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  1. More like a buff for everyone who doesn't do hour long endurance runs in survival missions with boosters and a smeeta.
  2. We've always been slaughtering our enemies for fun, ever since we completed Vor's Prize.
  3. They really should have reactors and catalysts in that rotation. It doesn't have to be a lot. Make them tradeable then.
  4. The stealth test is more difficult than mr 17 test I want them to change that. It's weird how all the previous tests are super easy, and then it suddenly becomes really hard.
  5. Why on earth is it even possible to banish other players? I would like a rework that makes me feel like a cool dimensional wizard instead of a skin for frost Also rift effects are really lame.
  6. I feel like these endless missions should get a rework overall, outside of disruption they all seem to be pretty boring except for maybe interception. If this ever becomes a thing, it shouldn't be all of the resources, but a fraction. So like 10% of all of the resources earned on an endless mission past five minutes if you're a certain MR level and if you've already completed the node before... and it's ten levels higher than the average enemy level you were on before you failed the mission and expires in an hour.
  7. Maybe every time they level up, they have another chance to get an ephemera if they haven't already? Because then I might actually look forward to facing a lich for the first time. It doesn't have to be a big chance, just maybe 10% or even less each time they level up.
  8. I'd want Arcane Empathy in the game; ever since they removed self-damage, I've lost my way of manually triggering Wukong's passive. Arcane Equalizer is 100% broken. Enemies ignoring armor is a barely a drawback, unless you're Valkyr or Atlas. Players completely ignoring armor is broken, and melees are already extremely powerful. I thought Arcanes are supposed to be buffs triggered by some action or event? Maybe limit it to on heavy attack hit? Arcane DE-escalation is certainly more interesting than braindead arcane grace and barrier. Not sure how well it would perform in actual gameplay.
  9. Make it so that electric procs stop dealing way too much damage even at lower levels. Is there a reason why a single electric proc can take down my Zephyr in a few seconds? It wasn't like this before the first revisited update.
  10. Was playing and replaying the Glass Gambit today, and noticed two things: 1. The insta-kill stopped working after the second time. I was still able to deposit, and so were the specters. 2. After losing my credits to the sabotaged match, I was unable to proceed to the next stage. This happened twice, which I think would result in the loss of 280k. After that, I didn't want to risk losing any more credits. I also noticed that it was still using the old index tileset, but I assumed that was just part of the quest. It happened on PC too.
  11. Is there still a reason why we have these as a reward for completing, now that we can get them from Palladino? I'm just a little tired of being locked out of sorties every time I'm over riven capacity.
  12. All of this looks really nice, but are you guys ever going to fix Umbra's scarf clipping into his back? Also, I can't be the only one who thinks Excalibur could really use a visual rework or touch up. Just something to make him look more similar to the Excalibur we see in the trailer.
  13. I used to kill myself with self-damage to revive my sentinel. Nowadays I just mod for survivability. Primed regen, link health, the works.
  14. Nobody? Just me? I'm pretty sure they also appear in Onkko's room. They're almost always there. But I usually come across them in Fortuna.
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