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  1. Yeah, but instead of new nullifier units that completely remove a cataclysm, maybe have a unit that lasts longer and protects other enemies from abilities, like the old nullifiers (I think, I wasn't around then)
  2. Also, we've never fought a fully formed Eidolon, I don't think.
  3. Eidolons have always confused me. Could they be giant machines created by the sentients carved out of the asteroids in Tau? If that's the case, why do they want Kuva?
  4. The old melee system was kind of... Well, I don't know if you enjoyed not-pausing at the right time in the middle of your button-mashing, not doing that really cool combo move that you wanted to do.
  5. Agreed, though most people will use Limbo anyways. I don't remember anyone bringing a Khora to a defense mission.
  6. At first I worried that it would make corpus enemies too much of a pain to fight. I'm glad they made headshots bypass it. It ended up helping me more then it did for the enemies, especially when playing some of the more squishier frames.
  7. I have repeated it many times throughout this thread that I was using an UNMODDED Skana. Also, I wasn't using any level of skill, I was only going up to the enemy and spamming E. ...Then why reply at all, considering that's only bringing more attention to the thread.
  8. Did you even look at what I said I guess it was my fault for not putting it clear enough. For new players, the basic unmodded Skana, in its current state, surpasses almost every other "starter weapon" that the game offers. It makes sense that the other weapons, like the Braton, are weak since they're not meant to carry you through the entire star chart, and you're supposed to try out other weapons on your own. However, the Skana doesn't exactly fit this category. Without mods, the MR0 Skana, a free weapon given away in the tutorial, seems to outclass the majority of MR4 primaries. Comparing my Braton against my Skana against low leveled Corpus, it takes many shots to take just one corpus down, while with the Skana, one can take down an entire group within one or two strikes. It just seems unbalanced for one tutorial weapon choice to outclass all the others. Exactly this. Does this answer your question, @ZeroX4?
  9. Everyone seems to be bashing the "junction" part of my "argument" and I'm sitting here wondering whether if they read the whole thing before replying... To be fair, bringing junctions into the conversation wasn't the best move on my part. I had other points besides that one, but it seems almost as if everyone only focused on the junctions part of my thread. You're right, but I'm not balancing the game around junctions, I just used junctions as an example, since they're one of the few early game enemies that don't die in a couple of seconds. Even if you take junctions out of the equation, the fact that the Skana, a starter weapon, outclasses all of the other starter weapons and more, still stands. Exactly. My unmodded Skana was clearing out mobs of both Grineer and Corpus alike in the Venus and Earth missions in two hits or less, while with a Paris or a Mk-1 Bo It would take at least four or five arrows to take out one group. That doesn't make any sense, we're considering mostly new players here. How does one take an "unmodded unranked Skana" and replace it with a 5-forma'd rivened Galatine Prime? When I created this topic, I received many thoughtful responses from other players. Is that no longer going to happen?
  10. My original points were that the Skana outclassed all of the other starter weapons, and that it quickly destroyed junction specters faster without any mods, due to the changes that came from Melee 3.0. I felt like this would be problematic in some ways, so I tried to call attention to this "issue" by making a thread about it. Thanks for not doing that, I guess.
  11. Wow... It's not like I was asking for much. And I got a lot out of making this thread, so I don't regret anything.
  12. By the time you reach the Venus junction, you shouldn't have your second ability yet. I'm not a "genuine new player," but I remember my first junction being really difficult... I mentioned multiple times in this thread. that I was using an unmodded unranked Skana.
  13. Part of my problem was that it trivialized junction encounters, and outperformed all of the other weapons given in the tutorial.
  14. Yeah, that was what I was thinking too. You can get the Braton at mr0, so there's no point in buying the MK-1 variant. That said, the Mk-1 weapons do tend to have slightly more accuracy than the normal versions, as well as faster reload speed, but this doesn't apply to melees.
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