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  1. Yeah,.. the damage isn't reallyl the "problem" with the ghoulsaw,. it just moves akwardly,. it's not fun,. it's not satisfying. It's mastery fodder.
  2. --- Fixed Melee Ground Slams not traveling to targeted spot due to being affected by gravity. ---- thanks for this,. though it was a new bug, it's good it got fixed fast,. because wow it's annoying having one or your primary vertical movement abilities changed in such a way.
  3. This issue still seems to be active,. we've done over 100 runs, only got 1 part, instead of the expected 10 if the drop rate was 11%
  4. various effects, benefit each other. so, no that wouldnt really fly.
  5. 1000 points becomes 1500 points, so yes they are worth it. and you need the seriglass shards.
  6. If i get a bonus, it lasts 26+ hours. As you log in every day, the bonus effect grows bigger.
  7. if you kill too slow after the screen blur, the larvling can still fail to spawn.
  8. What annoys you the most in lich missions? For me, a few things. 1: Players who refuse to stab their lich because they are scared it will level up, or because they don't have the mods required yet, or because they feel the chances of stabbing it correctly on the first try are so low,. they'd be wasting,.. I don't know - nothing? There is zero good reason NOT to stab your lich when he is downed - the amount of murmur credit that the rest of the party gets is HUGE. It's rude not to. As for being scared it will level up - so what? You bring a stong warframe, you join a public party, it still gets destroyed in a matter of seconds. Not stabbing your lich, when it shows up and gets downed, is simply very rude, you don't gain anything from it, you don't get to kill your lich faster - and you prevent everyone else in the party from getting to kill their lich sooner. I'd love to boot such players from the party, but alas that's not an option. My suggestion: If a lich becomes downed and not stabbed for 4-5 times in a row - they despawn, lower anger and come back later, same as before. BUT! they should always level up when this happens, and award murmur credit to the whole team. That way you take away the rug from under people saying "I dont want to, because I don't have common decency." 2: Getting a new lich, in a party. If you're looking for a specific weapon, and "the other guy" in your party is looking for a different weapon - it's kind of frustrating to have the new "kuva larvling" or "sister to be" be locked to a single person. My suggestion: When you down a larvling/sister to be, the show what weapon you might get from it. If you refuse to stab it because it's not the weapon you are after - after 1 minute it should become free for all, so anyone else in your party can do the stab. And if for any reason - whoever deals damage last already has a lich, the larvling should be downed and become free for all right away (except if you already have a lich). This would prevent a lot of extra farming/random running missions, and allow for 2 players or more to team up and do the mission to unlock a new lich. It would be more team-friendly. And potentially reduce the frustration of excessive farming a little. 3: Converted liches. If you convert a lich, then trade it - if that player who received the lich also converts the lich - is then stuck with an untradeable lich forever. My suggestion: It would be nice if you could re-anger your lich, so you could then choose to kill them. Or outright dismiss them somehow. To clean up your back-stock of converted liches. There's no real way to clean up currently.
  9. Since we're getting k-drive fixes, how about fixing the "pushed down out of the world when mounting a k-drive", while in a multiplayer open world mission?
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