which in 95% of the game isn't going to matter.
  6. You just need to learn how to. Firstly if you're an active player always have 2-3 syndicates maxed out and some medallions saved up to buy relic packs the day the new PA comes out. After that, use this webpage. https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html You will find that generally Disruption is the fastest, sometimes Void Capture as well. You need to learn how to trigger reward pool A and B on disruption and then you will be in business.
  7. But you didn't do many yourself. I don't think 5 Raids and never even doing JV counts as experienced. Ok you didn't like them but others did, sure they were puzzles rather than epic fights but they were fun with mates.
  8. So you admit to not playing them but still feel you have the experience to call them rubbish regardless? Ok then.
  9. This is something I have previously brought up. It was my understanding that their engine simply cannot properly support it.
  10. We were still completing the tasks and completing the raid but for example we were seeing if we could crash someone's pc by spamming vauban bastilles, or dropping jump pads and wormholeing ppl into them, completing raids with 8 of 1 frame eg 8 Ash or 8 Atlas etc. That sorta thing. One of my clan mates made a video of beating the Raid using only fishing spears for fun. You make your own fun in this game with the arsenal provided.
  11. Which is exactly why having good clan mates IS good justification for enjoying Raids because that was never an issue for me. Nobody ordered each other around, we all knew what to do and we were too busy sabotaging each other for fun. This whole conception that a game mode must appeal to everyone or be considered trash is hilarious to me. It's called diversity, it's a good thing.
  12. Not much of that made any sense. If you have less time to play that means your gear won't be as good, I'm not talking just Warframe here. In general Raids in games are designed for more dedicated players who have more time to play, grind, practice etc. It's also silly to expect that Raids should appeal to everyone, if you don't enjoy them then don't play them, problen solved. But allow the ones who do enjoy them, to continue playing them ans having fun.
  13. That is a matter of opinion. Plenty of good players enjoy them. Raids are by design not supposed to appeal to average players, in most games they are aimed towards being content for the higher level players, that's not a bad thing.
  14. You literally said before that "it was a game of listening to the guy who knew how to do it". It's not absurd it's a fact. I also meant that we played for fun not being serious. We always completed them regardless but we did them in silly ways because we enjoyed it, a game mode where teamwork was actually required for once, a daily meeting on vc talking S#&$ with clan mates for a few hours.
  15. You didn't have good clan mates to do them with, that's why.
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