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  1. did you ever play high level grineer survivals? there are nearly only elite lancers, bombards and napalms
  2. ofc warframe is only about luck, its not a skill game its the easiest game i've ever played.. the only enemy you got is the rng and thats the biggest enemy, warframe hasnt a sense except farming and the devs really think if they "balance" (nerf) weapons they can hold the players longer in there game farming and grinding all the time, doing the same S#&$ every day 20 times..
  3. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Damage_2.0/Radiation_Damage Radiation is the best damage type against high level grineer because it gives you 75% damage against alloy armor lol EDIT: you forgot that warframe is a 3rd person fantasy shooter, no fps idc about snipers because its not a game in which you hide and snipe
  4. overpowered against which enemy? think about lvl 100 enemies and the explosive damage is a disadvantage most times against many enemies so you will need the ammo i know 540 is a bit too much but they should give us at least 100 that is totally enough EDIT: watch the table there http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Damage_2.0 Blast damage is the worst damage type at all
  5. so you think they should balance the game around level 1 enemies? xD everything except high level survival and def is boring in that game and i know that because i played S#&$ like extermination and capture long enough
  6. I think all of you dont know that explosive damage is one of the worst damage types of all. against heavy gunners lvl 100 you will need more than 20 shots because of the explosive damage type, i know you can mod it to corossive but at the end you will need a weapon that deals massive damage with many shots but the very educated community thinks every player has fun playing lvl 1 terminus and is happy if they can kill a soldier. in the "end game" you will need good weaps that are ammo efficient.
  7. For real what have you drunk to change the maximum ammo of ogris and penta to 20? from 540?? Those 2 weapons were the most funny def weapons and penta the most efficient survival weapon and now you decrease the maximum ammo into nowhere? why do you think most players use a penta in long survival runs? because with every automatic rifle like soma and boltor prime (the really good ones) you get into ammo probs even with an ammo mutator, that was pentas good point the ammo efficiency and now? 20???? thats really upon all of my thoughts, first you "balance" mirage so she doesnt do any damage with
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