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  1. Tried a railjack storm last night,. it was super buggy. Some more patches and playtesting is definitely required. also, it's dumb to say the least, when your crew can join, and sit there idle. we need a kicking mechanic badly. Or some anti idle measure in missions like this.
  2. same here. restarting the pc now some 8 hours later and it works
  3. This hotfix refuses to load for me. yes it tries, but it crashes out after 36k
  4. Matchmaking is broken, can't invite friends - UDP error firewall, blah blach,. Hotfix tomorrow I guess?
  5. my railjack keeps getting renamed to the name of the ship of whatever player i was playing with.
  6. BIG patch. nice ! No mention of K-drive pushing you down and falling through the world still. T_T
  7. These are nice fixes. hopefully next patch itll also fix the script error and loss of functionality on "missing" a spear throw? Fixed Fishing breaking when putting away the Fishing Spear in certain conditions. Fixed script error that could occur if you died while Fishing.
  8. using a necramech on daemos in the "get more kills than the grineer" - counts your necramech kills as grineer kills. Not very helpful.
  9. Loss of functionality when fishing in daemos, not fixed yet? Falling through the world while on a k-drive, same issue. Scintillant drop rate needs,. better sources - maybe buy with reputation?
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